Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creative Leisure

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By Thomas Benjamin Kennington

English 1856-1916

I have taken a few hours each day to do something other than house keeping. During a visit to the TJ Max discount store, I enjoyed looking at all the plastic and glass pumpkins with beaded and sequined textures, in copper, green silver, iridescent purples and pinks.

It seems it was only a short time ago that critics were making sport of the handmade glittery pumpkin crafts on creative blogs, and now I see there are many cloth and paper pumkin decorations in the market. I saw several fabric plaid ones in autum color combinations. Inspired by the brightness of what I saw, I set about to make some soft pumpkins for the season for my home.
These make soft, decorative cushions for an autumn bed. After gathering the fabric with the stuffing, I tied circles around it in four to six sections to make it like the fairytale pumpkins. I did not see fairytale pumpkins or pink pumpkins at the local market this year, as in the past.

These cloth pumpkins that look like chenille fabric or ball-fringe, are made of the modern fabric called Minky, which comes in many wonderful colors.

The stems are made with a thick glitter ribbon, which is nestled inside the pumpkin before the thread is pulled up.

I used some shimmery fabric to cover over the fabric, for a couple of the pumpkins.


The pumpkin pattern is a large circle of fabric, made by tracing around a big mixing bowl or pizza pan or pizza cardboard. The fabric is then gathered around the outside edge using long stitches, by hand, and then pulled to gather slightly so that you can insert polyester stuffing. Then, pull the thread tightly and fasten. It is best to double your thread before sewing.

They look good displayed in a china cabinet or fireplace mantel, or a shelf, and, if you have no small children, they can be put on the floor in front of the fireplace or underneath an entry table. Check out some of the blogs and follow links to other creative pumpkins this year.

Here is a previous post I did on sewing pumpkins

These two pink cloth pumpkins have stems made of rolled brown paper.
To tie the pumpkin into sections. Cut a long length string or crochet cotton and tie once, pulling it tightly across half the pumpkin. Then tie again the opposite way, repeating until there are 6 to 8 sections.

I wanted to show, above, the long stitches for gathering.

And here is a post with a pattern for a paper pumpkin which also shows how to make cloth pumpkins and card


This candelabra came from Home Interiors about 30 years ago and over the years has been painted different colors.

Reading the Letter

I also want to share a few of my favorite pictures from the September 1993 Victoria magazine.


Also, I went to Dollar Tree and bought this woven tapestry placemat because I wanted to try it out at home and see if I liked it well enough to get more. It only cost a dollar, so if I decide that it isn't for me, I will use it as a runner for the top of an end table or something else. There were several other colors and prints to choose from at Dollar Tree.

The last of the summer flowers, still growing in these old boots.



Dawn E. Brown said...

Beautiful, thank-you so much,I was just ow I would like to try these pumpkins that I am seeing on many blogs.Your instructions were simple,I will try it today.I am blessed by the beauty of the pictures you selected ,it speaks of a much simpler and contented time.Blessings,Dawn E. Brown

Lydia said...

Sharon has left a new comment on your post "Creative Leisure":

Thanks for sharing the instructions for making a pumpkin. Even though I looked at your old instructions before, I may have missed how to make the sections with the thread simply going around it. I bought some fabric just to make pumpkins when I saw some ceramic-y ones, but with fabric designs such as toile at Hobby Lobby. There used to be patterns to make soft pumpkins and winter squash with the sections, stem and leaves, but I couldn't find one anywhere now.

Beautiful pictures as always. The candelabra is on a doily that looks tatted. Is it? Do you tat?

Lydia said...

Sharon. I will add the instruction photo on how to tie the sections. I used white string but you can use yarn or quilting thread ot crochet thread. Just cut a long length of it, longer than you need, and tie the pumpkin in half tightly, so that the string digs inti the sides, making the pumpkin poof out ion both sides of the string. Then knot the string on top or underneath the pumpkin...whichever way gives the best effect. Tie another long lenth of string around the other half of the pumpkin, using the same method, and then again twice more, making 6 sections. I will try to get a picture posted soon

Lydia said...

No I do not tat but I found this piece 20 years ago in a yard sale and have bot seen anything like it since.

Lydia said...

When I get to my bigger computer
Today I will find the link to the squash pattern..and include it

Christine said...

I enjoy looking at the classic Victoria magazine, too.
Your pumpkins would fit right in with that magazine.

Lydia said...

Type in pumpkins in my search area to find more patterns and instructions

anonymous said...

I spent all the free time I had this summer with family and friends.

This winter I hope to get sewing again. Your pumpkins look so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs. J.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Very cute! I saw a few last year made out of some old sweaters that were beige in color.
We had so many pumpkins from our garden this year that all of my pumpkins will be real this Fall.:)
I have something I have just started making for you. Will I be able to contact you to mail it?
I have had it on my heart for months! You have blessed me so and encouraged me just in how you have stayed focused and your dedication to Keepers Of The Home!
Blessings Always, Roxy

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin, Those pumpkins would be a fun project for my girls. The art paintings are just beautiful. Have a blessed weekend.

Lydia said...

Roxy you can email me and I will sent my address

Lydia said...

Hello cousin. If you do not want to sew, just gather up the opening and tie it with string.

Miriam said...

Oh Lady Ldia,

I just love the photography of old Victoria Magazines! I have browsed google image search for them many many times. Thank you for posting a couple of those lovely pictured once more.

I was wondering would it be too much to ask you to do a monthly blogpost with your favorite old Victoria pics? It would be a visual vacation.

Lydia said...

It will be my pleasure to feature more of the old Victoria magazines

These old issues have all. Even put on cd rom for purchase at Victoria I might go together with my daughter to share the cost.

Miriam said...

Yes, I saw the cd rom too. It is probably beyond my reach though, we'll see :-)