Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Moment of Leisure

I have had a few moments of leisure on the porch this morning, and in this post I will share with you some other things going on in my home. That is an old teacup on the table that I got at an antique store in Coburg, called Primrose Lane. It is in an old house with an upper storey and I always like going up there where she keeps the tea things.
The table cloth is a piece of 60 inch woven fabric, which I cut in a circle (using another round cloth as a guide) and hemmed on the machine.
It seems like there should be more leisure time out in the country, away from neighborhoods and shopping areas, but I keep finding things that have to be done.
There has been a lot of rain, which is so pleasant to listen to in the night, and it is always so nice to see the change in the lawn the next day to a nice green color. It keeps me in the house, finding more things that need to be cleaned, organized or repaired.

Someone gave me a heart-shaped wooden shelf to put in a little space in my living room. I like the warm color of the varnished wood.

There is a birthday party today for a lady who moved here from the South, and I am taking her this little gift. It is a round box that has a nice print on it,

as shown, above and below, of a crown motif, Paris, old postcards and postage stamps.
the box contains a tea cup, and the plate has the same print as the box.
The teacup came with a silk tassel.
I think the lady will enjoy using this teacup becaise it has the look of fine china and is strong enough for daily wear-and-tear.

I like that the teacup came in a box with a ribbon and does not need to be wrapped or put in a gift bag. I still have to make a gift-tag, so she will know it was from me, but am already a bit rushed for time so I may use a colored post-it sticky note instead.
I posted a similar teacup my Lovely Whatever's art blog to show where to find cups like these.



Mahek said...

I love this tea cup so pretty...
I love your cover too..

Andrea R said...

A lovely gift any lady would be thrilled to receive for her birthday!

Have a lovely Sunday!

candy said...

Hi Dear Lydia,
I enjoyed this post very much ❣
I love the teacup in the first photo. ❥ And I love your heart shaped table ♥
Your Friend,
Candy, from Canada ❤

anonymous said...

How refreshing is your post.

I very much enjoy the pretty round teacup carrier and teacup inside.
When I find these round boxes in the thrift shops I buy wrap and use them for carrying teacups to tea parties and give them as gifts too. The boxes are perfect and protective.

Thank you for sharing.
Mrs. J.

ChristyH said...

I love the box.

Unknown said...

Lady Lidia,
I like what you've done with the look of this blog's heading.
Your texts are lovely.. truly inspiring.


Lydia said...

Creating a new heading took the better part of a day. These computer things are not so fast and easy. I do hope to have time to post today.