Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vacation Time

Last year, the Pink porcelain Doll and Blue porcelain Doll pumpkins were way over the top in price at the markets, some as much as $18.00, so this year I planted seeds. The Pink Doll pumpkins are so large now,  it takes two people to remove them. The Blue Doll pumpkins are not ready yet.

Check at the end of the post to see this pumpkin on the porch.

Roxy and her DH came from Colorado to stay with us so we took them to see the Pacific Ocean and went to Florence, Yachats, Newport and Waldport.

After a tour of the coast we spent a few days at home and had a good time visiting the last remaining tea room in the area, which is nestled between antique shops.

I like these antique silk roses but never have seen any as realistic in the craft shops.

Roxy and I had tea there and it was the first time we had ever used the cone silk tea bags with the little green leaf string at the top.

Each tea table had a chandelier over it. So glamorous.  In this tea room they encourage people to linger for hours!
Also, the waiters were men who owned the place, and what a good job they did. Roxy was quite outspoken with her enthusiasm that there were men "manning" the place.
Here we are the day they went home and now I am left with all these good memories. Our husbands took the best photos of us. They know just what we like.

We were inspired to spend time in the sewing room making cloth pumpkins, but I forgot to take pictures of Roxy's handiwork, so she will have to put them on her blog at Living From Glory to Glory. Do not wait to unpack, Roxy. I want to see the pictures you took! 

That pumpkin must weigh 40 pounds! Dan cut it off the vine and carried it to the porch. I was all for bringing the wagon around to the garden and easing the pumpkin into it and then bringing it to the porch, or simply rolling it along the lawn, but he just "picked it up as if it were a dried leaf." Thanks Dan. Stan and I will miss sitting outside watching the sunsets with you in the evenings and talking about everything in life we could think of, plus all those long country walks!  

I share my guests with Gloria, so we walked over from my place to her farm to visit her. I did not get a photo of her sewing room where she makes bags out of feed sacks by lining them with cooridinating fabric and adding handles, so that is another picture for Roxy to supply on her blog, because she bought a sunflower bag. Here are Gloria's sheep:
More from the antique store:

Roxy relaxing in the swing:

Roxy in Gloria's yard. I think the house looks so cottage-y with the different colors of paint.

In a little while I will show you the hand made things Roxy brought me. 

As for what our husbands did during the visit, they went to a huge hardware store that seems a mile long. 

More coastal:  I was interested in capturing the sparkle on the water.

More of the gift shop:

Now here are some of the things Roxy gave me:
She sewed two aprons--what a lot of work, and a neat job too.
Each apron had a lace medallion on the pocket.
She also made these unique teacup book marks. I leave book marks in my recipe books and magazines so I can find things easily. She also treated me to some cosmetics. Later maybe I will paint my face so you can recognize me :-). Note the heart charm bracelet. She also makes necklaces.  I did not photograph everything ahe gave me, as I didnt want to inspire envy:-)
We went to all the local stores, including Goodwill, where we each got a teacup amd saucee for $2.69.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Just wanted you to know I have added my Pinterest  on the upper left sidebar, for those who want to go have a look.  One of my new subjects on that Pinterest account  is Circassian Costume (Abkhaz, Kabardino , Abdyge, Adygey, Balkan, Cherkess, Chechan and more).  I noticed how much the Victorian clothing of the 1800's , especially the design of the bodices, resemble the ancient costume of the people of the Caucasus Mountains. This painting by Edmund Leighton has the sleeves of that traditional costume.

I discovered I had a pattern from the 1980's with the similarities of the Circassian styles, and I recognize sleeves of the coat.  I plan to make the one pictured in the middle that is burgundy colored, in emerald green with gold trim.

Note the unusual sleeves in these 19th century paintings which depicted a by-gone era even during the artists own century:  these have similarities to the Circassian and Coassak historical costumes.  

A Day Dress

It has been so busy here at home this last week but I managed to try a new dress pattern for another mother-daughter set. As I explained in one of my previous sewing posts, these are dresses for the home.

To make the neckline sit better on the shoulder area I inserted a piece of paper inside the pattern and re-drew it. The dress has side pockets, and a tie belt. I added my own style of sleeve by expanding the pattern sleeve and making a cuff, on which I sewed some of the tulle trim from Hobby Lobby which was discounted. Tulle trim is feather soft. The fabric is also from Hobby Lobby but is available at Joann Fabrics and in other places.

The pattern was a longer length than the picture on the envelope shows, so I have to take off some of the hem. Although the garment looked very cute in the illustration, I do not think I will sew it again.  

However, if you do use this pattern the way it is with no changes made, it will sew up quite quickly. 

The waist line was a little lower than I expected, and I am already thinking of making another dress in its place from an older pattern I  like better. 

When sewing from patterns, I prefer those that do not have to be altered or tweaked. I like it to work well the first time I use it.  I will post the daughter and grandmother dresses here on this page when I get them finished.

Coming soon:
Almost finished: 

These were two 2016 patterns.This pattern had a placket in the skirt that had to overlap when sewn on to the bodice--not a challenge for beginners.  

I think the patterns that have worked the best for me have been the German patterns called NeuMode and the 1980's Lanz and Laura Ashley. However, I am trying the new ones as they come on sale and I like some of the styles.

My dress: the hem was not finished but I wore it anyway.


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