Monday, April 23, 2012

Art In The Home

Girl With Roses
by  VasilyTropinin, Russian,  1776-1857
Click on the painting for a larger view.

"Who likes to look in a life at angry, cloudy persons? What for to transfer to a cloth unpleasant which remains without changes, what for to make a painful impression, to raise heavy memoirs in loving this person? Let they see it and remember during a happy epoch of a life."
(Vasily Tropinin). 

Art in the home should delight the homemaker. If she is the one to care for the dwelling and to be there most of the time, let her have the art she likes, and give her the freedom to have the variety of change. There are frames you can get in discount stores like Wal-Mart, which allow you to change the print any time you want, and store your other prints in the back of the frame.

  I believe that good art should be an imitation of nature and should exhibit grace and beauty, giving a feeling of love and calm in the home.   Happily, the great art of the realists and the pre-raphaelites and Victorians like Edmund B. Leighton are available for common folks like us, as reasonable prices in various online sites.  If you will check through my blog, you can find many of these prints, do a search and find a source.

If for some reason you do not have access to beautiful art, I'd like to suggest you go through magazines and books and find some you can put in small frames (from the dollar store) to display around your house. It helps to great a wonderful atmosphere inside the house. If you can afford the ink, or if you have access to an office supply printing shop, you might try right-clicking on some of your favorite paintings and see if the print option is available. Print on photo paper and put in a frame for your home. I have in the past suggested that homeschoolers have their own art-reader by collecting these paintings on printer paper and putting them in a book, with the bio of the artist adding things to consider or observe about the paintings.

I like the quote by the artist, above. Art should record a "happy epoch of life."  If you have children at home, it is important for them to have good things to look at in the house for the times that they spend staring or or thinking about life.

Whatsoever things are lovely...think on these things. Philippians 4:8


Finding Joy said...

My lovely elderly neighbour buys pretty blank cards from the news agency and pops them into frames from the discount store and now has a lovely row of art works that costed very little. She has a display running down her hall way and it great. It is easy to change when she gets tired of them.

Gail said...

I have always been very careful to put good, and sweet things on the walls. It is very healthy for children and adults alike to see beauty and goodness portrayed in the art and decor of their home. I kind of dislike a lot of what goes on the walls in those hgtv-type shows, where they redo or stage homes. It seems so lifeless, or soul-less, I guess you could say. I mean, I understand that they are trying to be neutral and all, in seeking to please more people, but I find it very enervating the way those designer rooms evoke the Holiday Inn.

Ginger said...

that's why I seek after your blog

Anonymous said...

Just today I redid some things on the walls of our front living room, actually known to us as the "music room", because of the piano in there, as well as my daughter's preference to practice cello there. It was such a pleasure to put up some new things, usually music-related, & switch around other items.

As Lady Lydia has posted here, & the other commenters have mentioned, it's so important to have beauty in the home, as much as it is possible for us to achieve. It's a kind of soul food, I think, & when our children grow up they take these visual memories with them. Our efforts are not wasted!


Neo-Victorianist said...

Pretty pictures are cheap and available, it is a shame that so many people seem to live in such such drab and colorless houses these days. Also I always admired the needlepoint reproductions of art people used to make in the past, they looked very nice framed and hanging on the wall.