Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Touch of Beauty at Home

Ranunculus in bloom today on the porch.

I took a few minutes today to photograph an outdoor and indoor bright spot.
This is a group of dollar store roses in a white basket. I know there are fresh flowers at a cheap price at the grocery store but they are in fact very expensive for something I will have to throw out. Also, for a busy homemaker, there is less work to put away the silk flowers and you do not have to wash a vase. I have enough real flowers outside.

A a pretty green March scene here with a fresh shamrock plant, crackers and cream cheese spread, and an orphan Royal Albert teacup.

The reason I post tea time themes so often is because in an otherwise normal day doing dishes, meals, laundry, cleaning out a closet or sweeping a floor, it is the one thing I do that can be picturesque. I cannot emphasize enough that taking a few minutes for tea, even if you are involved in a huge project at home, is essential in keeping yourself on an even keel. Frustrations and discouragement, exhaustion and confusion can sometimes be straightened out with a quality tea taken in a pretty tea cup. I know we often think we should not take time out and try to get a job completely finished first, but if whatever you are doing will take all day, a tea break is in order.
If you have ever started out a day with the crazy feeling in your head that you do not know where to start, its best to get dressed in clothing that makes you feel you are starting a new beginning, make tea and sit at a table to organize the day with a sensible list.


Unknown said...

Lovely! I have been trying to make a point of stopping for tea in the middle of my day, but with three little boys it doesn't always happen. Chamomile-lavender tea is my is so incredibly relaxing!
I hope to collect some pretty tea cups in the near future as well. I have found that drinking from a boring cup does not have the same effect.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree ~ tea helps me stay on an even keel! It's so nice to fine someone else that is not on any other social media. Lovely blog,

Finding Joy said...

I enjoy my several cups of tea during the day and I end the day with one before I go to bed. Everyone needs breaks during the day no matter what they are doing.


Sarah R said...

I am trying to make my home more beautiful. While my daughter is on board, my two teenage boys seem to run roughshod on anything I attempt. I didn't grow up with a dad or any brothers, so sometimes I am shocked at how rough those two are, but my husband says he and his brother were just the same.
Since I live in Florida, I love having beach/tropical/nautical types thing in my home. I'm slowly collecting!

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you for another timely reminder! With a baby in the house, and a million things to do in the garden and home during spring, taking tea is a well-earned respite that I must take more seriously! I do make tea every morning, and sometimes evening, but end up drinking in a more prosaic manner than your beautiful setup. :)



Rightthinker said...

Lovely post!

I enjoy all kinds of tea and also really good coffee.

I take a coffee or tea break each day, and have since I was a teen. My children all know this is our "quiet time",and either nap or do something quiet and relaxing during this time.

It really helps..and it breaks up the day so much for me. Morning is for getting myself ready, breakfast for our family chores and for school if it is a school day. Early afternoon is for lunch, baking, cooking and then a nap for the little ones and a break for me!

Blessings to you!