Friday, September 24, 2021

Develop a Routine at Home

Thank you for your kind attention to Homemaking Radio today. Please enjoy
life at home while you listen.

Things I discussed today:
Create some daiy rituals you will follow no matter how bad the news is.
Find ways to make late afternoons as enjoyable as early mornings.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Education at Home

Good morning, and welcome to The Manse. Please
enjoy being at home and take a break from the world's stress while you listen to today's broadcast.


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Home Detox from the World

Hello Dear Friends,
Welcome to The Manse, and to Homemaking Radio.  Go for a stroll, put something in order, or sit and listen and take an hour off from the anxiety 


Check these sites for anti-anxiety tips:

Dr. Berg  - Fight or Flight

Another anti-anxiety solution:

A Vacation

Look carefully at the spelling here. A lot of people missed it!

"I know this is controversial.
But I am 100% in
support of mandatory 
for everyone, and booster
vacations every 4 months."
I reviewed the Stampin' Up catalog, which you can order $4.00 at Stampin
I find the website not nearly as appealing as the actual catalog, which I browse just for relaxation.

I read from the book: In the Garden With Jane Austen by Kim Wilson
Grammar and Composition 1 for Christian Schools  by ABeka

I also read from "Beautiful Girlhood" the chapter on making friends with books.

I hope you all will suffer from unbearable happiness today.
Other things I mentioned:

"Helpful" Kitchen Chair

Thought Nutrition:

We should always be cheerful.
The times may be difficult, 
But a sad and gloomy countenance will not make them easier.
The flower is made by the sunshine;
It is not made by the clouds.
Our hearts can be filled with warmth
From the good things around us.
We may have troubles,
But we should not allow discouragement.
No one can be completely free from problems; 
We should extract courage and fortitude from them.
We should look on the bright ide of everything,
And then we can received the maximum happiness from each day.

from Grammar and Composition 1, page 60, by ABeka.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

A Day at Home

Good Morning,
Please enjoy waking up and having a day at home, while hearing today's Homemaking Radio broadcast:



Highlights of Todays Broadcast:

Slow down enough to let your thoughts catch up to your activities.
It is hard to "abound" without a steady stream of gratefulness.
Developing good manners means you can be low income but not unrefined.
Give yourself a Thrive assignment.
By keeping the home, we are building up teachings and values for future generations.
Crowd out anxious thoughts with gratefulness.
How will you use your freedom after captivity, compared to what you did with it before?
Learn how to abound.
Read aloud.
Write a Letter.
Make up a small package.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Turning CIrcumstances into Advantages for the Home

Greetings Everyone,
Above, you see my latest dusk picture at the moment the birds were getting ready to retire for the night. 
Please enjoy part of your time in the home while listening:


Some of the things I talked about in this broadcast:

*Reasons to take care of your appearance, in the home.
*Using the bad manners of other people or the gunge jobs as an opportunity to advance in the home.
*Daniel said he and his friends would not eat the king's food. Daniel chapter 1.
*Learn new creative skills.
*Eat food as close to its natural form as possible.
The Standard Book of Ettiquette, 1948, By Lillian Watson -- on social conversation, to be careful not to air your own griefs and hardships, to the point of depressing others.
I saw this cute pumpkin on the Hobby Lobby site, (as well as in the store)  and am busy experimenting with cloth, trying to get it to flop over unevenly like this.  This artificial pumpkin is so realistically and whimsically mis-shapen. 

Monday, September 06, 2021

Keep Your Hearts and Minds

Please enjoy your work while you listen to the broadcast.



Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Courtesy in the Home is For Your Own Comfort

Please enjoy the anti-anxiety atmosphere while you tend your home.

Today I suggested some natural, age-old, time-proven anti-anxiety remedies:
Look for anti-anxiety exercises and try them
Put something in order, sort our something, do something tedious while listening.
The practice of courtesy prevents friction and anxiety.

I read from the 1948 manners book: The Standard Book of Ettiquette by Lillian Watson.

Today I broadcast in my kitchen which I have embellished with fabric and things from my sewing supplies.