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Architecture of 19th Century Painter Edmund B. Leighton

I often use Edmund Blair Leighton's paintings in my posts. Some historical reports mention the artist took studies in architecture before becoming a painter. The backgrounds in his paintings of Regency and Victorian men and women have a host of interesting architectural design, such as the porch in the   above painting.

In the background of this painting is a very precise drawing of a house entrance with rounded steps.  The window on the right shows through to the windows inside the house on the opposite wall.There appears to be a place to clean muddy boots on the right.

There are many other architectural details in the following Edmund Blair Leighton paintings showing carved indoor stairs, brick paths and streets, farmhouse and townhouse designs, stone steps, boats, docks, and stone bridges, boardwalks, terraced entryways, columns, and retainer walls.
I like the porch, above, shown behind this garden.

..the windows and shutters,

...old stone steps and rustic fence,

...large house in the background with an oval openning,

...wood stair rails with detailed carvings,

...brick entryway from a river dock,

...background oval stone design and columns.

A boat so detailed, as if the artist built it himself.

Below, a chandelier on the right, as well as stone architectural details,

A stone footpath bridge.

A boardwalk, finely drawn, with a house in the background.

The front of an apartment, showing two entrances, a metal stair rail, a design above the door.

Below: houses in the background, a picket fence, details of a boat with a little cabin and roof.

Here, a house in the background with very precise lines and roof tiles, chimney.

His boats look perfect in every detail.
Edmund Blair Leighton painted wood docks and boardwalks so perfectly the wood seems freshly cut.

Interior scene shows window panes and latches, desk, chair, fireplace, window sill and container holding fireplace tools, much like indoor decor reproductions today. 

Photo of Edmund Blair Leighton:

Same pagoda doorway as seen in a garden picture.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why Does It Take All Day to Keep House? (Video 18)

It may be simple to throw a meal together, but if you are really being thoughtful about it, or if you are including your children in the process, this can take much, much time: one reason for the wife to be home all day.

Ladies are home all day because they are guiding and guarding the home, not just cleaning or keeping house. They are making a home.

Here is a housekeeping/hmemaking list a friend sent me:

My favorite schedule is from the hard-to-find book, written by a former Housekeeper in Charge of the White House, back in 1965, Mary Kaltman.
Dishes, Counters, Sweep floor, Empty Garbage
Bedrooms – dust twice a week, make bed 
Bathrooms – wash basin, check towels, TP, Soap, and Toilet Bowl
Living Room – pick up, grease mark removal from glass table tops, dust, vacuum lightly
Put house back in order – vacuum
Check up on staples and plan meals for Tues, Wed., Thurs.
Market and put food away
Wash and trim vegetables
Clean kitchen thoroughly
Laundry (not sheets and towels)
Iron and put away laundry
Thorough cleaning of bedroom and bath
Change sheets
Launder towels and sheets and put them away
Clean fridge
Plan meals for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
Plant care
Outdoor maintenance

Also, this site has a housekeeping routine on it. I dont care for everything on flylady but there are some good things very much worth reading:

Keep in mind that being a housewife is not all about cleaning and working.  It is about making a home a place for the family that serves all your needs, adds comfort, love and loyalty.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Girls Graduating: Future Homemakers? with Video 17


Hello Dear Ladies,

Are you old enough to have experienced this scene? A wife cooking for her husband was  irresistible to him back-in-the-day.  I have talked to several women whose husbands always came into the kitchen when they were cooking to give them a kiss and a hug and tell them how much they appreciated them, and  were looking forward to the meal.  I wonder, do they still do that? Is this scene, once common in our country, still possible?  The man worked all day and was eager to come home to familiar sights and scents, and the down-home feeling he would get. With a sigh of relief, he entered the home, welcomed by the sounds and sight of the kitchen.  This familiar home scene was one of the things which kept the man motivated to provide a living and do well in the community, in business, in church and in home life. 

This painting, above, by Camille Pissarro. A friend my age once told me her husband called her his "little maid," whenever he saw her busily keeping house.  The young woman at home usually loved taking care of her own house, her husband and children. This is what the Bible encourages Christian women to do.  The older women can help a lot by showing them how to do it with joy and creativity, and not approach it as drudgery.  

Women who wore their aprons proudly, doing household things, took great care of things and did not think it was less important than a college degree or a job with a national business.  

Fifty years ago, most of the young ladies from the graduating high school class wrote in the year-book and  the newspaper that they were hoping to get married, have a house, raise children and be good cooks.

Those who had not yet found a man to marry wanted to become hairdressers, account keepers for their husband's business, florists, pastry-shop cooks, or nurses.  Some had planned to be waitresses until they got married and then they hoped to stay home and be busy taking care of husband and house.

As I read through a recent newspaper with over a hundred graduating students, I found it interesting how far away from home the girls are getting in their ambitions and goals, and how far away from home it will take them physically.  

This is not my usual type of talk on a video, as it is much longer than usual (8 minutes) but I think it is a serious subject that needs to be addressed.

I noticed the young men were content to stay in their hometown and become a professional at something that would keep them in the family business, on the family farm, or in their own town, and wanted pretty much the same things that the graduating men wanted 50 years ago.  The young women, however, were oceans apart from the dreams of women 50 years ago.

Please listen to this:

I have said from the beginning of my time on the web, now about 18 years, that we need to inspire young ladies to desire to be home. Perhaps if posters of ladies with husbands and children surrounding them, ladies at home, ladies sewing and cooking, gardenning, etc. were available instead of posters of women in the military and women as rock stars, there might be a better influence.

Our talents at home were often seen at the County Fairs, where women vied for prizes in cooking, sewing. knitting, photography, art and a myriad of other things. We eagerly anticipated these events because it gave us a strong sense of our importance to the family and to the nation. Not all of it was competitition, though, since some women just liked showing things they had done.

If you want to pass on information about what home keeping requires, here is a good checklist someone sent me.

Back to teaching girls to be wives, mothers and homemakers:  In the video I shared where I asked a graduating girl if I could share the homemaking career during the job fair or career day at the high school. I told her no one tells the girls the joy of marrying and then taking care of a husband and family,
 building or buying a house, teaching your own children at home,  sewing, decorating, etc.

Happily, a year later, I learned she had married and was staying home. They had a small place in military housing but she was thrilled to be a housewife, and her husband was very happy and advancing well in his career. How will  these men, who are graduating, find women who will be content to be farmer's wives, mechanic's wives, or wives of honest men who just want to earn a good living?  Will they pair up with the women who are driven by their own ambition and desire to make money, or will they find wives who know it is just as important or more important to be a wife and raise up a good family?

We cannot be too surprised that not one of  the graduating women of this one school wanted to become a wife, mother, and homemaker, because they have attended an education institution that has convinced them otherwise. However it is very upsetting to see HOMESCHOOL daughters (see letter at end of post) abandoning the Biblical teachings of becoming wives and keepers of the home. Perhaps their mothers are proud of how smart they are and have given in to the opinion of the prevailing culture, or maybe the girls think there is something "out there" better than love and marriage.  It is also an unhappy fact for the young men who are building houses and careers to enable them to take care of their future families, when the young women will not settle down to the important business of the home and family.

Being a married woman does not mean you are not "smart".  Decades ago there were books of advice on having a successful homelife. One thing that was advised was to have good books and reading materials that would increase your knowledge and help you be a better person.

Being home does not mean you will never go anywhere. Most homemakers I know have travelled extensively and participated in many adventures, and many have published their own books.

 There is no end to what you can do at home, but the family has to be a priority. Sometimes women make the mistake of thinking they will stay home and work from home to earn a salary, but they find out that homemaking takes a lot more alertness and concentration, and that a career at home can take over. Neglect will soon occur in housekeeping and care of the children and husband.  Our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew this instinctively, and although they sold their produce and knitting, they were careful not to let it become more important than homemaking.

Please leave your positive ideas in the comments!  Thank you for watching!


Susan writes (and I love the way she has written this plea to young women) :

To the young girls graduating:

Take it from someone who went the career route, you will regret it when you turn 60 and have no family ties or children to turn to. You will not change the world one bit by a career or by sitting in an office 10 hours a day staring at a computer. Your life will speed by so quickly that you can't imagine it possible. Don't waste it on a "job." The job will one day go away and you will have the realization that it was wasted time. There are no "rewards" in slaving away your life for a corporation that won't even remember your name.

You can make all the difference in the world by being the keeper of a wonderful home. Your children and family will be your comfort. If you are curious about the world, take some time and travel and see it, and then settle down in a place you love. The most important things in life are the little things, the daily joys, and the happiness of a family that loves you. The rest of it is just a waste. God put us here for a purpose. Please think hard about your choices before you make them and don't let other people decide your future for you.

Lady Lydia has designed this blog for young women to learn about becoming homekeepers. Take the time to read through the articles and decide for yourself.
The world can become a better place one home at a time. 

A reader writes:


It is becoming apparent even in the most devout Christian Homes that we are losing a battle.
Our girls seem to be drawn to worldly pursuits in the area of careerism and me-ism.  Where
are the girls turning into women who will care and guard the home for her husband and children?
They seem to have leanings toward college degrees whether going into debt for the coveted prize
or getting scholarships.  It is good to know some things in life for sure.  But it is BETTER to be
a woman of principle.  Women do not need to be presidents, scientists, military captains or
police officers.  We need women who will rock and nurse that baby not turn it over to the daycare
center to raise little robots.  We need women willing to sacrafice possessions for the LASTING
position before God as a godly wife and mother.  The had the rocks the cradle rules the world not
the brain surgeon.  I know two distinct examples of the disaster of letting our girls go off to the world.
"Anna" was in my church and was a godly girl.  She loved the Lord from all we could tell.  She was
starting into a friendship with a christian boy in the church and we had hoped would lead to courtship.
However "Anna" got a scholarship to the local university.  Her family was THRILLED and everyone
thought what a wonderful opportunity.  She moved into the dorm and had a room mate.  It was a SHORT
time when Anna cut her long hair off and dyed it black.  She posted selfies of her new rebellious 
sort of stand on life.  Her mother told me she was going to bars and partying with other people on campus.
2 years into campus life, she quit college.  She was pregnant from a one night stand.  She moved in 
with a man who was married but separated and started a relationship with him.  He is abusive to her.
Anna now works full time at a stress sweat shop type phone center to eke out rent money and money
to pay for daycare for her baby.  She is a figment of the girl we knew.  She avoids us in public...I think
it is the deep shame and guilt she feels.  I don't know what the future holds for her...she has turned her
back on her faith.  My second example is a family of 6 who were a noble homeschool family.  I watched
their children grow up.  They were humble and lovely in every way.  The girls knitted, sewed, gardened and
the boys took care of livestock.  This family chose to leave their conservative church and ended up in
a seeker friendly church....their family changed.  It was very sad for me to watch.  The drive to get
their children "successful" ate up the moorings they had set....Now they have 6 adult children, the oldest
daughter aimless and unmarried at 35 years old.  The others are getting their degrees and pursuing
careerism.  No marriages No Grandchildren.  My thought was....HOW SAD.  What on earth could be
more wonderful than having the next generation?  I fear if our girls do not change course and get out
of the desire for higher education (really lower education) at any cost or free and if they do not quit
listening to the world that they need to be ship captains, but rather guardians of the HOME we will
begin to see less marriage and therefore families will fade.  This is a disaster on the horizon.

Friday, June 10, 2016

How Much News Should We Pay Attention To?

Hello Ladies,

We are saturated with sensational news, which overwhelms and causes distress and anxiety.

 The Victorians of the 1800's had the same problem. Women were warned about the harm it would do them if they got into a habit of reading the news, especially if the news was always sensational and bad. One old article I read which was directed to women of the era suggested that they put their minds "to better use."  

The article went on to list things worth reading and learning, including developing knowledge and skills that would benefit them for life and provide help and comfort to their families. Refinement Schools admonished young ladies to better themselves by improving their minds in serious study of things more important than newspapers--often called "rags" because of the rag-paper they were printed on and the questionable reports they printed.

 Of course this warning was interpreted by modernists as being against women, (when it was intended to prevent depression and promote happiness.) Women also knew, even before modern scientific studies, that the mind was the center of emotion which affected their over-all female health. It was thought that a woman's cycle and reproductive system, physical stamina and mental health were greatly affected by her associations, what she read, watched, talked about, etc. The mind is intricately connected to many things in the body.

As guardians of the home, many women took seriously the duty of keeping corrupt conversation and bad influences from the family. 

This may have been one reason they were cautioned about reading news reports.  I think we all know it is true today, too.  The news makes us think life is so unstable that the sun and the earth could collide any day; that the economy is collapsing. *️⃣ (See this symbol, at the end of the post)This makes us unable to concentrate on creating a happy home. 

We cannot be the light of the home to anyone when our minds are clouded over with the latest bad news.  The news affects our emotions, and robs us of a sense of well-being. When that happens, our families feel our nervousness and it affects them in different ways.

Modernists have always despised the Victorians for their so called restrictions, but as our world news  gets crazier, we can see their restrictions more as protections. In many ways, women then were treasured and held in higher esteem than today.  Such attitudes are reflected in the poem by Edgar A. Guest, called "At the Door", reminding men to leave the cruelty and harshness of the world at the door before entering the home; not to bring home any bad news. In those days, people believed that home life should be free from the worries of the world in order to create a haven of rest.  It was considered poor form if a man put pressure or burdens on a woman at home.

It is interesting that Mr. Guest (1888-1959) was a newspaper reporter (from England) whose job it was to find human-interest stories and poems to fill up sections of the newspaper.  He finally decided he could write the poetry and put a positive light on life. He wrote over a hundred poems about the home and family during war time.

At the Door

Edgar Guest

He wiped his shoes before his door,
But ere he entered he did more:
'Twas not enough to cleanse his feet
of dirt they'd gathered in the street;

He stood and dusted off his mind
And left all trace of care behind.
"In here I will not take," said he,
"The stains the day has brought to me.

"Beyond this door shall never go
The burdens that are mine to know;
The day is done, and here I leave
The petty things that vex and grieve;

What clings to me of hate and sin
To them I will not carry in;
Only the good shall go with me
For their devoted eyes to see.

"I will not burden them with cares,
Nor track the home with grim affairs;
I will not at my table sit
With soul unclean, and mind unfit;

Beyond this door I will not take
The outward signs of inward ache;
I will not take a dreary mind
Into this house for them to find."

He wiped his shoes before his door,
But paused to do a little more.
He dusted off the strains of strife,
The mud that's indecent to life,

The blemishes of careless thought,
The traces of the fight he'd fought,
The selfish humors and the mean,
And when he entered he was clean.

Now let us take a look at some of the early newspapers in the west. One historical record about newspapers in the Victorian era claimed they were not considered very respectable and in fact were originally called "yellow journals" because the subject matter was so sordid and not fit for healthy, intelligent minds.   Often the reports were exaggerated in a sensational way in order to keep people buying the papers to keep abreast with an ongoing event.  You can read more about that here:

News reports keep people in a constant state of anxiety, and like the yellow journalism of the past, not everything they report can be proven. Some reports, even from conservative news media, are designed to get a desired response from people.  When you read or hear a  broadcast, think for a moment what it makes you feel like doing.  Does it make you want to live a life of praise, or does it make you feel despair? Does listening to the news make you feel like cleaning house, sewing a dress, styling your hair, reading a good book, doing something creative?    Notice which companies provide advertisements to support the news, and notice  what they are hoping you will buy.  The news is not free. While it creates fear and anxiety, it may also be selling you a cure from its advertisers.

When you understand the agenda of news reports, you can stop trusting in them and your anxiety may lessen. We know the Bible teaches that Christians should not be anxious all the time, especially about things they can never solve or never control. Of course, if you are doing something wrong in God's sight and not doing His will according to His Word,  then, you will not have peace of mind. That is a legitimate thing to bite your nails over.   It is the important to take care of what you can personally take care of, and let God take care of the rest of the world. Most of us can take care of ourselves but are powerless to take care of the rest of the world.

The news never helps me get my kitchen cleaned or a meal prepared.

The Gospel of Christ is the good news; the national news media dispenses the bad news. While the good news is free and has good side effects, the bad news is costly in many ways. Think about how you would choose your food. Would you knowingly eat or drink anything that would give you food poisoning?  Of course not. You would prepare the best for your family, and yet, we do not always treat the mind as carefully.

Today, just as in Victorian times, we are in a battle for the mind. Why does the New Testament command to put on "the whole armour of God" including the "helmet" of salvation? It is because in battle, a helmet protects the head.  If the enemy can injure the head, the rest of the body will not be able to work very well. 

If we allow our minds to be debilitated by all the yellow-journal, rag-reporting, we will give up our creativity and our ambition.  With your mind weakened by the news, you can be controlled by the power of pessimism, rather than the holy spirit of the Bible. To overcome such an addiction, we need to substitute a "yes" for a "no" by using news time in different ways. Let it be filled with creativity and achievement. List the things you   need to do and would like to do, and pay yourself for not listenning to so much bad news by enjoying some of those other things and living positively. 

Most of us have a dozen unfinished creative projects or are behind in hospitality, are behind on our   Bible study and other reading, correspondence, and leisure activities-- all these can be substituted for the news habit.  If you have children, you need to know how short a time you have to give them " a happy, carefree childhood, free from worry and heavy responsibility." They should not get a steady diet of bad news or have to worry about constant disaster.

We ladies especially need to have clear minds, free from the news propaganda, if our husbands and sons are being innundated with it in their work.

You can finish all those projects you have stashed away in  boxes under the bed, or, make a newsy letter about your own life and illustrate it with your own doodles.  It is more important than what comes over the wire from API, UPI, ABC, and all the other "alphabet channels."  (One wonders why there are so many news channels when the news on each one of them is the same. They are not in competition as much as in sync to discourage everyone.)

I can understand why our Parents, even in the 1950's when education was already quite liberal,  monitored our reading material. In those days, our Dad's were very particular about even the comic books we read. They knew the influence of reading for good or for ill.  In those days, people would pass boxes of used books and magazines on to other people and they would read them and then pass them on again to another house.

 Our parents sorted through the books and sometimes threw some of the magazines and comic books in the fire if they deemed them inapporopriate or if they contained religious error or false teachings.  Stories that were "scary" caused nightmares and mental distress, and other reading materials might be banned just for being banal or too foolish or beneath our intelligence. Our Mothers and Fathers were really something in those days, were they not? They knew how important their minds were. I know they listened to the news but the women did not seem to be as personally disturbed by it as women are today.

Getting back to the subject of how much news we can take, the Bible says to love God with all your heart, MIND and soul.  Many Christians have no trouble giving the Lord their hearts or their souls, because that sounds so spiritual, but the mind seems more important, intelligent; educational.  We often put the mind above the heart and the soul.The mind, however, has to be taken care of, cleansed and rested and given proper "nutrients."   The mind has to be guided with good reading, learning and thoughts because it guides the heart and the soul. 

We need to guard our minds and our hearts so that we can be fit for our own business: our homes and families. It is very hard to create a happy home when your mind is worried about the news.  If you are in the habit of worrying about the news, you may wake up one day and realize your children never knew you as a happy and confident, stable-minded mother.  Count how many years of your married life or your child's life that you were in a state of apprehension over the news.

The Bible is the good news. Reading it gives health and life and balance to the mind.  Popular news is the bad news most of the time and a diet of it can create depression. 

Life is like a vacation that ends too soon.  It is just too short to waste time on the always-changing news that will re-play bad memories in your mind. Why not read and listen to God's words that are the same yesterday, today and forever, and  have sweet dreams and pleasant thoughts, free from this world's anxiety? 

There is so little time to learn and do all the positive things there is to do. There are courses to take and books to read, things to finish -- there is not enough time to do everything you may dream of doing at home.  The news may slow you down and defeat your plans. 

The news wants you to be addicted to it because it is designed to make you respond in a certain way by protesting something, paying for something, praying for something, etc. It wants you to have its subjects on your mind all the time. The news chooses the subjects for you to think about all day, but if you read God's Word and other pleasant and useful books, or engage in useful study of some skill, you will have something that really feeds your mind with health and life.

Think how different it would be for your mind and ultimately the way you live, if the Bible was your news. If you had Philippians 4:8 running through your mind instead of news, and if you substituted prayer for news (or thoughts of news) you would have a different perspective on life.

ro 16:24  Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Pro 4:22  For they (My Words) are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh

Pro 12:18  There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health.

Sometimes the news is more filthy in subject matter than the soaps or movies, but because it promotes itself as knowledge, it appeals more to the minds of people who admire intellect.  The news is not necessary to life and godliness, and you do not get any credit in the end from faithfully reading or listening   to it. However, you will store up treasure in heaven  when you put the Word of God in your mind. Why not dwell on one of these verses or find one you like, and begin to build up that treasure which give you so much more today and in later years.

How much news should we pay attention to?  We may benefit from knowing what is happening in our own town, so the local paper can keep us informed. These things may have a direct effect on us and it helps to keep abreast of local events that to participate in.  Local news is more easily verified for accuracy.  There are some people who can take any kind of horrible news and it doesn't bother them a bit, but if you are depressed by it, it is not a good idea to include too much of it in your intellectual diet.

*️⃣ It is always reassuring to see the farm trucks loaded with produce driving on the country roads and highways, and the mail-truck delivering mail (including the bills) to the mail box at the end of our little road, as though they are not paying any attention to the news reports of doom and gloom. Apparently, business people expect to have a functional day. As Christians we need to trust that the Lord is active in our lives and that He expects us to do the work and live the role He has given us.

Please do not forget to read this. It shows how two newspaper competitors created yellow journalism, a plague that is still with us today.

Ps.  i am very interested in elections and government. I just do not believe the media is honest about it. We have to get information elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Looking Healthy, Youthful and Feminine

 ( Lady Looking in the Mirror by Alfred Stevens, Belgian, 1823-1906)

In reply to a few ladies who have requested a post on looking healthy, I am today sharing some of my own health habits and products that I sometimes use.  Please note that I do not use all these products all at the same time and I do not use all of them daily.

The first thing you need to know is that I am not in perfect health, I do not have a perfect weight and I cannot say I am never ill.  I look at illness as a signal to slow down and rest and pray.  I am not on any medication. I grew up in a happy Christian home where alcohol was never taken. This may have a bearing on my health, as well as the fact that I lived before the fast-food and junk-food era and maybe my health got a good start.

My beauty routine is not very glamorous or inspiring, so if you adopt any of these ideas into your life, you may want to put the ingredients into some attractive containers to give a feeling of luxury.

Below: I use Selsun Blue Shampoo for skin break-outs, including Rosacea. This product has an ingedient that seems to cure the redness that many pale-skinned people get, and it also is helpful with acne.  When I get a break-out, I wash my face with this in the morning and evening. I know it has been effective when the itching, burning and stinging goes away after a few washings. I use this only when I am having trouble with my complexion, and I use it for several weeks, until the infection goes away. The medicated Selsun Blue variety is great for hair. It leaves it so soft and shiny, and you can let the shampoo run down over your face if you have troubled skin.

I have used Pears glycerine soap ever since I was a teenager, and it is great for all skin types. I use this most of the time, twice a day. (When my skin is normal and when not using Selsun Blue. ) Rinse all soap products off the face by splashing water on the face at least five times.  I have good water, with no chlorine and no flouride.

For  Roseacea (red skin with acne-like breakout) , I use a cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar as a toner, morning and evening after I have washed my face.   If you find a need to use this, do not be alarmed if the broken-out, red areas of your face sting with the application of apple cider vinegar. That will be less of a problem as the vinegar clears up the roseacea or acne. I only use this until my face is cleared up and my skin no longer stings when the vinegar is applied. That is how I know the breakout has been healed. Apple Cider vinegar also helps rough skin patches.

For a moisturizer, I like this waterless vitamin C cream by Youngevity. It is not wet or oily and it is very light weight. For those of you who like to wear makeup, this helps the makeup go on smoothly if you apply it right away after using the vitamin C cream.   The texture is like DHC's Velvet Skin Coat moisturizer.  DHC has a catalog that includes samples, and that is how I came to use their Velvet Skin Coat and I cannot describe how it makes my skin feel, except to say smooth and natural. I usually buy only samples, as the products are expensive, but they are quite good. The DHC company has an interesting facial mask collection that consists of sheet masks you just lay over your face to feel refreshed.

 This cream, below, only requires a small drop  in the palm of the hand, then spread around the face withthe other hand. A bottle of it can last a long time if you are frugal. It has a silky texture.
The Vitamin C Cream is a good moisurizer and an under-makeup lotion if you wear makeup. It makes the makeup go on more smoothly and you do not need to use as much. 

I do wear makeup sometimes. Merle Norman is a favorite but I also use other brands. The company also has a product that helps hide skin problems such as rosacea (a skin problem which occurs in pale skin, usually of Irish or Scottish heritage.)

The hand lotion I like the best is Camille Beckman with glycerine because it is not watery and I do not think it has alcohol in it. Just a tiny bit of it softens and takes away dryness, so a little tub of it can last a long time. To keep from using so much handlotion, I avoid detergents by using protective rubber gloves to wash dishes. Gardening gloves are essential for outdoor work and when using garden tools.

Hot tea is something I like, but before any of may favorite hot drinks in the morning, I squeeze a wedge of fresh lemon into a cup and add warm water.  I like it without sweetener but adding honey is nice if you have a sore throat or are not feeling well. I keep a bowl of lemon wedges in the fridge. Someone recently told me that it was cheaper to make lemonade from fresh lemons and honey than it was to buy bottled or frozen juice for her family.
Here are two herbal teas that have some ingredients that make a body feel good. Check the ingredients listed in the boxes of herbal teas to make sure there are no artificial things that you might be adverse to.

The black tea I enjoy is a blend of Rwandan and Assam called Yorkshire Gold. It is a golden tea without the tanic acid taste or bitterness. It can be purchased separately and blended.

Black cherry juice is good for several things, and I try to drink a half a cup daily. There is no sugar in this juice. Black cherry is not the same as tart cherry.

I try to buy small sized bananas so I can eat a whole one and not have to mess with cutting one in half. These also have important nutrients.

My favorite salads are made from Boston Butter Sweet Lettuce. There are many great recipes for salads using this variety of lettuce.
I like to prepare a salmon dinner but I really have to have make sure it is a local product or from a place as close to home as possible, and that it has not been frozen and thawed or shipped from some strange place whose name I cannot pronounce.  That makes it hard to find but I manage to get it fresh once a week.  I would like it to be more.

Squeeze lemon juice into warm water at the beginning of the day, but do not use the rinds.

It seems like there are a lot of products to use here, but I do not use them all daily.  For example, these vitamins are so effective that I only take them every other day, and sometimes only in the evening if I notice they make me feel sleepy.  

I do not use the 4 capsules daily as recommended. I only take one, every other day,  because, well, how much energy do I need? I feel I need more rest, not more energy! (Having more energy would mean doing more and more and more, ending up exhausted!  I am happy with the amount of stamina I have because it is suitable for home living.)

Rest, by the way, is another daily ingedient that I am including in health. Half  an hour on the couch does a great deal of good.  Rest revives the body and the spirit. 

Like other people, I have not always slept through the night.  When wakefulness ocurrs, I do not fight it or worry about it. I get up, make a cup of tea, and read. If I do not want to get up but cannot sleep, I write a novel (in my mind) and usually it is boring enough to put me to sleep.

A quiet recreation in the way of art, writing, sewing, card making, etc. can be healthful if you do not go at it like a competition. 

A good body and soul cleanser is tears. Watch a movie that has moments which bring tears to your eyes. Crying is beneficial, as research has shown. When we were children and felt any kind of depression, our mothers and grandmothers would tell us to have a good cry. Today they tell you not to cry about anything (or everything) but at what price?

Now for hair care:

I used to get a very painful peeling of the skin on the ends of my fingers that would never heal. It finally was cured when I avoided any household product with sulfate, which is in a lot of detergents.  Loreal has a line of non-sulfate shampoos, and this is what I use.  I find it unnecessary to wash my hair more than once a week if I avoid using hair products such as setting lotions or hair sprays.

If I need a little shine, I use this argan oil, but a bottle will last a long time, since I do not use it more than once a week, if that. I will not use it if I have any conditioner in my hair already.  When I towel-dry my hair it is mainly to absorb the water and I do not furiously rub my hair with the towel.  It dries naturally and I only use a dryer if I am pressed for time and going somewhere.  I keep a youthful style, and try to avoid the extremes of current styles. Someone asked me to do a video on hair styles and I want to do that. I have watched some hairstyling on youtube and the videos are quite good, so you might want to take a look. As we grow older we have to be careful to maintain our femininity in hair and  skin and clothing style.  Generally you will look younger and healthier if you go for romantic and classic styles. Try to find a hairdresser who will truly "dress" your hair, rather than sculpt it and chop it and chemicalize it.

A lot of ladies want to know how I excercise. Aside from a few yawns and stretches in the mornings, I do not engage in any formal excercise. I dislike formal excercise. When I die I fully expect someone to write "she never excercised" as the cause of death, although I have never heard of lack of jogging or push ups being a cause of death.

 I would rather sweep a floor,  stretch upward to clean a cupboard, lean down to pull a few weeds, and hang out the laundry on the line. My mother and grandmother and great-grandmothers never exercised but I know they were more active physically in other ways than people are today. I have been to excercise classes, had excercise equipment and videos, but have not found the time spent in excercise any advantage, nor the excercise itself. It may help others, so I do not want to discourage anyone from excercising.  I just do not want to do it and I do not have the patience for it. I like to get something else accomplished at the same time.

I prefer to go on a long, leisurely country walk in the summer and a short, brisk walk in winter. The subject  of walking requires an entire post with beautiful paintings of flower-lined paths around the house and scenery, leaves and snow falling, spring warblers flitting about and the lovely solace of evening sunsets. Formal excercise is very limited in its sensory and spiritual experience, but a walk is so much more, as it allows the soul to acknowledge the presence of God. 

For over all mental health I have found it helpful to read Philippians 4:8  and similar scriptures often, because of the barage of bad news coming from every which way these days. Apply the whatever-is-lovely passage to daily life is like rubbing a soothing salve over a wound. 

I use this Zinc A and D ointment when have patches of rough skin on my face, and I use the Philippians 4:8 passage when there are rough patches in my life at home. 
Of all the ingredients I have listed here, I have found that rest, studying the word of God, and prayer are the most beneficial. 

Below: when I need to cover up skin problems, I like this product.  Since I do not use it daily, It lasts a long time. To remove makeup I sometimes use natural coconut oil from the kitchen, followed by glycerine soap. White Rain has a makeup remover foaming gel ypu can get at the Dolla store called Boutique Collection facial cleanser.  It is very easy on sensitive skin.

For hands, the rubber gloves will protect well enough that using hand lotion all day will not be necessary.  I use the Mary Kay Satin Hands kit ecery once in awhile.  In a future post I may cover the problem with older ladies eho get darker spots on their hands, called age spots. Some ladies apply white vinegar with a cotton ball, or pure lemon juice, and claim it fades these spots. For all skin discolorations and breakouts, I have read that it is a reflection of the nutrients or lack of, going on inside the body. I know that white spots on nails is a lack of zinc.  See your naturepath physician for more advice on the skin, hair and nails. 


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