Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Moment of Leisure

I have had a few moments of leisure on the porch this morning, and in this post I will share with you some other things going on in my home. That is an old teacup on the table that I got at an antique store in Coburg, called Primrose Lane. It is in an old house with an upper storey and I always like going up there where she keeps the tea things.
The table cloth is a piece of 60 inch woven fabric, which I cut in a circle (using another round cloth as a guide) and hemmed on the machine.
It seems like there should be more leisure time out in the country, away from neighborhoods and shopping areas, but I keep finding things that have to be done.
There has been a lot of rain, which is so pleasant to listen to in the night, and it is always so nice to see the change in the lawn the next day to a nice green color. It keeps me in the house, finding more things that need to be cleaned, organized or repaired.

Someone gave me a heart-shaped wooden shelf to put in a little space in my living room. I like the warm color of the varnished wood.

There is a birthday party today for a lady who moved here from the South, and I am taking her this little gift. It is a round box that has a nice print on it,

as shown, above and below, of a crown motif, Paris, old postcards and postage stamps.
the box contains a tea cup, and the plate has the same print as the box.
The teacup came with a silk tassel.
I think the lady will enjoy using this teacup becaise it has the look of fine china and is strong enough for daily wear-and-tear.

I like that the teacup came in a box with a ribbon and does not need to be wrapped or put in a gift bag. I still have to make a gift-tag, so she will know it was from me, but am already a bit rushed for time so I may use a colored post-it sticky note instead.
I posted a similar teacup my Lovely Whatever's art blog to show where to find cups like these.



Mahek said...

I love this tea cup so pretty...
I love your cover too..

Andrea R said...

A lovely gift any lady would be thrilled to receive for her birthday!

Have a lovely Sunday!

candy said...

Hi Dear Lydia,
I enjoyed this post very much ❣
I love the teacup in the first photo. ❥ And I love your heart shaped table ♥
Your Friend,
Candy, from Canada ❤

anonymous said...

How refreshing is your post.

I very much enjoy the pretty round teacup carrier and teacup inside.
When I find these round boxes in the thrift shops I buy wrap and use them for carrying teacups to tea parties and give them as gifts too. The boxes are perfect and protective.

Thank you for sharing.
Mrs. J.

Christy H said...

I love the box.

Maja Ćorić said...

Lady Lidia,
I like what you've done with the look of this blog's heading.
Your texts are lovely.. truly inspiring.


LadyLydia said...

Creating a new heading took the better part of a day. These computer things are not so fast and easy. I do hope to have time to post today.


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