Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some of the Other Things in Proverbs 31 (Video 26)


Dear Ladies,

Those of us who remember the way the worthy wife in Proverbs 31 used to be taught have noticed the trend to present it as a working woman who sells land and makes money in the market--full time or part time on a regular basis.

But in this video I suggest you have another look at the other things in Proverbs 31.  Today the big emphasis is on the worth of a woman being the money she brings in to the home, where as in days gone by--yes, even in the day Proverbs 31 was written, she had value just for being someone's wife. That alone was a treasure, more valuable than rubies.

The Proverbs 31 model has become a reason to send women to work for a living, and to labor at things other than her own home.  There is not one preacher who will not say, "Oh but even the Proverbs 31 woman went to work!" and yet there are only a few verses that mention money, merchants, profit and selling.

Let us have a look at what it really says, and what the other things Proverbs 31 teaches.

I briefly covered verse 26: "The teaching of kindness is on her tongue," which I will address in this text.

What if, instead of instantly parroting the belief that has been so programmed into us in this era: "The Proverbs 31 woman was a working woman!"  the teachers and preachers promoted verse 26?

The teaching of kindness is on her tongue.  Yes, let us promote that verse and see the effect: Women and girls who are kind and not so harsh with their brothers and sisters, their children, their fathers and mothers and grandparents, and even with their very own selves. Would that not result in a better home, a better church, a better world and a calmer, more contented woman, self-controlled and free of the memory of rash moments of unkind words?

When people promote only the selling part of Proverbs 31 they are only putting value on money-making.  This money will "make itself wings and fly away" in almost no time but the teaching of kindness will make a woman beautiful inside and out, and go on into the next generation. Older women need to teach younger women how to be kind.

I hope you enjoy this little talk and will send all your great comments.

Also, the dress I am wearing (for the home) is made from a lovely soft cotton that feels so dreamy, called Waverly Inspirations from Walmart.  It is a perfect autumn pink and I already have the multi-generational dresses (for church and home) in the works! The print looks like pink honeycomb!  I enjoy the feel of the fabric on my fingers  when I sew it.

I used this pattern for my dress, with sleeves from another pattern.

I guarantee this is the most comfortable fabric I have ever worn.

I like the pink piping that sets off the print so nicely, and piping on dresses has almost become  my personal  trademark. It's on the sleeves, also.

I got this pretty scarf at Goodwill; it was brand new from their selection of new things, which I think they call "salvage", often still in the original packages from stores.

I want to introduce you to this new coach, made from a domed garden trellis and wire wreaths for wheels.  I am scouting around all the thrift shops for a horse!

There is one of the pink porcelain doll pumpkins from the garden, 

...and here is the coach from the side. It does not really go anywhere or move. It is purely decorative.

This is how the coach looked as it progressed, before the wheels were covered and the vines were draped. This horse was the only thing I could find for the coach (one of my children's old toys). It is not very convincing but it may make you smile.

I made a new friend in Russia via Skype and today she told me she thought it was a good horse becaise it would not go very far away. I do worry about horse thieves out here in the country so I bring the horse in to the house at night :-)

Below: a table top Cinderella carriage plant holder

Here is the one I really wanted, from Pinterest.

I found these lanterns at Goodwill and placed them on the side of the coach, along with a real lightweight plastic hanging light from the center.  The whole structure is very thin and lightweight ....a bit wobbly, so I have to be careful not to put anything too heavy on or around it.

A solar plastic bead chandelier hanging from the top:
Already, a few people have stopped by after seeing it from the road and asked if it is a wedding coach and if there was going to be a wedding. Hmmmm. Guess I will have to make a Victorian wedding dress to "go with".


Ms.Tierra said...

I enjoyed your short talk Lady Lydia. I feel like you were really laying out some truths and good things for us to reconsider. Keep up the great work. Lovely post and the little horsey did make me giggle to myself 😊

Lynn said...

The long-ago written book, The Way Home by Mary Pride investigates the real meaning of Proverbs 31 for us too...and most convincingly as well...I highly recommend her book to all ladies.

Andrea R said...

I love this study! So incredibly true, and unfortunately, the pervasive belief...

As a church, we greatly applaud the girl that is headed off to college after graduation, but but find little to no value in the young lady who stays at home with her parents, to continue to serve and learn!

I love the dress, and the new coach! Beautiful!

vintage ellen said...

Great talk and encouragement to look at all the words. Your dress is lovely. Do you make your own piping? Your coach will be fun to decorate for the different seasons - reminds me of cinderella's coach!

Lisa Sadler said...

Thank you Lydia for this important message. I really appreciate that you are teaching these things to the younger women.

Unknown said...

You always share the truth of God's Word. I so enjoyed your message. 🌹

Rebecca said...

Love your video! LOVE your beautiful dress and the carriage! The horse is darling! Amen on Proverbs 31 woman being busy right at home and having MORE than enough to do right there. She can be industrious and do her household well. Learning to be content and frugal goes a LONG way in "earning her keep". Thank you for your lovely video and post, Lydia!

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

I have been wanting to send an email to thank you for all the wonderful information you provide on your website. I found your site through the blog Pleasant View Schoolhouse, (on her links), and I have been reading your site everyday. I feel like I have found a fountain of wisdom in your articles and videos and I am learning so much.

I stay at home and my 6 children are in school now (ages 4-16). I wish I knew what you share on your site when I first began mothering. I have had so much rushing around, doing things for the sake of "getting it done" and not enjoying the fact that I am home and am here to provide a beautiful, peaceful, welcoming place for my family.

I have a lot to learn still. I read your article today titled, "Living without unnecessary stress" and it really hit home. My husband and I were just discussing last night how to bring calm to the house so he and I can talk together and don't have the children wearing us out all the time. I read your post today:

"One of the purposes of training children is to make it possible for them to automatically have good habits, good manners and work hard, without the constant prompting of the parents. When that is achieved, true training has taken place. "

"When good teaching is wrought into the personalities of the family members, the stress of rudeness, sloppiness and laziness can be eliminated, and the homemaker can use her time and energy and mental strength to tackle other things that must be done."

These two phrases really hit home with me and I hope to learn more on how to make this happen in our home. I will read the article "A Child's World" that you provide a link for as well. I feel like often we race around getting the children to do the next thing and yelling and correcting all the time.

So, thank you, again I am so grateful to all I have learned about our role as mothers and homemakers and the value we have. The world does not tell us this message.It is so good to hear and gives me encouragement. I hemmed curtains in our dining room early this week and am now working on a slipcover for an ottoman in the family room 😊. You have given me confidence in my vocation as a wife and mother and I am so thankful for you sharing your knowledge and wisdom.


Lydia said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you for your videos! The world and, unfortunately, Christian Feminists, do seek to undermine our daily work/life/ministry in the home. What a challenge to stand upright in these times.

Thank you for all the work you put in; I have tried to leave a comment but I am not able to sign in (I don't have any of the accounts), so I just wanted to send a quick e-mail thanking you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cousin Lydia,

I miss connecting with you. ��

In the video you mentioned Christian feminists. The closest thing to that I've seen on the web is "CBE International (Christians for Biblical EEquality. Were they who you were referring to in the video? If not/so, could you please email me the link where you found the feminist interpretation that pressures women into leaving their home?

I sometimes read from their interpretation and appreciate that the emphasis seems to be protecting women from tyrannical interpretations where the husband gets too much privilege to the point of feeding a form of entitlement which spurs him on to abuse unquestioningly.

I like your interpretation of Proverbs 31. I don't think it should be all about money.

God bless,


P.S. I think the washer and dryer and such are our modern day servants. ��

Lydia said...

Cousin, I would say most people in any church are Christian feminists that would gladly equate women with men when it comes to money or labor ....they would gladly oushnthem into hard physical woek even if it harmed their health. You would be very surprised to know the women sitting next to you in church think you should get a job now or when your children are grown. They think you are oppressed at home. This is because most people have been through public school, watch Hollywood movies, read mainstream things. They are so indoctrinated it will take some strong teaching to clear their eyes. So when I say Christian feminists I mean just about anyone can surprise you. I knew an 80 year old woman in ladies class who had been home for years but I was surprised to hear her say a woman should work to share the burden of finances with the men, I thought for sure she believed in Women at home all those years. So even your own preachers and elders wives will surprise you. Or rather you should not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'll try to be ready when I meet one that would try to trample upon my convictions about Women at home. I think if children are grown and a woman's husband never provided enough to retire comfortably together then if she wants she can get a little part time job or something so she can finally provide something extra for herself like crafts materials or something, but she shouldn't be ousted.