Friday, September 22, 2023

Preparation and Motivation

For this broadcast I sat on the front porch at The Manse. The farm equipment driving past was not quiet but I think I got my message across without too much noise interference.  I would like to film outside more often.

Above: another post box. Sometimes people I know put mail in it, and of course all these mail boxes are used by my children and grandchildren, and stuffed full of old notes and letters of theirs. 

I get the mail boxes from various places and paint them the colors I like.

The Porch

I was wearing this 
cotton dress;so comfortable, made from a vintage pattern,

with this apron from the Hobby Lobby, all cotton.

The reds fabric was April Cornell print,  available at fabric stores many years ago.

I spoke of avoiding feeling unmotivated, by following a little routine of your own, consisting of getting dressed, making a list, prayer, reading, exercise, listening to music while you work and of course having a serious cup of tea. 

and one of her easy chair exercises.

I listened to a few minutes of classical music while I got ready for the day.

I walked to the mail box at the end of the drive and posted a card to an old friend, moved the sprinkler to a dry spot at the edge of The Manse, made some applesauce by cooking a couple of apples (no sugar added), put the laundry on the line in the sun, and made a long list of things required for a complete overhaul of The Manse, if I live that long. 

Please enjoy doing something at home while you listen:

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Nobility at Home; A Few Books

Dear Ladies.

Thank you for visiting today. I love hearing what you do while you listen to these broadcasts. The video is at the end of this post.  You can listen here without the ads, so far as I know.

Just a reminder to look at Miss Lillians Sewing Blog,
and Beautiful Homemaking by my friend, Janine,
and My Pinterest where I collect inspiring pictures and ideas for the home.

I thought you might like these pretty dresses I recently added to my Pinterest for sewing ideas:

Of course, clothing for the home should be according to your own likes and requirements. I'm not here to dictate. 

I've been stealth-sipping close to The Manse. 

Today I talked mostly about nobility, manners and composure and included a few ideas for new homeschoolers.

Painting by Daniel Ridgeway Knight

Painting by Edmund Blair Leighton

Please enjoy home while you listen today.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Do It Yourself , and Other Things

This year, autumn is more summer and I'm glad of it. 
We have enjoyed breathing the air,
hearing the birds,
feeling the soft wind,
smelling fresh cut grass,
watching the special light of the sunset as it spreads around the land.

I have been stealth sipping as a little perk after cleaning the kitchen today.

The laundry is finished, for a few days.

I had my morning tea during the first part of the sunrise. 

Listen to the broadcast to find out what I talked about today, including a review of the book, "Do's and Don'ts of Yesteryear" by Eric Sloane.

I talked about being a pioneer in the things you have not seen done before or experienced before. 
I pioneered some kitchen cosmetics for you. You'll have to experiment with this to make your own. 

Monday, September 11, 2023

Look After Your Own Family; Other Things


Greetings Dear Ones,

Scroll to the end of this post for the video. When you listen to it here, it is usually without any ads or interruptions.

A new crop has been planted. It is such a peaceful stress-less thing to view.

I did a little stealth-sipping today as I was on a sunrise walk.  Sunrise provides benefits to our bodies and minds and I highly recommend it to all homemakers. Someone told me when she began to sit in the sunrise regularly, she felt a turnaround in her health and a clearer mind.

My older descendants spent the holiday weekend here and I read things from these books to them. Besides that, we walked barefoot on the grass, exercised, wrote with feather pens and chocolate ink, sang together, went for long walks where we ate from berry bushes and apple trees along the fences.

The wild apples are very sweet today.

We made things from brown paper. Sail boats were a popular item. They have become more creative in their older years.

Today I talked about being careful not to reveal too much, and the importance of caring for your own family, as well as reading some things about health, and some Edgar A. Guest poetry.
Please enjoy your work while you listen:

I enjoy reading what you accomplished while listening, and I also value your comments.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Peace at Home

Hello Homemakers,

I hope you are enjoying your home and making plans for improvement. 

All is well here at The Manse

Even the dryness is beautiful here this season.

Someday I will use this little shed for something.

The sites I mentioned today are:

                                Not Who You Think I Am

I will be looking for more videos on "small talk"--the kind of things that start conversations pleasantly.

Please enjoy your home while you listen

Friday, September 08, 2023

Back Soon


Hello Dear Ones,
Your comments have given me food for thought and future content— they are so good.

I have to finish cleaning the kitchen and fridge and then I’ll be out getting groceries, so I am planning to keep the rest of the day clear for talking to you . 

My daughter re-landscaped the front flower beds so I’m including a couple of pictures. The old teapot is cracked so, like most things that lose their use, it was put in the garden as a prop.

I hope to be back here soon. 

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Stillness for the Homemaker, Anxiety Prevention, Value of Silence

My Dear Ladies,

The video is at the end of this post. I can be viewed without  ads here.

I hope you have been on your sunrise walk or at least sat somewhere in the sunrise and had your morning moments.
 "It is so refreshing."

All is well here at The Manse, especially before anyone else wakes up.

"Everyone is on their best behaviour."

Today I introduced the subject of stillness at home to restore mind and body.

I read from the Emilie Barnes book,
"The Spirit of Loveliness."

Maybe if we practice a different lifestyle at home than the rest of the world, we can prevent anxiety from settling in the minds of our loved ones. Hopefully we can turn this stress overload around, one home at a time and prevent the onslaught of anxiety in the future generation. I talked about thinking back to the first things that may have triggered distress, and being careful not to push the same thing on our children. What do you think?

In her chapter, "The Spirit of Stillness" she wrote how walking made her feel calm, even though she was exercising.

I have been trying this lady's exercises. She suggests turning her videos on mute and playing your favorite music or sounds.  I take my little device outside in the morning and find one of her 5 minute exercises. I explained on the broadcast how I only follow one or two movements of each exercise if hers are too fast for me. I like that her site has some  health "challenges" , for those who like a program to follow.

Another lady I have enjoyed listening to teaches English using quotes and sayings, and often talks about Jane Austen. I quoted one of the sayings, and here is the link,

Speaking of Marianne, Austen wrote:
"She was without any power,
because she was without any desire
of command over herself."

I read from Ephesians chapter 4, and here
is the last verse:

"Be kind to one another, 
forgiving one another,
as God in Christ forgave you."

I explained more of why I liked this chapter, in the broadcast. That last verse sounds like a great theme for the home.

Thank you for listening!!  I love your thoughtful comments and your insights too.
Lydia Ruth

Friday, September 01, 2023

Poems For Every Day Life

Greetings wonderful ladies!
Please tell people you know to come to the blog to listen to the broadcast. There are no ads to deal with.

If you have any problems leaving comments, just email me your comment to be posted
and I will post it for you.

I'm so taken with the misty look of the distant forest today.

Today I read poems that apply to life at home. I will list them at the end of this post and you can read them online. I suggested you print off poetry that has meaning for you and put it in a book for your family.

"We are enjoying very nice weather."

Some books I reviewed today, which I chose for my own personal self improvement curriculum:

The Jane Austen Diet (a health book--no particular "diet" but basic health principles found in Austenworld)
A Little Book of Manners for Boys
A Little Book of Manners for Young Ladies
by Emilie Barnes
Diary of an Early American Boy--wonderful drawings and instructions for learning how to do things.
All are from Thrift Books online.

Poems I Read in this Video
You may want to print these and put them in a notebook to use as basic thought skills for life

A Mother's Prayer:Give Me Patience When Little Hands..
a reminder to respond to children with kindness and pleasantness

Hurry the Baby by Nixon Waterman
a favorite, full of profound thoughts about the dangers of rushing children into adult life...causing so much anxiety in adulthood 

Do Something For Somebody Quick by Theresa Piercy
for boredom, discouragement or hopeless feelings

Suppose by Phoebe Cary
when things go wrong

Don't Worry Little Girl by Edgar Guest
not to worry 

At the Door by Edgar Guest
don't bring the world home

Little Things by Julia Carney, 1845
how little efforts help to accomplish big things

Patiently, Thought by Thought by James Dillet Freeman
how our thoughts help us develop good habits
I was not able to find this on the web but there are a number of other good poems online by this author.

How to Be Happy (Do Something For Somebody)
a slightly different version than the one I listed above

I Slept and Dreamed That Life Was Beauty
attention to duty is what creates the beautiful life we all want

The Man Who Thinks He Can by Walter D. Wintle
learning to think on the achievement side of life--good teaching for learning how to develop certain character qualities like cheerfulness, truthfulness, respect, and more, as well as achieving success in learning skills.

Try Try Again by T. H. Palmer
One of the most common sources of discouragement is not having a skill and not wanting to practice or take the little steps to learn and accomplish something. 

Don't Quit by John Greenleaf Whittier
Similar to "Try, Try Again" the message says when you get discouraged, rest a little but don't quit. As a caution, be sure the goal is worthwhile and achievable.

It Couldn't Be Done by Edgar Guest
of all this collection of motivating poems, this is my favorite. So many times over the years someone will say "you can't do that," or "you will fail" or "its a waste of time."  I loved the last verse, "There are plenty to tell you it cannot be done. There are plenty to prophesy failure."

Worthwhile by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
show how unhappy circumstances can be turned around by smiling through the strife and rising above hardship

I appreciate your readership and hope it benefits you in some way.
Lydia Ruth