Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nusery Ideas

We are trying to get some ideas for a nursery, using only a corner of a room, since there isn't a specific room available.

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Anonymous said...

this is a year 2011 comment. perhaps someone like me who is going back and reading some of your older post might benefit from this idea.

Depending on where the windows are in the room, because of course you will want an infant to have good ventilation, you might consider putting up an elongated z shaped partition in the middle of the room separating it into two sections front and back or left and right. You would have two small rooms inside a room. If you place the partition where there is a front and back, the back portion could be the nursery, the crib and a dresser converted to be a changing table, and perhaps even a rocker (gliding rockers take less floor space). Depending on the size of the room, you could even have a few stacked colorful milk crates to make a small storage space for books and toys. I did a milk crate design of three crates, two high and then one high. On the one that was one high, I put a little cushion and made it look like a little seat.

The wall on the back side could be decorated nursery appropriate, and the front portion could have a daybed or desk for office or whatever else you want for that portion of the room, as you believe God to provide for another room to the place you are curently living in.

Or if the crib absolutely must be in the corner, you might measure out from each wall of the right angle and attach a two by four to the wall, paint it and then hang a curtain wich could be drawn when needed or looped back when no one else is in the room. Behind the curtain could be the crib and whatever other furniture you want. If the space is extremely limited, a folding chair with a pretty cover or a samll arm chair for the mother to be able to sit in the room at times might fit. A skirted 5 gallon paint bucket with a pillow cusion top makes a cute little tuffet (even if it denim for a boy).

A lamp that attaches to the wall would not take up floor space, and a wall hung shelf could substitue for a peice of furniture to have a place to put things.

Or a screen could be put in front of the crib in the corner, (I would defintely want the screen to be steadied with brackets attached to the floor, or a screen of perhps fabric or bamboo panels hung from the ceiling.

I hope these ideas help for someone in a similar sitution or gets their own creativity going.


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