Friday, August 29, 2014

A Treasure

I am not a big fan of the worn-out chippy look with paint scraped off and slivers of wood hanging on a piece of furniture.  I like to paint old things with a nice layer of thick, glossy paint and make it look new and fresh.  That is what we used to do before the shabby look became so prominent.  We didn't want to look poverty stricken--we wanted our furniture to look new.

The quote on the wall above the window frame is a removeable plastic sticker you can get at the Dollar Tree. It says, "Every day is a gift." It does absolutely no damage to the paint on the walls.

I never thought I would join the trend of using an old window frame for a wall-hanging, but my daughter rescued a genuine window from the church meeting house (the old folks always called it the meeting house), and there it is.  She sanded it and painted it and I like it a lot, particularly in this photograph with the shadow of the fringed curtain and the wind chime from the window.

 She made a chalk-paint effect by mixing a little plaster of Paris in the paint.  If you are overwhelmed by the cost of commercial chalk paint (very expensive) you can get plaster of Paris at Walmart and just mix a little in your regular paint. 

 We like a glossy look and feel to our paint projects so we use only a minimal amount of plaster with the paint, and we only use it for painting things that will not get much wear and tear. 

You can read more about this at The Pleasant Times on my blogroll, or here 

I know the trend is to use the windows in their authentic rustic condition, but the paint she used on my frame makes it look so nice and new and smooth and it suits my home just fine, and I mean no offense to the lovers of the shabby look!  I will add more pictures in the morning when I have more light.  A new thing usually inspires me to rearrange a few things around here, and give the room a new look.

One of our elderly teachers in the church here asked us to count how many times the word "rejoice", "rejoiced" or rejoicing appears in the book of Philippians.  I have not counted them yet. Do you know?  If so, leave a comment with the number you found. I also wonder how many times those words appear in the New Testament.

She saved one of the frames for herself, shown above.

A picture of my womdow frame in the early light.  This would look good with the right sized art poster from allposters behind it.


Nadege said...

I too never liked the chippy paint or the ripped jeans look as it appears to me "unfinished" and due to lack. Of course it is just a style and purposeful but I like fresh paint and unshredded clothing - thank you very much. I grew up in city apartments and whenever I see chipped paint, I think "lead poisoning". Back then it certainly was an issue and peeling paint would sometimes suggest that possibility.

Your newly painted window is simply beautiful. The lights and shadows make it appear quite magical.

Thank you so much for sharing parts of your life with us. I look forward and am thankful for every single post.

SharonR said...

According to, there are ten times the word "rejoice" appears in Philippians. I typed in "rejoic" so it would catch suffixes.;KJV&searchtype=all&spanbegin=57&spanend=57
I also don't care for shabby décor. Though, for those who do like it, I like the way they put it together. I just prefer things to look new or refreshed. I do like this wall hanging, and it does look nice with the shadow. Is the desk in the background the same one as in the picture on the left column where you are writing?

SharonR said...
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Lydia said...

Yes it is the desk, and it is a reproduction from the 1960's I think. Also thanks for finding the number of times of the word rejoice!