Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hearts for the Home

This is a heart shape that is placed on the fold of card stock. Cut out your floral carefully around all the leaves and buds and glue it in the middle. Dot with clear glitter glue on the edges of the petals and around the heart.

It is easy to make this folded heart garland. Use the small heart on the pattern and fold the strip of paper back and forth accordian style. Trace the heart and cut, leaving the folded areas intact, as you see below.
These cards are made with the pre-glittered foam pieces. The top heart has a scene cut from a garden catalog. More cardstock has been added to the back of the heart, cut with fancy scissors, a little larger than the heart. The other heart has a piece copied clip art from a free Victorian floral clip art site.You can copy old postcards or use old cards for this project.
To make the heart garland, trace hearts on the plain side of glitter paper and glue a piece of ribbon across the backs.
These hearts are traced on pre-glittered paper, from a paper stack found at WalMart and other stores which sell scrapbook products. It was a lot easier than trying to glitter each heart. Save all the scraps in small ziplock bags, for other projects.
Print this pattern on cardstock, or glue the printed paper to cardboard. Cereal boxes make great template material.  Cut out the templates and trace around them on your card material.
The templates include a pattern for a child's sewing card. Use the same pattern as the one for the folded heart card, and punch holes around it.
Make it on coloured cardstock, and include a cardboard needle. You will have to trim the needle pattern to make it more slender for the holes. Another way to thread the ribbon through the holes, is to moisten each end with white glue and twist it, like the end of a shoe lace. Let it dry, and then thread it through the holes. You can make as many holes as you like.  Put a sticker or picture in the middle, or trim around some clip-art as I have done here. You can get free clipart on the web by typing in "free Victorian clip art."  Then search for hearts, birds, florals, children, or whatever you like.

In a previous post, I featured hand made stationery. For more easy stationery, go to The Pleasant Times.


Anonymous said...

Pretty and fun! Cant wait to try these with my children. Thank you, Lydia!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I love that heart card! Thanks for sharing!



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