Monday, June 26, 2023

Teaching Good Things at Home

Hello Ladies,

We are having very nice weather.

Today I spoke about a lot of things, some which were:
Making your appearance at home a priority
Doing  things in preparation (bathe, dress, hair and face, list, prayer, stretches, a nice morning refreshment of some kind.)

Those things are part of a homemaker's renewal, restoration and rejuvenation.

Also I found a hymn I had been looking for, which I heard 30 years ago. The tune was not available on the web so my son helped me figure it out and we sang it together. Later on, others in the family came over and sang the different parts in unison. I mentioned the importance of understanding timing and the way notes are "held" to allow for the bass, alto, etc. to sing their parts .

Last week part of a tree fell down, and some of the men in the church enjoyed using their chain saws to carve tables and chairs;

I'm always looking for an interesting place around The Manse for my daily stealth-sipping.

I talked about fountains in the scriptures.
Here is the pool of Bethesda, the location in the book of John where the paralytic was healed. I talked
of how fountains were both physical and figurative in scripture.

I hope you will get a few things done at home while you listen today:

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Manse News


I’m still stealth-sipping.

Can you see what is happening around here?

Some of the men of the church are trimming overgrown trees that have cracked and fallen. Some tree branches are too close to other things and need to be cut.  This man is the husband of one of my friends. I texted her this picture to show her what he was doing when she isn’t around ;-)

I’m also giving one of the rooms at The Manse a new look with some of my old things.

See what they create with their chainsaws?

It’s like Flintstone furniture.

I’m enjoying using this fabric called Dot— looks like the old chenille.

I’ll be back with another post and a broadcast. 


Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Today’s Edification


Dearest darling ladies,  
I hope you all have a day-book where you record the little things you do:
`a walk
`sitting in the sunrise
`hearing a birdsong
`a little stretching
`reading a sentence or two in the Good Book. (I like that name! I shall call it that, from now on.)
Dressing carefully and thoughtfully.
-sipping your tea
- something creative. 

I continued my ideas about stress:
-Looking  your best can reduce personal anxiety
-Not treating your daily list as stress: its just a guide, and a way to focus your thoughts. 

Personal care, often called self-care, is simply self-improvement and health maintenance, so that you can deal with stress.  It is also glorifying to God to look after the body He has given you. It can include rest and sleep, good thoughts,  relaxing in all you do, and creativity. I suggested dispersing these edifying things throughout the course of your homemaking day.

I always like to get a picture of the shadow of The Manse in the sunrise.
In a future broadcast I will talk about the  value of the sunrise.

I am still stealth-sipping.

Valerian grows around here in the rocks and gravel.

Remember also to listen to Beautiful Homemaking by Janine.

Miss Lillian often updates her sewing blog. HERE

I hope this broadcast is helpful to you. Please enjoy your home while you listen: