Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dimensional Paper Pen and Tag

Tag-Cards with a paper pen: Above is the elegant pen pattern.

These pens are wider and can be made to look like paint brushes.

Post cards or tags with old fashioned  heart shaped dip-pens are fairly easy . The pink pen on the upper left is flat, and the others are rolled to be rounded, and taped onto the card. A wired ribbon or plain wire could be used as a hanger. If you have pre-glittered paper, you could cut the heart from that and glue it onto the pen. I used glue and glitter for this project.

Using the pattern, cut out the pen with the flaps and wrap around a pencil. Tape together and place with rolled tape or foam tape, onto the card in the position you like. It is supposed to appear as though someone just finished writing a greeting. Trace the little heart on to the tip of the pen and add glitter-glue.  Use any colour paper for the pen handle, or make it in white cardstock, adding stickers for colour.

This is what the elegant pen pattern looks like. Roll the wide part around a pencil, and tape. Add a sticker for design on the handle. Prisma glitter is glued on to the nib.

The template should be printed on cardstock or glued onto cardboard. This is what you use to trace around on your paper or cardstock. I used cardstock for this project. The square is for the tag.  Add smaller pieces of co-ordinating papers or cardstock, and pictures or stickers, to match the pens.  To make the point of the pen more slender, just trim around it.

The elelgant pen pattern: paint the nib with glue and add glittler color of your choice.

I hope you dont have any difficulty printing this pattern, but if you do, you can make your own pattern the way I do it: fold a piece of paper in half, draw half the  image and cut. Unfold and paste on cardboard. Cut out and trace around it on various types of coloured cardstock or paper or whatever you like.

The Beautiful Details of Home Living

Instructions for this ribbon embroidered  table runner are found at the Better Homes and Gardens site.
Instructions for this ribbon embroidery are found here

(to be continued)

Hearts for the Home

This is a heart shape that is placed on the fold of card stock. Cut out your floral carefully around all the leaves and buds and glue it in the middle. Dot with clear glitter glue on the edges of the petals and around the heart.

It is easy to make this folded heart garland. Use the small heart on the pattern and fold the strip of paper back and forth accordian style. Trace the heart and cut, leaving the folded areas intact, as you see below.
These cards are made with the pre-glittered foam pieces. The top heart has a scene cut from a garden catalog. More cardstock has been added to the back of the heart, cut with fancy scissors, a little larger than the heart. The other heart has a piece copied clip art from a free Victorian floral clip art site.You can copy old postcards or use old cards for this project.
To make the heart garland, trace hearts on the plain side of glitter paper and glue a piece of ribbon across the backs.
These hearts are traced on pre-glittered paper, from a paper stack found at WalMart and other stores which sell scrapbook products. It was a lot easier than trying to glitter each heart. Save all the scraps in small ziplock bags, for other projects.
Print this pattern on cardstock, or glue the printed paper to cardboard. Cereal boxes make great template material.  Cut out the templates and trace around them on your card material.
The templates include a pattern for a child's sewing card. Use the same pattern as the one for the folded heart card, and punch holes around it.
Make it on coloured cardstock, and include a cardboard needle. You will have to trim the needle pattern to make it more slender for the holes. Another way to thread the ribbon through the holes, is to moisten each end with white glue and twist it, like the end of a shoe lace. Let it dry, and then thread it through the holes. You can make as many holes as you like.  Put a sticker or picture in the middle, or trim around some clip-art as I have done here. You can get free clipart on the web by typing in "free Victorian clip art."  Then search for hearts, birds, florals, children, or whatever you like.

In a previous post, I featured hand made stationery. For more easy stationery, go to The Pleasant Times.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pretty Paper Projects for Children

by M. Margets
These papers and cards are easy enough for children, but still great for adults to use. Who would not want to receive one of these in the mail?
Decorative writing paper and envelopes are easy to make. Cut these sets yourself or use the pattern included here. Trace the hearts on wrapping paper or floral pictures from catalogs and magazines.

Take a square, card sized envelope apart and glue it onto some cardboard, from a large cereal box or something of that weight. Use it for your templae and make matching envelopes from colored or plain printing paper, as you see here. Place your heart on the point of the upper flap of the envelope.  The paper is a whole sheet cut in half, which fits a square envelope.  If you wish to use the pattern, highlight it and click the ctrl key plus c, then go to a blank page, and click the ctrl key plus v. Or, you may click on the pattern and click print. Sometimes people have had problems printing out things from this blog, so you might have to try several methods.

This pretty heart card is really easy to make, and it has a square point on the end so that the card may stand up.  Here it is with pleated white crepe paper streamer, topped by a paper heart of the same size to hide the ends, with a foam heart outline on which marble glitter has been added. Underneath it is a printed graphic. I've taken a special glitter glue that is for paper, and put dots and outlines around it. The crepe paper trim has to be cut into a heart shape by trimming various parts with scissors.

Here it is on red textured paper. You do not have to buy big books of paper, as you can get it by the sheet in various stores.

There were no paper doilies to be had in my area, so I made my own by cutting out a heart shape, folding it up several times, and clipping triangles around all the edges and creases. Then I added glue with a small brush, and  clear glitter.
Here is the pattern for this easy project. Place the upper edges of the heart on the fold of the cardstock. The squared off end helps it to stand up.

Making your own hearts is easy. Fold paper in half and draw shapes as indicated, following the arrows. Cut them out on the fold starting at the point of the heart. Experiment with different kinds of drawings, long, short, wide, and narrow.

Keep making them until you find the kind of shape you like.
If you do not want folds in your hearts, find the one you like and paste it onto cardboard for a template. Use that template to trace around on your special papers.

The first step in making your own lacey paper heart, is to fold the paper heart in half,
and then half again, and in any other ways it will fold and still be thin enough to cut with scissors.

Here are all the little cuts . You have to leave some of the folded parts of the edges uncut, and some of them cut. I find little wedges or triangles the easiest on multi-folded paper.

It is always interesting to unfold it and see what you got. Some are better than others, and you learn a little more each time you experiment.

Pretty Cards From Scraps

by Josef Laurens, 1811-1888

An example of a card or tag made from the picture that sometimes accompanies a magazine insert card. 

Cut the picture, mount it on papers that match the colors, and cover up the advertising spots with stickers and clip art. A foam heart is used here.Stickers and scraps hide imperfections in this kind of artwork. You need not throw a card away when there is a mistake on it. Just find a matching clipping or sticker to cover the flaw.

Here is another one, made into a large tag, by layering matching colors of scrap papers:

Stickers can be used to cover the advertising spots, and glitter glue can be added on the edges of the petals, to make them look rain-splashed.  This is a very stiff card that is somewhat like the decorative pictures on wire hangers that you sometimes see in gift shops.

This card is made by laying the upper part of the heart on the fold of a card, and cut with shaped scissors. The foam heart is added, pasted with coarse white glitter. At the top is an embroidered white rose from sewing notions and trims. A hole is punched to insert a sheer ribbon. Ribbons can be collected from packaging and gifts your receive. Store them in a zip-lock bag, in your paper supplies.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creative Pictures

This is a card, or a picture, made with several layers of special textured papers. The pictures come from So Shabby Pink Papers. Instead of glitter, I used something called mica, which is also called snow.  It looks like crushed cellophane.

Using old bits and pieces that match, this card was created.  Try clicking it on for a closer look. The hearts are foam, pre-glittered.  The picture is outlined with a special tube of glitter glue that is made for paper decorating. The little aqua "love" piece, came from a wedding favor. These kinds of scraps do not take up much room and can be stored in a small envelope. On a rainy day,  children delight in going through the treasures and making something to give away.

Other people using glitter and sparkly stones are Susan Rios who has created a picture of a dress, using fine glitter and a crystal on the painting; and there is a template and instructions for a glittered buckle, here.  There's a nostalgic description of home made Valentines with glitter, here.

In a little while, I hope to post a pattern here on this same post with instructions for one you can easily make with materials that are not hard to find.

There are a number of newsletters you can get in your email that are a real bright spot, for they never bring any bad news: Victorian Papers Newsletter , Tea Time Newsletter, Victoria Magazine Newsletter and Sweet Necessiteas newsletter.  They have an online Victorian magazine called Victorian Etc. which features todays events and activities  in Victorian style   (try )

Not everything in all these email magazines will appeal to everyone, but the brightness they deliver in your email is like getting a shiny card in the mail on a foggy day.

These are the kinds of things needed in our lives  today: goodness, loveliness, brightness and creativeness.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Titus 2:1-8

Tit 2:1 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

Tit 2:2 That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.

Tit 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

Tit 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

Tit 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Tit 2:6 Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.

Tit 2:7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,

Tit 2:8 Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.
Your observations about anything in this passage are welcome.

Titus was a Greek convert to Christ, and a companion of the apostle, Paul. This letter, called Titus was written to him while he was in Crete as Paul's representative, and contains instructions on church matters.

 At this point, I must emphasise that these instructions were given to those who had become members of the Lord's church. The teachings were intended for the members of the church. I dont think they were imposed on the society around them. They were specifically for guiding the behaviour of those who had obeyed the gospel.  Christians would be starkly different from the society around them. They would be an example. Their purpose was to draw others to the way of God by the good way they lived. In the church, people were to be the opposite of the world. In the period of time this was written, teachers often taught false doctrines and lead unholy lives. This happens today, too, and that is why this chapter is so important.

Those who are not followers of our Lord will need to look at the teachings of Titus 2 in perspective:  they apply to those who have taken up the cross of Jesus and want to willingly follow him. They apply to those who have turned their back on the way the rest of the world lives and are focusing forward to eternal life in Christ. The unbeliever does not need to protest about the principles that the believers live by. Maybe you are  not really a believer and do not want to follow these instructions to women. No one is going to force it on you. In fact, no one is going to force it on Christian women, either.  Christians believe that followers of God must come to him willingly and whole heartedly.  Believers will not always follow the Word. Some people are in different stages of growth and understanding. Some need to study it some more. There are Christian women who have never really been taught this aspect of their walk with God, or who have never read it in the scriptures for themselves.  While no one will force women in the church to be keepers at home, the older women are instructed to develop certain qualities (listed in the 2nd and 3rd verses), so that they may be qualified to instruct the younger women, the older women  will never force the younger women to do it. They are obligated to teach it, though. So, if you are a Christian woman and you have reservations about Titus 2, there is no reason to be resentful. It is there for your learning, and hopefully before too much time is gone, you will see the joy in it and want to shed the shackles of the workplace and run to the freedom offered in Christ, at home. These teachings just will not apply to some people.

Guardian of Light
by James Lee

 If you are an athiest and you are looking to object to these teachings: they were not directed to you in the first place. They were written to those who had made the decision to leave their old way of life and follow the Lord. They do not apply to you, and you should have no objection to others wanting to raise their daughters this way.

Girls and women who have been saved should be very happy to know that God has provided, through this chapter, a way for them to live.   They are  not left to wonder what they will do,  to follow the dictates of society, or  be confused as to how they can be fulfilled.  They have a responsibility described in this chapter; one that gives them a place of importance.

It seems like the knowledge contained in Titus 2 would be a relief to many women who feel uncertain about what they should do with their lives, or who are being guided by the rest of the world to get a student loan to prepare for a career. The women in the church have been given the privilege of being in charge of the home and the family, to see that it is guided right. No mention of the world's plan for women is contained in this chapter. Just imagine the non-believers doing the opposite, and you will get an idea of the prevailing culture.

  Tit 2:1 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:  Sound doctrine is teaching that follows the will of Christ.  You would know when the teachings you hear are not sound, if they are opposite or different from that which is written in the Bible.

Tit 2:2 That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.  It makes sense that the aged men in the church are instructed to have these qualities.  No one takes a foolish person seriously. One can understand the foolishness in youth, but expects it to be corrected by the time a man is aged.  Our culture is youth-driven, when it should be age-focused, but we need older men to have these qualities listed in this 2nd verse, so that young people will be drawn to them and take them seriously. 

 When you find one of these men, it is a joy to be in his presence and to sit at his feet and listen to him talk. That kind of man has no foolishness and no idle words. He exhibits the stability and soundness of mind that is a result of practicing the instructions to Christians. He is not swayed by modern doctrines, the latest emerging church on the block, or the new hyped up religious activities. His faith is stable and totally in line with the scriptures, he is serious about life, and is able to teach with great patience, what is right and good. In doing so, he can turn many away from their folly, to the right way of living.

This verse seems to have nothing to do with the woman's role in the church, but the next sentence is closely connected to it:

Tit 2:3 The aged women likewise,  If there is one thing women should memorize, it is these four words: the aged women likewise.  Everything the aged men are supposed to be, applies to the aged women. You might say that this is true fairness and true equality in the eyes of GOD, for it is one thing that is required of both men and women. 

 Aged, of course, was usually a reference to anyone the age of threescore, or 60 years old.  That of course does not mean that you should be silly when you are young and expect to suddenly change when you become aged. You reap what you sow, and if you sow careless living all your life, it will be difficult to overcome when you are aged.  However, it is never too late for a person to change and get their life in line with the precepts of the Lord. There are many things that could be discussed regarding these four words: the aged women, likewise!!

that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;  It is obvious that women around them in the culture of the time, did not embrace these teachings, but the main point, I think, is that those who follow the Lord, must, not just because it works or because it is better for them, but because it sets them apart from what the non-believers are doing, and because it shows their obedience to the word of God. 

 These items in Titus 2 are an area in which those converted to our Lord can shine and be distinct, but most importantly, it shows a trust and reliance on the Lord for His provision. It also sets the believer apart from the world, in that she will be home, minding her own business, not out in the working world minding other business, gossipping, snooping, working up jealousies and resentments, going out drinking with the girls, teaching fables and worldly wisdom to others, etc. 

While there is no denying  that many women can make it by working outside the home, the point is, that it is God's special instruction to women who are converted, to set them apart, as followers of His. It is, in a sense, an opportunity to obey and to exercise her faith.

An interesting article here illustrates the world's contempt for the idea of full time wives and mothers and homemakers. But the world's approval or the world's contempt should not make a difference in the mission of the Christian woman to be at home.

Tit 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,   An older woman would need to have a sound mind, unclouded by drinking, gossip, or any other vice, in order to see her way clearly to teaching the younger women. Teaching the younger women to love their husbands involves a careful learning of scriptures, particularly those that teach about love. First Corinthians 13 comes to mind. Younger women need to learn to be patient, kind, and to overlook a fault.  Older women, having already experienced a good marriage and obedient children, need to pass on their knowledge and help make family life easier for the younger ones. They dont have to make the same mistakes, if there is someone older to warn them.  I believe that the word "sober" means not to drink, but also not to behave as though you are drunk, full of ridiculous behaviour, wasting time, or making bad decisions that will effect the home. Being sober means to be serious minded and sensible.

Older women need to teach the younger women how to treat their husbands, and how to teach their children. It is natural for the young to immitate the older, so the older women should be an example of  sober behaviour to the younger.  They should teach young mothers to stay home and raise their own children. These children will learn from their raising, to raise their own children. Young women should tell their children, "I am teaching you this, so that you will be able to teach your own children." It gives them a greater motivation to learn, because they are going to reproduce their learning in the lives of their own children. 

If women want to love their children, they must take charge of them, and not turn them over to the government or to other people to be taught and cared for. If you want to have a compliant child, train that child yourself.  The child needs to learn to follow the teachings of the parents.

God chose parents to raise the children. Dueteronomy 6:6-8 and Ephesians 6, both instruct the parents to teach and nurture the children. There is a growing trend to find nannys for children rather than raise them yourself. One purpose of teaching your own children is for the growth and maturity of the parents. Parents who homeschool will be learning how to teach, and developing parenting skills. If you turn your job over to someone else, you will give up your authority, and then, when you do want to teach something important to your child, the child may be thinking that his parent is not a "real teacher" and that the schools ,or their other guardians,know better.

If  you really love your children, you will not give them their own way all the time, and not let them run the home.  They are to be in a submissive role, obeying,  and this trains them to be good parents.  Then, their role changes: they become the parents and can train their own children.  If you do not teach your children to obey, you do not love them. If you love them, you dont want harm to come to them. A disobedient child gets in all kinds of trouble. A parent can be accused of being "too strict," but  if that child is not taught and not nurtured in the admonitionof the Lord, he will be disciplined further by the agencies of the government. The police will be strict, and so will the courts, when the adult that was not trained in his youth, gets into trouble.  Older women are to teach the younger women to love their children. Love involves personal sacrifice. Do everything in your power to stay home with your children and to homeschool them. Then, even if it does not turn out perfectly the way you envisioned, you will at least have a clear conscience, knowing you followed what was good and right.

Tit 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.  There is much to be explored in this part.  It is easier to be discreet and chaste if one is in a place that encourages it. Home is a refuge from the world's voices to be otherwise. Being home, without the distraction of other people, women do not have the peer pressure to follow the trends of the world.  You increase your chances for success in these other areas, just by staying home.

keepers at home: It seems to be easier to learn to sweep a floor or wash a sink full of dishes, than it does to develop things like patience or soundness in doctrine. Those sort of things take more time and study and sometimes are only developed over a period of time. Housekeeping, and modest dressing, on the other hand, can be changed in very short time.  The scriptures include both the character qualities and the physical efforts of keeping house.  It does take some time to blend the two aspects together. One is physical and the other is more spiritual, but over time, you will see that taking care of a husband and children, and  housekeeping, become a spiritual act of kindness.

The other observation that many older women have, is that in order to really keep the home, you have to be in it, not in someone else's house all day. If you want to train or teach your children, they have to be with you, not somewhere else, during the teachable moments of the day.  If you love your husband, you guard his money and make it benefit him by providing a wonderful home life for him.  It may take some men awhile to appreciate it, but at least the wife will be doing God's will, and in so doing, the entire family is blessed.

That the word of God be not blasphemed:  Adam Clarke, (1762-1832) commented on this phrase, the following:

That the word of God be not blasphemed - The enemies of the Gospel are quick-eyed to spy out imperfections in its professors; and, if they find women professing Christianity living an irregular life, they will not fail to decry the Christian doctrine on this account: “Behold your boasted religion! it professes to reform all things, and its very professors are no better than others! Our heathenism is as good as your Christianity.” These are cutting reproaches; and much they will have to answer for who give cause for these blasphemies."

I thought this, written so many years ago, was interesting, in its emphasis about the shame of giving God's word a bad reptuation by taking it lightly.

The housekeeping aspect of this scripture is huge, and volumes could have been spoken and taught about it over the spans of centuries. Each era would have required different knowledge about housekeeping. Just look at the old housekeeping books from the 18th century: how to make candles, trim the wicks, care for them, etc. or how to wash clothing by hand. Each generation would need different instructions on housekeeping. God wisely told the older women to provide that knowledge to the younger ones, and each era would have its own teachers. 

There could be volumes written on marriage and child rearing. It would take a life time of lessons  to teach younger women the different aspects of marriage or child care. That is why it is so important to keep reading the Bible for yourself, as you glean lesson after lesson that provides the wisdom you need. In doing so, read it with the attitude that if you find something you are not doing that is wise to do, you will do it, and if you find something that you are doing,  that is not wise, you will not do it.  Some times people read the Bible looking for an exception or looking for a way to justify doing something, rather than opening their hearts to what God has to say to them.  The book of Proverbs contains much wisdom about the parent-child relationship. The Bible was written so that the followers of the Lord will have the comfort and the direction they need. Pray that you may  follow it. It is easy to follow the prevailing culture: the doors are always open and the path is wide. It might not seem possible to follow God's word, because it requires more effort, but with each sacrifice you make, comes a huge blessing.

Please be sure to comment on each verse, if you desire.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pretty Guest Room

(Decorators Room)

My guest room several different ways for different people with different likes.

Different ways to use the same guest room:
Several ways to arrange a guest room: Here it is ready for a young niece to visit. The curtain is a piece of pink fur fabric, and the picture over the bed is a framed gift-bag. Hat is a paper craft featured previously on this blog.

I have several more posts in  the works, but in the meantime, here is a picture with guest room ideas. The mirrors on the wall are from the Dollar Tree, at one dollar each. They come in several types of finishes, which look like silver or gold. Making a bed, even if no one will notice, is like jumpstarting the day with a positive attitude. Seeing something pretty as you go through the house, is something that makes the heart sing. It improves the mood and manners of family members also. Putting beauty in the home is like extending a smile to someone. It says that you care enough about them and that they are so important, they deserve the best.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cold Weather Lifts

This is the view today. I find it quite pretty and inspiring, but some people are adversely effected by dark skies and lack of sunshine, so, today, I am showcasing a few photographs with colorful ideas for the home.

This pretty dining room could be easily imitated by using any fabrics you have.  There are easy ways to cover a cushion temporarily. One is to use the glue-back velcro and just wrap pieces of your favorite fabrics around and attach them temporarily. The goal is to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere inside the house, even if it appears to be gloomy ouside.

Clearing clutter and just displaying things that are pretty, can go a long way to lifting the spirit.  These pictures are for ideas and inspiration. The purpose is to find something that would be feasible for yourself and in some way, put that nice touch in your home.

It is not necessary to decorate, or to know about decorating, in order to have a cheerful kitchen. The cleanliness and orderliness of this kitchen is beautiful, alone.

Lit candles are wonderful on a dark day. These come from this site , where there are more centerpiece ideas that would brighten up a dark day.  There are now led-lites that you can use, which flicker, and are safer than candles. Candles in jars with a scent you like, can also be great for lightening a dark day.

In my own home, I brought in an outdoor metal table and draped it with a green cloth, topped by a lace table cloth, and protected with a clear plastic, for water spills, tea stains, etc. This way, you can use your grandmothers's crochet table cloth. If  you buy this plastic at Wal Mart, I would suggest the one with the black print paper background. It is the clearest and you can see your table cloth through it much better.  You need 1 yard for a small round table like this.  This table is sitting next to the fireplace, near the entry or the house, so that I can serve impromptu guests, any time, and will not have to gather up everything.  Nearby, a basket holds a fresh package of crackers, and in the fridge are some things tucked away just for such an occasion.  The teapot and cups are mix and match, some given to me, and some inherited.  The lamp and clock are from yard sales.

Artists, such as Susan Rios
paint these humble indoor scenes.

Those who have visited me know that my house is not grand or rich, but that the effect of richness is felt, when you combine the harmony of color and light, touch, sound,scent, and a mixture of textures, together.  Centerpieces and home arrangements are a great source of comfort and contentment. Arranging your home, instead of just putting up with a gloomy day, can go a long way to improve your mood.