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Laundry With Love

Laundry is a simple thing, right? All you do is throw the clothes in the washer and turn it on. Not so fast, girls! My husband told me that when he was single and having to live away from home while he was a young preacher, he made his first trip to the laundromat. No one had told him that the red car seat covers, his suit, and his white shirt, could not be washed all together in the same load. The result was that the suit was totally ruined by the shedding fluff of the car seat cover, shrunken and mis-shaped by the hot water, and totally wrinkled from the heavy wash cycle. The only white shirt he had, was stained a light shade of red.

Although it was over 30 years ago, this kind of naivity still goes on, even among 40 and 50 year olds who are homemakers. Sometimes, when a garment or household item is ruined by such indiscriminate washing, an individual will attempt to return it to the store and get their money back. They will usually be told that the washing label attached to it says, "Wash separately," "delicate cycle," "cold water," "line dry," or "white's only."

Most importantly, think about the people you are doing this for, and what your home is going to look like. If you throw in the dry cleanable drapes with the decorative pillows on the couch, don't be surprised if the trims are ripped off the pillows and the drapes are wrinkled. Think about the way your want your house to look, and the way you want your people to look after they are dressed in these garments that you treated so casually in the wash. If you don't want them to look like they've slept in their clothes, then treat the clothing carefully.

Ironing is another subject that can be covered at a later time, but just as an example of what your laundry techniques say about you, there was a time when in general, homemakers would be ashamed if their husband's dress shirts were wrinkled, or if there was no crease in the sleeve to show that it had been carefully ironed. It was a reflection on their home, and they thought that people would think the husband was not being looked after by the wife, or that she was too disorganized or lazy to press a shirt, even though she was afforded full time homemaking, with all the time she wanted to devote to caring for her family.

Even while growing up on the homestead in Alaska, with the primitive way of washing (which at the time we thought was very convenient and modern!) we sorted the clothes into piles of:

Jeans and overalls: blue jeans and denims always bleed blue into the water.

Unless you want your white socks and underwear blue, or your prize table cloth slightly blackened, wash jeans separately or with other blues of similar type of fabrics.

Don't throw in a blue dress, for example, unless the blue dress is also of a sturdy fabric like jeans. Just because the garment is the same color, does not mean you wash it in the same load.

Some garments need to be washed on the delicate cycle. The normal cycle wrings the water out very tightly at a very fast spin. This can ruin delicate clothes and even wrench the buttons and trims off.

White underwear: such as tee shirts, sox, and other underclothing, that is of sturdy cotton, can be washed in hot water, on the normal cycle, and dried in the dryer on a hot setting. Remember, not all whites can be washed this way. Some whites, such as delicate women's clothing, or things like doilies, table runners, and laces, must be hand washed and treated carefully.

Towels: Make two piles of dirty towels on your laundry room floor, or have baskets for each kind of laundry. One pile is white and pastel, and the other is dark. Some people find it advantageous to purchase only white bath towels, because they want to make it easier to wash them. However, dark colored towels are desireable for many reasons. Whatever the case, sort them into two wash loads, and do not wash them together. If you do, you will find the light ones become muddied in color, and the dark ones will lose their color and fade, which makes them lack a fresh look.

Dish towels: These should always be washed together, separate from clothing of any kind, and preferrably in hot water. In fact, it would be a good idea to put them in a separate basket to collect them for washing, in the first place, rather than in a general laundry basket. They need a disinfectant or some bleach of some kind in order to sanitize them. Potholders and cloth hot pads can be treated the same way. Sometimes people forget to wash these things, but they collect a lot of debris on them. Placemats and tablecloths should be washed separately from dishtowels, on a gentler cycle. If you don't want them to fade, do not wash them in hot water.

You might be tempted to lump the dish towels together with the bath towels, but you may regret it once you see hair on your dry dishtowels. It is better to keep the two kinds of towels separated.

Bedding: It isn't necessary to wash the top blanket or bedspread, if this is mostly decorative, and put there to match the room. In fact, it will wear it out unnecessarily. Blankets don't need to be washed all the time--maybe only once or twice a year, if there hasn't been sickness or if there has been no bodily contact with them, or stains. (If you want to freshen an antique quilt, just hang it outdoors in the fresh air for awhile.)That is why we use fresh sheets--partly to protect the blankets from odors and soiling. Wash sheets as often as you like, and use the same rules as washing towels.

If you have a bed set with matching curtains, decorator pillows and table rounds, you may disappointed when, after much washing of the bed spread, it fades in comparison to the matching accessories. To save wear and tear on a matching spread, take it off the bed before sleeping, and place it on a quilt rack. If you wash it often, you need to also wash your curtains and matching accessories with it each time, so that the entire set will wear and fade at the same pace.

Outerwear: Check the labels on dresses, skirts, tops, nylons, dress shirts, and so forth, and sort them into the piles they belong to. Not all clothes that require cold water should be put together, because some will fade, and some do not require the same kind of spin cycle. Sort these further into piles according to color and type of cycle. The normal cycle will generally be rougher on the garment than the delicate cycle. Nylons and womens garments do well on the gentle cycle. White blouses and shirts need to be washed separately.

Blankets, rugs, and car seat covers: Don't wash these with any other clothing or linens, but don't wash them all together in the same load, either! You'll have a terrible mess on your hands, as a washable rug gets soil and all kinds of things on the car seat cover that will be impossible to remove, and the blankets will not get clean. Wash each of these things separately. You may need to run a plain, clean water rinse with a little vinegar or even bleech, after washing particularly dirty items, before you do another load of regular clothing.

Nylons and small things: baby socks and other things that seem to lose their mates in the wash, can be coralled inside a mesh bag. Look for these in WalMarts and dollar stores. If you have trouble with socks that go missing in the washing machine, this will solve your problem and make sorting the dry laundry much less tedious.

Your Machine: Out of respect for the washing machine and the one who purchased it for you (even if it was yourself), do not overstuff it. It makes a poor wash. It puts strain on the machine. It can often cause mechanical troubles. Your machine will last many years if treated well. Smaller loads will dry better and faster, so don't chuck it full to the brim with clothing. Leave some room for the water.

Your machine will stop, or agitate in a noisy way if you do not balance your load. You cannot stuff a blanket in it in a blob, and then add a bunch of clothes here and there and expect it to be balanced. Instead, put your sheets around in the basin evenly, and do not add things to one side without adding things all around. Some people attempt to trade their machines or get their money back when the machine reacts to an unbalanced load. Read the directions on your machine.

Save the directions to washers and dryers and hot water heaters and put them in a folder where you can locate them when there is a problem. If there is a problem, make sure that you are such a consciencious keeper of this machinery, that it is not your fault, and be willing to admit it if you are the one at fault, through treating the machines roughly and poorly.

Do medium full or half full loads with lots of water, rather than full loads that hardly get wet because of too many things. It will be easier on your machine, you'll experience less breakdowns of the washer and dryer, and you'll get a much better wash. If you stuff too many permanent press or wrinkle free clothes together while using the gentle cycle, they will still come out wrinkled. Then when you put them in the dryer or hang them on a line, the wrinkles will not fall out. Stuffing a machine too full does not accomplish a good job with laundry, and will cost you more time and money in the end.

Water: Clothes get less wear and tear if cold water is used in the washer. It saves you money, also, and there are liquid soaps now that dissolve quite well in cold water. If you want your clothes to look fresh and new for a long time, use cold water. Hot water can cause certain items of clothing to pill...that is, they get little fuzzy pills all over them. Do use hot water for baby things, underwear, and dishtowels and certain mens shirts that are 100% cotton. Sometimes the synthetic fabrics will melt in hot water, so be careful about water temperature with these.

Detergent: Be discerning in the use of laundry soap. You don't necessarily need to use the full capful advised on the bottle of laundry soap, neither do you need to be too stingy. Most clothes today, unless they are used by a farmer or construction worker, are not soiled enough to warrent much soap. Detergents wear the clothes out too, and cause them to fade. To test whether you are using too much soap, take a laundered item and put it in a pan of rinse water. Squeeze the garment and see how much suds it makes. Often, entire loads of laundry can be put through the cycle without adding detergent, since there is so much detergent still deposited in the clothes. Too much detergent is abrasive and may also harm the machine and the drain areas. If you are doing the small or mini cycle, use good sense and do not use as much detergent.

The dryer: Don't run the dryer all day long. Give it a chance to cool down and rest. Collect the lint often. Lint has been the cause of many dryer fires that have burned the entire house down. Do not leave the house when the dryer is on. Do not overstuff the dryer. It will not dry, and you'll have to put it through the dryer cycle again, which puts more stress on the machine. Treat your dryer with respect. Don't bang the door closed, and don't yank the door open. Turn off the cycle first, and then open the door. Make sure the dryer says "off" when you close the door if you are finished with it. Some dryers keep ticking the cycle even if you don't push the "on" button, and this uses up the dryer's life, as well as unnecessary power.

When you open the door of some dryers, you'll see a metal catch that holds the door shut. Always make sure none of the laundry gets caught on that thing, before you close the lid. If something catches on it, it will be a tight, twisted mess that will be impossible to straighten out, and you might end up throwing it away. Before you close the dryer door, look and see if anything is caught. Make sure all the things are fully inside the dryer.

Dry your clothes in the same categories they were washed. Take out the drip-dry items before putting a load in the dryer, and hang them on a hanger where air can circulate around them. Don't put fluffy towels in the same drying batch as black dress slacks and dress socks, or they will get lots of little fuzzy things on them that will be next to impossible to remove.

Your clothes and washable belongings: Have respect for yourself and treat your clothes with thankfulness and love. Your family is special. Each person deserves to be clothed in well fitting clothing that has not been treated horribly by
shoving all the colors and textures in the same load.

Household linens: Doilies, runners, tablecloths, and crocheted items should be washed with care. This is an interesting site that shows how to wash these things, and adds a bit of enjoyment to it.

The Laundry Room: Keep it clean and orderly. Decorate it cheerfully so that it won't be a trial for you to get in there and do your work. Use wallborders and accessories that help you enjoy having a laundry room. Keep the dryer and washer free from clutter on the tops. Hang shelves for the detergents.

Laundry Products: You can now buy a variety of products that are natural and have an uplifting scent, or you can make your own. Check your Bath and Body shops for laundry rinses and other laundry supplies. In the meantime, to make your own rinses or pre-treatment spotters, go here or here

In days gone by, we used dishtowels on which were embroidered the day of the week and the task that was to be done. Here is a spiritual concept to those chores that I know you will enjoy.

The list of days and chores made a lot of sense.

Monday was a good day to wash, after Sunday's restful activities.
Tuesday was naturally for ironing, after the wash was gathered in from the line.
Wednesday was logical for mending, after the ironing revealed needed buttons and tears.
Thursday was great for cleaning, after the wash was out of the way, and in preparation for grocery shopping and food preparation for the weekend.
Friday was shopping in preparation for the weekend activities, and
Saturday was cooking, to be ready for Sunday.

I hope you've enjoyed this dissertaion on laundry. I found an accurate description of how we used to do laundry here.

There are many things worth taking note of, in doing your own laundry. In many respects, I think we lack the spiritual values in some of the chores we do, not remembering for whom it is being done. Life's days are short, and we must do our best while we live here on earth, so that we may hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of our Lord." Your home laundry can be done professionally and with pride, as if you were doing the most important job on earth, keeping in mind the people you are caring for, and the dignity with which you want to them to wear their clothing.

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Reducing Stress

A certain amount of stress is normal and necessary in order to function at top level. Some stress is good for us, in that it makes us alert and helps us develop right responses to various situations. However, in these times, most people have more stress than they can handle. We cannot always control the demands or stress put upon us by others, but there are ways to reduce the stress we put on ourselves. Here are a few things that might help:

Develop Orderliness: Stress is produced eventually when the work piles up. The solution is not to allow it to pile up. Instead, live in the present, and clean as you go. Pick up after yourself in the kitchen or bathroom and don't leave a trail of evidence in every place you've been. Leave rooms clean and pleasant for the next person who will use it. Pick up packaging and wrappers immediately and toss them out or put them where you store such things, as soon as you unwrap the package. When the mail comes, put it all where it will end up, rather than stack papers and magazines here and there all over the house. At the end of the day, put things away, and the next day will not begin with stress.

Reduce Personal Confrontations: They only lead to arguments and more stress on you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Learn to overlook a fault. Give people a chance to grow. If there is not a cliff-hanging life or death situation, ignore most of the bad information that enters your mind. Let it pass. There is a generation that lives and breathes confrontations and argumentations. To ask them to stop it is like asking a smoker not to smoke, or a drug addict not to take drugs. Faultfinding and criticism is part of their makeup, and once it becomes a habit, it is so deeply ingrained, that it will take major spiritual-heart surgery to correct it. It will take a long time to learn to avoid confrontations, but it can be done. Confrontations make others uncomfortable. I've never known anyone who developed a good relationship with others in this manner. In fact, such a technique makes others very uncomfortable. Most things can be overlooked. One day I observed a young man who confronted his own brother because someone else told him he said something. The brother had not said it, and was forced to defend himself, and felt very offended. For many years after that, the relationship was strained. Such confrontations force others to go to the exhaustive trouble to defend themselves and prove themselves, as though they were in a court before a judge. While we are all sensitive to stress in our own lives, we must also be aware that some of the things we say to others cause stress to them, as well. In short, do nothing that would start an argument. Think things through, and create an imaginary conversation with someone you are tempted to confront, and if in any way you see it will bring defense and arguing, don't attempt it. If you want to build strong and good relationships with people, such as adult family and church members, and avoid stress in your life, reduce personal confrontations. The Bible teaches that peacemakers are blessed, and that we are to live peaceful lives. This can help us avoid unnecessary stress.

Put beauty in life every single day: Every day that we are alive is cause to celebrate. Celebrate by dressing well and having good grooming. Add a smile. Drink out of a beautiful glass or cup. Say lovely things. Remember that what goes into the mind is what will end up on the face and come out of the mouth. Ugly thoughts can ruin your day. Practice good mental health by thinking good, positive thoughts of praise. Beauty can be found in many things, from the way you decorate and arrange your home, to the way you dress.

Honor Parents: Be sensitive to the emotional needs of your parents. Don't be in a hurry to run away from them. Parents put up resisitance when their grown children live lives too independenly of them. God created the generations to be interdependent. Live close to your parents and be there for them. They were there for you when you needed them. You won't regret it, and in doing so, you'll be blessed by God. Leaving your parents out of your lives can result in undo stress, as then you will have to deal with their protests or their anquish over you. Reduce the stress in your life by honoring parents. Some people who cannot live near their parents, honor them by sending cards and letters daily. It is somewhat fake just to show up on your parents doorstep when they are going to fix dinner for you, or for the obligatory Thanksgiving and Mothers Day. This can hardly be called honoring. Parents have sacrificed and invested a lot in their children, and need to be involved in their decision making even when they are grown. Things like buying houses, choosing careers and mates, are too important for young people to make all by themselves. Choose to allow God to work in the lives of your parents to help you make wise decisions. If for some reason you are not in good standing with your parents, honor them on their special days, such as birthdays and anniversaries or other times that are important to them, by giving greeting cards or a gift. This consistency will one day be noticed by them, and cause them to find less fault with you. An honoring spirit can go a long ways to reducing stress. If you had parents that you consider inadequate, or if you are in some way estranged from them, at least do not say anything bad about them. Word always travels back, and if you practice only saying good things, it will bring great rewards, and your stress will be reduced considerably. As they see your attitude change into a soft hearted, sweet and loving person, they will reduce the tension they direct towards you.

Eat Natural Foods: Eat foods as close to their natural form and source as you can. A sliced apple is better for you than apple cake, and a salad is better than a donut. Some vegetables are better in cooked form, as certain nutrients are released during cooking. Include green vegetables in your diet. Our cars have to have certain types of oil in them. We cannot just put any cheap thing into them and expect them to run smoothly, and our bodies are the same. Green vegetables are like the oil for the car; they will keep your body running smoothly. Food with additives contribute to the stress in our lives.

Be Creative Every Day: If at the end of the day you feel frustrated, think if you have been creative. Arts and crafts are wonderful. There are also ways to be creative in something as simple as clearing off a table. Change the color of the table cloth and add a bright centerpiece for the season. To be creative is to immitate our Creator. Creativity can go a long way in reducing stress.

Correct Yourself: Many times the very things that irritate us in others, are faults that we tolerate in ourselves. Parents often become stressed over the things children leave lying about, or over their messy rooms, but are their habits similar? Children and others will whine and complain, but do we do the same? The story is told of a father who took his son for a ride in his new car. When they returned the mother ask them what they saw on the ride. The child replied, "We saw two idiots, one crazy person, and stupid moron." This child was only repeating what he heard his fathers say. Sometimes we complain about things and say that this is ridiculous or that is repulsive, and then we become irritated when our own children say the same things to us. We may think children are rude to demand to know this or that, but are we doing the same thing to others? When we correct our own bad habits, we can remove a lot of unnecessary stress.

Accept the necessary stress: There will be stress in our lives. Look at it as being sent by God, and use it to learn the lessons needed to live properly. If we suffer for doing wrong, we must accept it and not complain. Our houses get messy and our relatives may be out of sorts with us, but if any of it is our fault, we must admit it and change our ways, in order to keep this kind of stress from coming upon us. As one fault is corrected, do not slide back, or the stress will return. Some stress is necessary in order to refine us. We have all been told that stress is bad, but people before us dealt with it, and we can too, and it can make better people of us. Welcome the stress that is necessary to make us stronger.

Get rid of personal bitterness: Sometimes we create stress for ourselves because we've had difficulties in our lives, and we feel bitter and unforgiving about it. Forgiveness does not mean the other person is right. It just means that we are free. Free yourself of bitterness and the stress will be reduced considerably. If someone cheated you or ridiculed you in child hood, don't attempt to pay back the rest of society by expecting and suspecting the same thing. No one is attracted to a suspicious person, and one of our goals in life is to draw others to our life message. Once bitterness is gone from your life, you'll feel the removal of a heavy burden and there will be less stress.

Avoid comparison: Comparisons are deadly. They can put more unnecessary stress on your life, as you try to keep up with others. Someone is always going to get something more than you or do better than you. There is no such thing as equality. Everyone is blessed by God in a different way. Some people have more property, but they have more responsibilities and less leisure time. Others have less but maybe have closer families and less stress. Learn not to compare circumstances. Instead, learn to discern strong spiritual values.

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For Young Girls and Teens

What is Your Personality Today?

by Lydia

Girls, here is a way to look at yourself and see if you are falling below the high standards
your family wants for you. The habits and attitudes you are now practicing, will one day
be deeply ingrained in you. What you end up being as an older woman, is what you are now
becoming. Be sure to study this carefully. Enlist the help of others (parents, grandparents, church authorities) to help you remember to correct a bad attitude and acquire a good one. When others remind you, be sure to thank them.

The following list was accompanied by hand drawn facial expressions of girls, but I have not figured out how to put them on the weblog, so you'll just have to use your imagination! I wrote it
around the year 1992.

This girl looks like she had something disagreeable for breakfast. She is obviously not
getting her own way. The expression on her face reveals what she is thinking. She
can't understand how much it discourages others to be around her--in fact, they avoid
approaching her because she has a sour, ungrateful, pessimistic outlook on life. She
wakes up in the morning expecting the day to be horrible, and because of her
attitude, she makes everyone around her miserable.

"Love does not seek its own way." I Corinthians 13:5

It is a real delight and lift to see this person. She makes everyone around her feel joy.
Her attitude is calm and pleasant, and when she is present, it feels like a ray of
sunshine has crossed your path. Actually, it really is SON-shine, because her face
is a reflection of the time she has spent talking to the Lord in prayer, reading His word,
and remembering family and friends with good deeds and kind compliments.

"Happy is the man who finds wisdom." Proverbs 3:13

Quarrelsome and Argumentive:-'
This girl manages to find an objection to just about everythng
anyone says, unless it is completely to her own liking. Flippant remarks, objections,
contradicting (taking the opposite opinion or disagreeing), and acting superior makes
you want to avoid her. Everyone is cautious about getting into a conversation with
her, because it will always end up in a quarrel, or go around in circles, leaving the
other person feeling sad and disappointed. People avoid her and she becomes even
more bitter because she has no real friends. It is a vicious cycle! If only she would
learn to listen nicely and be agreeable enough to allow a smooth conversation.

"The servant of the Lord must not quarrel." 2 Timothy 2:24

Conversation flows smoothly with this girl. It is obvious she loves' God's last
creation -- mankind! She is easy to get along with, peaceful and helpful at home,
and a real energy giver. You never hear her criticize, condemn, or dislike anything.
She doesn't even criticize the weather, believing that every day is a valuable gift
from God. In that state of mind, she doesn't want to ruin a good day, or relationships,
with disagreeableness. Because of her co-operativeness, the Lord blesses her with
health, strength and inner beauty. She has the love and admiration of her family and
gets along well with her mother, who is her best friend. People seem to always want
to do something for her for no reason at all!

"Be at peace among yourselves." I Thessalonians 2:22

Having this kind of personality is like having a shark and a snake in the house
at the same time. Even the look on her face betrays her suspicious feelings.
Everyone has to tiptoe around her and watch their words and
hide their actions, for fear of being accused of something, questioned, confronted
or verbally attacked. If you ask her out to tea, she asks "why" in a demanding
tone, or says, "What is this all about," and it soon robs you of your enthusiasm
to do anything nice for her. She can't just accept friendship and kind gestures
graciously. She is also not very open to learning something that would be good
for her, and refuses to read the books her family recommends, and the advice
they give her.

"The works of the flesh are evident, which are...hatred, contentions...outbursts
of anger, selfish ambitions, dissentions, envy..." Galations 5:2

Since this girl believes that life is a privilege, she thinks the best of everything
and looks on the good side of everyone. She automatically thinks pure and lovely
thoughts. Being around her is so inspiring, that you always come away with new
insights and ideas.

"Love always trusts." I Cor. 13:7

For some reason, this perfectly calm girl, seems to create problems
wherever she goes. She doesn't appear to be doing anything naughty, but when
she is around, there is a quarrel or some kind of falling out between others
who are around her. Girls like this have an air of innocense but their
attitudes are causing jealousy and strife. They will often say, "What did I do?"
or claim not to have done anything. They seem to have learned the technique
of creating tension.

One way that this tension and quarrelling is produced, is through her own tale-bearing.
She goes to one person and reports something another is doing. Then she reports to the
other person, what the other one is doing. This creates tension between the two people,
while she smiles and happily goes about with an innocent air of detachement. She was
told when she was little that she should always tell the truth, and she does. Unfortunately,
she uses this truth telling to sabotage friendships and create strife. Telling the truth does
not include reporting things that are not our business, or stirring up trouble between those
around us.

"It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will quarrel."
Proverbs 20:3


This girl is very aware of the effect of her attitudes and actions, as well
as being sensitive to the feelings of others. For example, she can sense when
she is over-stepping her bounds in conversation, and will back off if she is
not well-received. She has a way of avoiding strife and she knows how to
ease a tense situation. Her behaviour is modest and her attitude is kind.
She isn't focused on her own pleasures, desires and wishes, but tries to
compliment others and invest in their lives.

"But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle,
and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality
and without hypocrisy." James 3:17

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Dissenting Views

Cullercoats Cliffs

I decided to collect "dissenting views" (which are often rude comments) here and keep it on one post. Readers are welcome to give a ready answer for the reason of the hope that is in you, regarding the role of wife, mother and homemaker! Just remember not to slip into the same kinds of insults as the dissenters dish out.

From Anonymous.
Lady: I suspect you are no lady at all but a greasy, saggy, baggy, wrinkled old lady living in the past. Don't you realize the harm you are doing spreading this kind of thing to young women? It is a day and age they should know they should be in a college getting a good education, not confined to a marriage. Shame on you and good riddance.

Dear Anonymous,

You really need to get a grip on yourself. I'm a lot less saggy than some of you young girls who sit around all day eating chips and drinking beer. Perhaps you should work in the garden more and grow some fresh veggies for your complexion and your health. I've seen a lot more wrinkles in some of your age, than in 60 year old women, these days. Hard drinking and low living catches up with you fast.

If you don't want to be a "greasy, saggy, baggy, wrinkled old lady" by the age of 30, you need to take a sober look at your daily life. How much fresh air are you getting? How much fresh fruit and vegetables are you eating? How much water are you drinking? How much rest are you getting? Are you preparing for marriage, for a lifetime, or are you planning on having a starter marriage, and three or four more after that? The way you look as an old lady will tell the story of your life. You can either have a sweet countenance or be bitter, and that will show on your face.

As for my spreading the art of home living to young women, I fail to understand why your blogs, filled with the nonsensical jabber about the latest sci-fi movies are better equipped to influence young girls.

At last, regarding college, I think this man explains it better:

Again from Anonymous: (I wish you anonymous people would use Anonymous 1 or Anonymous 2, or make up a name like Jack and Jill, etc. so I can tell to whom I am addressing. Otherwise you all sound like something that came out of the same factory.)

I wish you would be more open minded about things. Women are so much more than home makers! I can't imagine getting all this education and then being locked up in the house all day. Where do you think money comes from? Haven't we come a long ways from the past in order to get to the stage where women at last have the freedom and independence to earn money? This isn't the 1950's anymore and you need to wake up. No one is going to look after you the rest of your life.

You are so ignorant.

Dear Anonymous: It would take some time to answer all your accusations at once, so I will deal with one at a time.

I find that many young women are not very open-minded, themselves. They come across sites like this and they are horrified. They can't accept the fact that even college graduates do not want to pursue their careers but go home and take care of their husbands, their gardens, and their babies. What is so ignorant about doing what is right at the time it needs doing? What is so wrong with putting duty before desire? Perhaps you need to get used to some different ideas other than the one idea you have, and be a little more open-minded to the diversity you so loudly claim to love. Diversity seems to cover all kinds of things, except when women want to be married for life and raise children, teach them at home, take care of the house, iron their husband's shirts and help him in his destiny. Diversity is okay as long as it doesn't include the homemaker.

Saggy baggy old me in 2008.

Here is another rude comment, for your research. I combined several comments because they were all the same, like it came from a textbook or something. It reminds me of the list someone gave me about feminism, which explained, among other things,

Here is the combined comment:

"Dearie, I never intended for you to publish my comment; I knew you wouldn't. I just wanted YOU to read it. Of course I have anger; I'm a woman, not a Stepford. And nice try, but the Bible was not that man's authority in that ridiculous sermon. "Maybe you should take a course in communications or negotiations"LOL Like you did? Calling women who disagree "silly"? Calling girls who are worried and ask "what if" questions self-important and smart-mouths? You are a Victorian-laced woman from a race that should be are pathetic. There are just no words for the rot you represent. The Bible is an archaic mode of life that does not work in the world today...why do you cling to it? Don't you know you cannot live in the past?....People are not getting married anymore, in the tradtional way. Why can't you accept that? And, there are different relationships today, not just the husband/wife relationship...the time will come when people like you will be guilty of the crime of are a racist witch who doesn't deserve space here....housework doesn't take rocket doesn't require you be locked in your house 24/7. I'm going to be rich enough to afford a maid, and my children will have a nanny, so I can get on with something meaningful in life, like a career and a paycheck. I don't want to subject my children to poverty."

The reason I combined the comments, is explained in the "For Feminists and Students" post on the side. Briefly, I detailed that if the comments became annoyingly similar and lacking in originality, I would just post them as one, as they all sound like they are coming out of the same machine.

The feminist movement cannot be accomplished without the infiltration of Marxist/Communist teaching. This teaching even combines parts of the Bible to illustrate their points.

That explains why feminists go on and on and on in endless discussions about theology and "doctrinal disputes" and their obesession with a man's role in life. I do feel sorry for them, for they will be denying themselves, in life, the opportunity to have a loving husband who will cherish them enough to protect them and allow them the freedom to be home.

Another one:

"I can't believe that women like you still exist. You ought to be dead, or locked in a museam."

You wouldn't be from Romania, would you? You sound a lot like some of the women who write to me from there. Your comment was almost word for word what the communists told Christians in China. "Your God will be locked away in a museam", they said. Regarding museams, though, I have always wanted one. I could charge admission and still stay home. You have no idea the number of antiques I have around here.