Monday, January 09, 2017

Gowns for Inauguration Events

The inauguration day consists of several meals and balls. Some of the attendees have worn different gowns during the day, afternoon and evening,  so it is possible the ladies will change gowns for the various functions.

Shown here are the inauguration gowns worn by Jacqueline Kennedy.

Below are my quick designs for some of the ladies in the Presidential party. Just pretend the fabric is shantung. 

The first gown has a scarf which forms the neckline collar attached to the  shoulders, flowing behind the sleeves and down to the hem.  The green dress has a bolero jacket and  the yellow dress has a tufted piece on the bodice. I hope to add another set of gowns to this post later.

Shantung silk, Dupioni Silk. Notice the little grains of threads:

I wish more bloggers who draw designs would create inaugural gowns and not leave it up to one or two "top" desgners. Have you seen sketches anywhere online for inaugural gowns by anyone besides the "top" designers?

I do not know who designed lucy Hayes gown, below, but it seems to be in keeping with the popular style of her times

Gown worn by Lucy Hayes at the inauguration of her husband, Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881). People called her "Lemonade Lucy" because she would not allow alcohol to be served in the White House.

I think I have one like it:

More inauguration gowns: 
Blue one has the decorative buttons and loops on the bodice, which can be jewel-like; the mauve dress has a starched eyelet collar and cuffs that resemble a crown; the royal purple dress has a long scarf attached to the waist and shoulder and back. All gowns look plain, but it is the fabric that will be noticeable.

We do not know yet if there will be young children there so have not designed anything for the girls.

Here is the post with the coats:


Linda Newell said...

The dresses are so elegant and feminine,as well as modest.

Southern Ladye said...

Jackie Kennedy was pure elegance. She proved that modesty and elegance could exist at the same time. Those sketches are beautiful.

Lynn Maust said... DO have an inauguration gown!

Jane said...

I think the new first lady would look lovely in the pink dress with the scarf that you designed.

Lydia said...

Jane, yes, that one is for her. The green one is for the daughter. The yellow one for a D.I.L. I hope to draw more for Mrs. pemce amd other eomen in the party, amd a secomd gown for other balls they attend. There are several events throughout the evening.

Traditional Simplicity said...

You always amaze me with your beautiful drawings of designs. I really like the pink one. What a beautiful talent to draw it out and design it. I do believe I've seen you actually create them from your drawings as well. It inspires me.

Lydia said...

It would be interesting to see what elegant designs there are for inaugural gowns this year but I am a bit afraid to find out. The designers are likely to use less fabric and there will not be any sleeves. You know how I like sleeves. I would not enjoy making sleeveless things since it is the fabric I like, more than the design.

magnoliasntea said...

Love your gown designs, Lydia. I'll wear the pink one if my invitation comes in time for me to have it made. Ha ha. Let's all hope there will be some level of modesty at the inaugural balls. We can dream. *smiles*

Lydia said...

So far the pink dress is a favorite of all our viewers, so I may make variations of it (on paper) for all the presidential ladies. I am tempted to make one for myself but My invitation must have gotten lost.

Mary Sorensen said...

My favorite is also the pink with the scarf. I've always loved the look of a draping scarf where it forms a draping front and the ends are flowing in the back. Beautiful and classic.

anonymous said...

Lydia that satin gown is lovely.
I really like your renditions especially the pink one in the first photo and the purple in the second photo. That red dress with lace at the neck is so pretty. Please get a photo of yourself in it for us.
I adore the coats you have designed and the hat too.


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