Friday, January 06, 2017

Afternoon Tea by the Fire

These are photos from a Pinterest site called Charming Small Hotels, in the UK.

In the northern US it has been especially cold this year. Regions that rarely get snow, have had lomg periods of snow and ice, along with power failures.  At times like this is sure is nice to think about getting away from a cold house a d visiting one of these tea rooms! it would be lovely to have pictures like these in a scrapbook to look at just for the cheerful idea.

When travel is not convenient or affordable, there is always one place you can have tea where the distance and cost is minimal: the home. I know someone who has a tray she uses for tea preparation, and she takes it somewhere in the house or porch (even in winters she has tea outside sometimes). It is like a luxury get-away, when you consider how much you would pay in a tea room.

We are expecting another ice storm, but not with as much damage, (since all the trees have already fallen down) but the cold is very uncomfortable.  I hope these pictures give you incentive to  find a tea room or have a winter's tea at home.


Lynn Maust said...

I know of no such lovely places here in my land. It is a sad state of affairs when a lady and a friend or two cannot go to a tea room...a dark, cozy, English type setting with a roaring fire, big stuffed armchairs, silver and delicious taste treats, in which to travel in spirit to another time and place.

play said...

My Mum was English, so teatime is in my blood. Rain, sleet, snow, hail or sun, I have proper tea every afternoon. It brings my Mum close (she has been gone 12 years) and brings me comfort on hard days. My Mum always said never make a decision until you've had a cup of tea and thought it over. I've been to many lovely tea rooms in the U.K. I miss them.

Lynn Maust said...

I am glad you posted that again....I 'discovered' this time your great idea of making a teatime scrapbook that one can enjoy by looking at the places and 'ingredients' for tea being served in lovely, cozy, fireside locations.


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