Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Taking Tea Time Seriously

Hello Ladies,

I came across a photograph of a man who had a roadside hot tea service, but it was copyrighted. If you want to go and look, it was titled, "Tea seller waiting for tourists in Yorkshire Dales, England."

The photo revealed such a simple operation I wonder why more people are not doing that on roadsides here. The appeal would be even stronger if the location was scenic and the area was clean. An enterprising person, couple or a family could move their business along the highway and never be bored in one place.  A "chain" of sorts could be established along a picturesque route with many vendors. Tourists could bring their own porcelain tea cups.

In the meantime I am packing my own hot water, supply of tea bags and cups.  I need to get better at this--neater and more efficient.


Willow said...

What a lovely idea! There is nothing better than stopping for a nice cup of tea, on a scenic journey (or any journey for that matter!)
Hope all is well with you Lydia, I do so look forward to your posts x

Unknown said...

I would be happy if restaurants would use boiling water to make tea instead of just hot water. Sometimes it is lukewarm by the time it gets to the table! I sometimes think tea is not as popular as coffee in the U.S. I have had really lovely cups of tea in Canada, made properly with boiling water. Maybe another reason to be a homebody!

living from glory to glory said...

Greetings, I do believe you are so right, but everything is drive-by or coffee!
But I did travel with you and you did have a lovely tea cup and hot water and tea bags! But a lovely basket that would hold it all would be perfect for you!
Enjoy your tea even if none go with us!!
Much Love...Miss you Lydia!
Hugs, Roxy

anonymous said...

I considered this myself once, but when I looked into it there were county ordinances, health laws, business licenses, business taxes and insurance to deal with. All of which cost a lot of money.
Also demographics need to be considered before opening any business to be sure you have enough customers to support it.

While considering to open a tea room in my town, I decided to to go one step farther by getting some first hand experience. So I worked for a friend in her tea room for several months to help her out. It wasn't long before I realized how much work there really was and the high cost of all the above. This saved me time, effort and thousands of dollars in a business I wouldn't be happy in.

I do believe that packing your own goodies,tea and traveling to a pretty destination is much nicer then a tea room anyway and far less costly provided you are prepared for the wilds and weather. Even a hot cup of cocoa out on a snowy lake is lovely if you are prepared for it. Always take a cell phone to get photos and for contact if an emergency arises. Keeping a photo/journal would be nice to remind yourself of these lovely ventures.

Thank you Lydia for sharing these lovely ideas with us.

anonymous said...

The September issue of Victoria Magazine has a few articles on traveling and tea. One on page 23 is all about packing up the car and traveling in the Cotswolds and a proper country English picnic. The photos and food recipes are quite inviting.

On page 51 there is an article on riding a Jocobite steam locomotive through the Scottish Highlands and all the quaint stops along the way for tea and meals. Breathtaking!