Friday, August 04, 2017

Light House View

We have farm haze here, with over 100 degree temps, so have gone to the Pacific Ocean.  The above photo is a view from the light house.

Our young visitor from Germany is adapting very well. I am afraid when we introduce him as being from Germany he will embarrass us by saying Howdy Ma'am. He has become so American. His parents won't recognize him.
Alexander is so relaxed and enjoying his vacation. 
What do you think?  

My children and grandchildren built a castle, and that will likely be the only one he will see unless we take him to Mary Hill castle.
Since Germany is full of castles I didn't want him to think we were uncivilized. Our castles are very well built.


anonymous said...

So glad your guest is enjoying his stay. I should think since he sees castles all the time in Germany, he'd like to see something like the Pacific Ocean or the aquarium or something American like a rodeo. Now pardon me Ma'am, that's a real hoot! Ye-haw.

Lynn Maust said... your funny part of your comment. And for a minute I thought the guest was trying to build a German the sand.!

anonymous said...

Those are the best sand castles I've seen in a long time. So talented and creative.
They even built a wall with towers around the castle.

Shani said...

Hello, Lady Lydia,

I thought of you earlier this week when I stood in the ocean off the North Shore of Prince Edward Island in my pretty pink floral skirt and faded jean jacket. Excepting my family, most were in a state of undress all around us. We had to go much further down the beach to find a less populated stretch, as the men in my family had no desire to watch young ladies prance about in scraps of fabric.

We are now visiting Quebec City, and there is a definite lack of femininity everywhere. We have driven over 2,600 miles since leaving home, and I've thought of you often as we've been unable to find a lovely picnic spot during our travels, the state of unattractive dress women will persist in pursuing, and our beach visits. Your visit to a lighthouse brought to mind our visit to the public lighthouse in Victoria-by-the-Sea on PEI yesterday. Such lovely memories that I wish were pretty all the way through. Why don't women want to be pretty anymore? I've seen many older women dressed identically to their husbands: khaki shorts, polo shirts, deck shoes. Is there a his and her matching section I'm blissfully aware of in clothing stores? Those clothing choices look nice on a man, but not so nice on a woman.

I could lament longer, but will let it rest for now. I need to sort our bags and ready my prettiest clothing for church in the morning. I hope you had a lovely time at the beach!

Kind Regards,

Lydia said...

Shani, great ideas you have here. I belive this calls for a separate post!

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Lydia,

How wise to escape to the coast, if only temporarily! I look forward to reading more about your guest's experiences.

Agape always,

PS: I have answered your e-mail, but I did so from a different e-mail address.


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