Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Garden


                                    My flower beds are producing a little more color.


            It makes it interesting to get up in the morning and go out there to have a look.


I painted the mailbox flag to match the window trim color on the house, and now there is a possibility the house will be painted another color, but I am enjoying using the mailbox flag anyway.  In rural areas, the flag is put up when the owner is sending mail.  The mail carrier takes the out-going mail and put the flag back down after putting the in-coming mail in the box.  When we notice the flag is down, we go and get our mail.

Speaking of gardens, the Bible mentions a couple of important gardens where events took place. The first garden was the one God created for Adam to look after, found in Genesis.  The last garden was the Garden of Gethsemene where Jesus prayed. These were not like the flower gardens or the vegetable gardens we have today, but places with pools and streams and trees and walking areas, as well as terraced places with flowers.


Susan said...

Your flowers are just delightful. I really love the morning glories. They were my mother's favorite and she delighted in getting up every morning to see them in bloom. We had a trellis on the back porch where they grew and they also helped to provide shade. I like the white fence you used to edge the garden and your little bench. It turned out really great.

When I was a child a neighbor lady turned her entire yard into a flower garden with little ponds and benches and statues everywhere. Even little elves and fairies and bridges to walk across. It wasn't very large but everyone in town would go to visit and just walk around in her garden. She welcomed anyone at anytime and had free lemonade and cookies. She had a sign in that garden that I never forgot. It said "I feel closer to God in my garden than anywhere else on earth." And I realized one day that the whole reason for the garden was to bring herself and others closer to God. What a beautiful witness it was. I often wondered how many people's lives were changed by that small garden and the warm welcome she gave to everyone who came to see it.

Enjoy your beautiful garden!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

When I was little, the lady across the street was our babysitter because my mom was a nurse and my dad was a police officer. She lived in a very small house on a large lot. She had a garden that took up half the lot and she worked it every day during the spring and summer. Half was planted with all kinds of flowers and she had rose bushes along the property line. The other half was vegetables. She had the greenest thumb I have ever seen. I shelled peas and picked green beans and husked fresh corn with her. We never complained about fresh vegetables. I imagine she's tending a garden in heaven now full of wonderful colorful things.

Stephanie said...

Good morning, Lydia! What a joy to visit your blog and see your beautiful pictures. I so enjoy flowers...but I don't think flowers enjoy me :) I don't seem to have a "green thumb." Oh, I try, but the little beauties just don't last long around here. Thankfully there are flowering shrubs and trees in our yard and they manage beautifully :)

Have a delightful day!

anonymous said...

Lydia, your garden is really full, beautiful and vibrant.
I once planted Morning Glory flowers around a playhouse for the grandkids. They go to seed in the Fall and more come up in the following Spring.
Your Four O'clock flowers (dark pink bushes) will come back every year. They only bloom in the afternoon. So you have morning bloomers and afternoon blooms for
morning and evening tea times.
Mrs. J.

Lydia said...

Yes Janet, that bush is called four o'clock so and it spreads as the years go by, filling the garden wuite well. In winter it dies off as if it is gone forever but comes back in the summer.