Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Afternoon Snack

It is quite a challenge keeping house, tending the yard, sewing, grocery shopping and all the other things I try to do. Today I rested more and let things go, while I enjoyed the lively paintings of Gregory Frank Harris, which you can see on Rehs Gallery and other places on the web. It must be wonderful to dress up and be inspiration for art like this, and, what nice scenery goes with it. I hope when I get my "line of clothes" sewn this year, that I can get such pretty places to show them.
The recent Victoria Magazine has a lovely recipe in it, for these toasty bites of asparagus and meat, but since I only have very basic ingredients in my pantry and ice-box, I made a passable substitute. The original recipe has several specialized ingredients that are not abundantly available in my local grocery store,

so I first toasted thin slices of baguette bread in the oven on a baking tin, and then covered them in cream cheese, sprinkled with a little Italian seasoning. Topped with pieces of Sarah Lee smoked turkey and fresh cooked asparagus, this was delicious. I served it with apple juice and it made a splendid snack.

It is a good issue this month, with lovely bouquets and places to visit, such as historic home tours, and other things.

The snow is gone and the primroses are in bloom outside.

Below are these interesting cedar tree cones that have seeds inside. When the cones dry, they fall apart.The pieces look like little roses, and crafters use them to paint or put in dried scented mixtures for the home.

These are cedars of Lebanon from a tree out behind the house. The temperature is still cool, but warm enough to take an outside picture.

The only thing I really have been thinking about to share today is to be focused on your home and family and catch yourself and bring yourself back to reality if ever you find that you are losing ground by letting distractions cause you to get sidetracked.

Being home means you are your own boss, and it can be a challenge to guide your home. You have to map out your day and generally plan to keep up the laundry, clean the kitchen and provide meals, without creating a lot of tension for yourself. This can be done by finding ways to enjoy it. Whatever you can do to make the tasks at home enjoyable, do it. It may be having soft music or it may be wearing a pretty cotton dress and an apron and nice shoes. It might be having a lovely scent in the house, or something in the slow cooker while you do the rest of the house work.

Read some of the blogs you see on my sidebar, or go through some of their blogs, and you will see that a lot of ladies at home have some very good techniques for making life pleasant at home while they do their daily work. Sometimes all it takes to inspire you might be a picture.

At our dollar store there is a young man who always asks the customers what they are going to do today that is interesting or special.I always tell him how I am going to use the merchandise I just bought, and it makes him laugh when I answer, "I am going home and put that Ti-d-bowl in the tank, put this stem of roses in a vase, (and sometimes they sell fresh roses at Dollar Tree) hang up my fresh shower curtain, and mail something to my mother in this padded envelope."

What are you doing today?

I am going to enjoy using my new honey-almond soap that I got at Dollar Tree today. The scent is absolutely exquisite, like the expensive bath products in the honey stores here and bath & body stores in the malls.

All paintings by Gregory Frank Harris



Christine said...

You made my day!
It isn't about doing something outrageous or spectacular, it's about doing something nice.
I liked how the sales person engages with his customers and how you made his day!

Lydia said...

He has made a lowly job into something thst energized his mind. Yes !

Antiques And Teacups said...

I just love the tea themed art work. They are beautiful! I saw the recipe in Victoria and it looked so simple and attractive. Glad you put it together, and that you shared such a lovely moment with us. Definitely a principle to incorporate into all of our lives

Katrinka said...

We also have some lovely people working at our dollar store. They sometimes take people's purchases out to their cars if they're disabled or ill. They're very kind to people who might act inappropriately due to mental disabilities. They let us use their bathroom, even though it's not really a public restroom. One of the workers who has a speech impediment is always eager to help us find something we need.

I felt like resting today, too, and did doze quite a bit in my chair. I had made a large batch of soup and biscuits on Sunday so didn't have to worry about doing much but adding a salad for supper.

Thank you for the encouragement to be about out daily duties and tune out the cares of the world. Sometimes when I get started in my day I feel overwhelmed, discouraged and down. But when I just start doing my little routine duties, my spirits lift. Getting my hands moving seems to bring me comfort.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I want to say I was glad I had just my supper because those little sandwiches looked wonderful!
I will make them up with my daughter for a special tea time together.
I loved the photos, they just spoke of peace and rest! We all need a lovely chat with a dear friend!
Blessings Always, Roxy

Lydia said...

The Victoria recipe was too complicated and required pineapple jelly, and unusual cheeses, so I put it together with familiar ingredients. Blanched broccoli would work, as well.

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Lydia,

I, too, enjoyed the recipe from Victoria and modified the ingredients. Afternoon snack time can be a fine time for couples to reconnect as part of a "welcome home" for one's husband.

Agape always,

Lydia said...

Yes the ingredients were too expensive in the original recipe. My husband loved the flavor and the sandwiches were got because I had toasyrf the bread and made ut crispy. Normally that kind of bread is hard to chew, but heating it makes it perfect.

SharonR said...

You know, Lydia, we have cedar trees, but not that kind of cone. I'm going to look more closely, though. Thank you for showing it. Also, it must be so nice to have primroses. Very few varieties grow this far south, but I'm determined to try. Everything you have shown here and talked about is as always, encouraging to my day. I especially like the question of the cashier and your answers. I think I'll ask someone what they are doing special today and listen to their answer. Have a wonderful day.

Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

'Today I rested more and let things go, while I enjoyed the lively paintings.' this sounds just like me, beautiful Lydia. *smiles. I hope your pretty paintings gave you some comfort today! With Love Jasmina

Lydia said...

Sharon I recall both the primrose and the Lebanese cedars are imports to this part of the country. The Lebanese cedars are from warmer climates I think, so they should grow in the southern states just fine. They have soft feathery branches and look like fir trees or spruce from a distance.

Lydia said...

Thank you Jasmina

Housewife59 said...

Dear LadyLydia, these paintings are delightful, and bring a sense of peace and order just to look at them.

I also find that pottering around my little house, doing daily duties, distract my focus from the world's chaos onto the things which really matter, Home-making, husband and family

Mary said...

I love this post. I love the pine cone in the tea cup with the fir branch. So simple!