Saturday, May 27, 2023

Daytime Reading

Dear Ladies,
I am expecting to get busier than I ought to be at The Manse, and so, with a few moments of quiet before the rush, I have been getting ahead with broadcasts. I hope they are suitable for you!

While the day was relatively pleasant I reenacted one of the habits of my youth, and did some reading outside.

Today I read part of the ending of Wives and Daughters, where Mr. Hamley is encouraging his son to ask Molly Gibson to consider accepting him.  Dr. Gibson is also in favor of it but wants Roger to tell Molly himself.  I liked that Elizabeth Gaskell used the word "undeceived" to describe informing someone of the truth. 

I also read this list, which occurred in church bulletins since ever I can remember:

Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision
~Will it glorify God? 
~Will it help or hinder my growth and influence as a Christian?
~Will it uphold God's principles or compromise them?
~Will it harm my body or mind?
~Will it lead to an unhealthy addiction?
~Will it draw the lost to Christ?
~Would I want others to follow my example?
~Will it disappoint my family?
~What will my parents say?
~What are my real motives for doing this?
~What is the wisest thing to do?
~What would Jesus do?

You might be interested in The Language of Flowers, which I have read about in previous broadcasts. This is a beautiful site with good Victorian graphics of "floriography" from old publications.

Please enjoy your home while you listen:


Friday, May 26, 2023

Fortify for Stress

Dear Ladies,

I hope you are enjoying your life at home and have good plans for improvement.

All is well at The Manse, although the usual repairs and replacement as in any old house, continue to disrupt the dreamy Regency story I want to live in (smile).

In this broadcast you will hear more about stress, from The Jane Austen Diet, Great Health God's Way, and Molly Gibson at Hamley Hall in Chapter 59 of Wives and Daughters.

I suggested that we need to understand the differences between 
initiating stress or inviting, and walking into stress, (instead of avoiding it),
responding to stress,
recovery from stress,
and fortifying ourselves for possible stress.
I will address these aspects more perhaps in future posts. But for now, perhaps these last two talks have given you some ideas.
Stress has always been in the world, and people who take care of themselves with good mental and physical health habits (some of which I mentioned), are less likely to be damaged when they are hit with severe stress. 
 Many things which protect us from the damage of stress, are from our youth, practices we can revive.

Please enjoy your home while you listen.

For a few minute I hope you'll put away the stresses of you mind and listen while you go about your responsibilities at home.
Lydia Ruth

Thursday, May 25, 2023



Hello Dear Ladies,

The weather was quite nice today and I was inclined to do a little stealth-sipping outside.

In today's broadcast I read the following de-stressing pieces:

From a British book, "Tea and Crumpets" by Margaret Johnson, a page about the prevalence of tea time on trains and ships.
Addressed to single women, "The Fascinating Girl," author Helen Andelin's admonishment regarding personal grooming and modesty.
The influence of women to guide the world through the home, in "Simple Social Graces."
The Jane Austen Diet:  How just two minutes of silence can restore the mind and body.

What I wore:

I also mention two things regarding propriety that the scriptures address:
refinement and courtesy. Both of these  can be developed in the home and will greatly benefit home living.

Since the day is so fine, Mr. S. is 
on the tractor, making the grounds around The Manse look like an
amazing vacation destination.  

I'm so happy you are commenting more because it gives me a gauge of what things are useful to you and what I might be able to contribute in future broadcasts.

Please enjoy your walk or your work while you listen:


It would  be lovely to put you on a de-stress program and let me manage your life for one hour. Maybe one day I can do that online.. However I think you'll find a few things to de-stress yourself,  in this broadcast.
Lydia Ruth

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Stress Protection


Hello, Sweet Ladies!!

I finally got here. I still want to come more often. Thank you for your prayers. 

A couple of you have sent me a card or letter in the mail. I will be answering them when the rush is over! (That used to be a "saying" when we got swamped in things to do.)

My friend who is a caregiver often talks to me about personal care, because we are all caregivers and have to keep ourselves well. So much depends on us, at home. 

Paintings by Barbara Mock

This is a valerian plant, but it is called 'Keys of Heaven'  around here, because it likes the minerals in gravel and rock, and often grows around old meeting houses.

Before the broadcast, I was given a fun "makeover."

The makeup artist used
this palette called shimmer, from Physicians Formula:

The lipstick is Pink Ice from the dollar store. I'm not sure the brand--I think it might be Wet&Wild.

In this broadcast I covered the subject of stress from several books.  I listed a few things that shield us from stress:
Before stress comes, do things that fortify the mind and body, daily:

Preparation for the day includes bathing, dressing as well as we can.
Making a list, and praying for success gives us a great advantage over the pressures of daily life.
Gentle exercises protects the body from the effect of stress.
Remember the daily walk and the daily reading, singing, prayer and any relaxing indulgence that builds the body and mind.
I mentioned some other remedies in the broadcast.
Usually, when we don't have stress, we tend to slack off the personal care, and then when confronted with stress, our bodies and minds break down.

"Be not anxious" said our Lord. There is a reason for that command. Stress changes our blood pressure and other things and puts us in physical and spiritual danger. 
This article gives more details about the danger of taking on stress.
The list will make us all realize why we should not take on worries outside of our
own families, or "not on our side of the street."

Please enjoy your home while you listen today:

I hope this little broadcast will give you a sense of peace and that you can breeze through your duties in the house and shrug off some of the stress that ol' world gives you. Mr. S. says taking a nap in his office chair always helps him with stress ;-)
Lydia Ruth

Monday, May 22, 2023

New Message Coming

Sheep in an Orchard
by Robert Payton Reid, Scotland, 1859-1945

Hello Dear Ones!!

I want to be here at least once a week (or more--perhaps daily!)  but have had some
delays this week.

 I was forced to get a new phone. My old one quit working and I was enjoying my new social experiment of days with no outside contact. I was informed by certain people that  I'm too “vital”—and we all know what that means— to be without one. I am to be updated so that they can keep track of me.
Robert Payton Reid 

  It was good to have a more efficient phone although I also had to adjust to the updated price. As Elizabeth said, "We are enduring it as best we can."  In  our case, it is Mr. S. that is bearing the expense but he says it is cheaper than a trip across the country or the world.
Sunlit Highland River
Robert Payton Reid

It has taken some of my brain reserves to adjust to everything and it was time consuming. But I shall be with you soon with a new broadcast, as exciting as per usual (smile).

Then, the weather got irresistibly nice and the descendants are descending upon The Manse. Some have appointments and business in the vicinity, and others take a day off every week to be quiet, walk around, or tell us what they are thinking. 

 Now, when we expect visits, we create plans similar to tourist travel itinerary, so that we can include all the conversational subjects, food, and other activities we want to cover. 
White Thorn
Robert Payton Reed

We have been singing, and as Lydia said in P&P "talking about things of great doctrinal importance"
as well as playing with sidewalk chalk on the footpath next to The Manse, eating simple food and drinking tea, walking around, sitting in the shade, talking about many things. 

My children used to follow me around with their little notebooks writing things I said, and now I am taking notes of things they say. Its so refreshing after a long dark winter to hear the ages of 4 to 50 talk about what they think and observe. It is nice to have other voices around The Manse.
A River Landscape 
by Robert Payton Reid, Glasgow

Now that The Manse is quiet, I am getting some things ready to talk to you about. Thank you for praying to that end. It is a big help. I hope to speak to you today.

Lydia Ruth


Sunday, May 14, 2023

Preparation, Health, Reading From Several Books

Greetings, Dear Ones!

There is a pretty haze covering the landscape today.

I had a "Cottage Tea" using these
cottage tea pots,

...and made the usual hopeful list of things
to be done, well as a little stealth sipping,

...and hoping you will find this broadcast beneficial while
you work, walk, or sit in your home today.


Sunday, May 07, 2023

Listen While You Work

Greetings Lovely Ladies,

I have missed you.

My offering to you this week:

Here are the goings-on around The Manse:

A little stealth-sipping near the apple blossoms,

and a beautiful graphic someone sent me. I want that dress and hat, but what about getting the pond and the grasses and trees to go with?

This morning's fog layer. I do need to get back
to making fog fashions. I don't have a cape in every single color in the world yet.

Mr. S. has been on the tractor cutting the over-growth, creating old fashioned
little postcard scenes.
How do you like this tea cart? My granddaughter got quite a number of them at the Goodwill, where sometimes they sell new merchandise, and used them as centerpieces for her tea tables when she hosted a tea for some friends. I used mine for napkins but she used hers like a serving piece with other things on it.

If you have time, please go to My Pinterest and look at all the categories, for personal inspiration. I got the picture of this cute house there. Could I have it for my birthday? Maybe there is a kit I could get to put one together. It would do nicely as a writer's cabin at the Manse over by the laurel hedge next to the old farm truck.

If you want more to listen to, go to 
She has read some good encouraging books and materials for women.

Also, Miss Lillian has a new post up. This week, she has made a circle skirt from a tablecloth. Do any of you vital ladies remember that kind of sewing? I understand people are also making skirts from the holiday tree skirts. Please be sure to look at her blog occasionally: it is on the top of this blog sidebar, called Lillian's Sewing.

Today I listed some things to make part of your daily life, that will give you a good mind-body balance. I was not aware that the battery had run out and so the video abruptly stopped, but I'll try to continue it soon.  

This list for preparation in the home consists of these things, and anything else you would add for your own special needs:
Exercise or Walk
Read, Sit in a rocking chair if possible
Do something creative
Listen to or play music
Work slowly, thinking about what you are doing, and what you want the home experience to be like.
Treat your home like your own resort.

Thank you for your interest in all this, and for all you do for me. It is very much appreciated.

And now, please enjoy being at home while you listen to the broadcast:

Some bonus Listening:
Beethoven's Concerto 4 Opus 58 in G

I will discuss sometime why I think Beethoven's music is beneficial, but in the meantime, you can listen while you work.

Helen Allingham - "In the Garden"