Saturday, January 28, 2017

Something Lovely

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Hello Ladies,

We have been big on tea-time here at Homeliving. This has been a cold, dark winter in the northern hemisphere.

In spite of the recent political excitement, the things that really should concern us are the things Christ said in his last will and testament: the duties of Christians. Ladies especially are concerned about having a home that not only is orderly but displays a good influence, comfort, safety and good values so that children and future grandchildren and people around us wiill desire to know and live by truth.

I was recently looking through an album of photographs, letters and things of my own ancestors dating back to the 1800's and noticed the Presidents and political events of their times were not mentioned as much as what their parents their children were doing. It is also significant that their religious heritage was included in these old albums, such as when they were baptised (immersed) into Christ and where they attended worship services.  I also have some of their sewing and crochet and teacups. I can discern from the letters, photos and household items, quite a lot about their values.

It occurred to me that we spend a lot of time thinking and reading and listening to political things , but when our loved ones want to find out something about us after we are gone, they will be most interested in who we are and where we came from, in what we believed and some of the things we did while here on earth. They may also be influenced by our ways. It probably will not matter to them who the President was.  But it will matter to them who we were and what we taught by word and example.  We should have not only photos to leave but written things with good teaching.

It is important not to allow your life to be too shaped or too influenced by the events of the news, but to have an agenda and interests of your own, creating your own history and your own future, guided by the principles of scripture.

At home, I use tea time for a chance to stop and sit still and rest.  Otherwise, I would keep going and doing. I am a believer in rest, because it adds energy to your body and clarity to your mind.


Anonymous said...

I do believe this was written for me. I confess I have been just wrapped up in the news. I normally am not, but I find I keep checking, checking, checking to see what has happened next. I admit it is stemming from fear. I am going to pray and make a little list for the home today.
God bless you

Lynn said...

Thank you for reminding us to rest....and also to write some thoughts and beliefs for the next members of our families who will be born, so that they will 'know' us after we are gone.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You have hit the nail on the head... we are too connected, trying to keep up with news from all around the world is too much at times for us to do, and our close relationships can tend to suffer. A lovely reminder that a time of rest and peace is necessary. The Lord can be trusted to help us get through the political storm our world is in, and I believe all things happen according to the plan of the Lord, and fear is something the enemy wants the Christian to be consumed with, but if we truly love and trust the Lord, we will not fear. I look with great joy and anticipation to see what the Lord's plan for the future will be. My future is safe with Him, and today, I just give my best to my family. I love your attitude, agree wholeheartedly! Hugs to you today dear friend!

Lydia said...

Frequent political news can adversely affect your focus at home. We should be vigilant about protecting the unborn and our freedom but it could perhaps be more effectively done by teaching one person and letting it spread

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and truer article. Great reminder for us ladies that think it is better to keep doing, w/out rest that catches up with us weather we like it or not!

Teri said...

Dear Lydia ... Oh my, your words warm my heart. I too, feel as you. January has been a homey month for us. I cherish quiet time. We are thankful for our little cottage and to be able to choose what we want to see and hear within those walls. "Be still, and know that I am God" has been a Bible verse that has come to mind many, many times this month. With so much noise outside, we are thankful for the peace and quiet inside our little home. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

Sadliann said...

I sincerely agree with your statements here, Lady Lydia. For some time now, and especially with the New Year, I have resolved to step back from the regular spreading of news and events in the media. I have noticed within my family, that we have developed the habit of discussing current events ... and we have a pattern of negativity. Now that I have stepped back and found other things to focus on, I am hoping that others will be influenced positively.

I also imagine that among your families' letters, you probably haven't found any evidence of talking about ones' feelings, particularly negative feelings, no gossip and no "venting." The Christian virtues were in common practice, as far as I have learned, and it was rare among average folk for them to display such self-centered forms of communication that are common today.

Upon my father's passing, almost 9 years ago, I inherited my mother's things. My mother was from the 60's generation and died in 1994. Among her effects, were stacks of letters from friend, and notebook journals of hers. I was immediately shocked by what my mother's friends had written to her. I only read a few lines and decided they should be disposed of so that no one else could read them. From what I read it was full of bad language, discussion of intimate issues and the cultural norm of expressing all range of "I" statements about how they felt about certain people.

I would like to learn more about the letter writing of the past, so that I can shed the bad habit of my upbringing.

Is there a book of letters you might recommend so that I might get an idea of how to write a good letter?

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I really think this is such wise advice! I have made a conscious effort to not listen to all the news. I have kept busy doing things with my hands. I do want to leave a legacy of sweet memories. Some of my legacy is from our trials and many lovely things I have from my parents and a some of my grandparents. I hope to leave a well read Bible to all my precious grandchildren.
We need to limit all the political news to a very small amount! I do want to mention that we are told to pray for our leaders! And I have been more intent on writing things in my journals that are uplifting and good memories of our times together. I also have been writing down all the good things the Lord has been doing in our lives!
I appreciate this post very much!
Blessings, Roxy