Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Notes From Home

Dear Ladies,

Here you see the flag with my little cottage in the background. This year we got a flag, but as our  grown children will not allow us to get on a ladder or even a chair, so we could not get it in the flag holder at the top of the roof. You can see the point of the porch roof where the holder is and where the flag should have gone.   I figured out a way to put it in a gopher hole (Do you know about gophers? They are like moles.) in the dirt and then tape the pole with some extra strong duct-tape, to the address marker that was already in the ground. 

I appreciate your visits so much, and I want to thank those who send a few dollars now and then for donations, which is the Paypal button on the sidebar.  I'm hoping to finish up some sewing and show it here soon! There is always something to be done first, and at the end of the day my energy fails me, so each morning I get up with hope to finally finish a dress, wear it to a tea, and get pictures for you.

Today I woke up feeling like I was away on vacation, and I want to keep it that way. I have had some lovely food from the garden and have bought some pillows that make the place look like a resort! The flower garden is supposed to look like something I would see at a historical inn bed and breakfast, or a cottage guest house.

 You might be wondering what in the world this is. I didn't get a photo of the purple potato that grew here, but I peeled it and cooked it. It made this lovely blue water, and it tastes like a normal potato.
                                             Here is a salad and potatoes from the garden.
The garden food is easy on the digestive system and we don't get acid indigestion or anything like that after we eat.

 Outside, I am making an an attempt to create more pleasant scenes. I want to show you more, but the area around some of these pictures isn't show-worthy yet! I need to do some more cleaning up and de-cluttering before I share.

 This swing scene is not quite finished. I have wrapped the rope in wired burlap ribbon from the Dollar Tree, and I want to add a floral garland around them. There were some unsightly knots in the ropes and the colors didn't really go with the scene I wanted.  The swing is very sturdy though, and I think I'm allowed to use it ;-)

 This is an old bedspring. I was hoping something would grow up around it.

 A chipped tea cup here...
...and an old saucer:

 When my neighbor moved away, she gave me some things from her garden, which I gladly used here:

 We use plants that come back every year, so we don't have to spend money on new bedding plants. This is one I have divided many times to give away to other people.

 I got enthused about these indoor/outdoor waterproof cushions from Walmart for $3.88 each and for several months, every time I go to Walmart I buy one!  I now have 6 of them! I am waiting for the price to be reduced so I can get some more that I have my eye on. They would make lovely gifts.  I felt it was time for a bright, colorful change. If only I can remember to discard the worn out cushions I have had for years, and not get too deep in pillows around here. These are not delicate and there is no worry about damaging them or getting them stained. 

I like the way the print on these can be arranged to make it look like one big flower. The color is as exciting as going on a vacation.  

 These are vinyl seats that look like real wicker.

 How do you like the hydrangeas? I heard they are called that, because they need a lot of water, to "hydrate".

 A look through the screen door.

Below is an old rake that lost its handle years go. 

I move the pillows around to use in other places. I used to take pillows outside in the daytime and have to bring them in before nightfall because of the dew. These I can leave outside.  

Birdbaths tend to fall over in the fierce wind around here so I made a short one with a plant container and its drainage saucer:

This is a plastic child's wheelbarrow that has a large crack and a hole on one side, so I used it in the garden.

Here is another one of those waterproof pillows. I am planning on using them in the house when winter comes.  

I got this one to use as a gift.
 I should have taken pictures of the other ones in the store. There are birds and dragonflies, stars and stripes pillows, and many others you would like.  You might be able to see what I am talking about by going to Walmart.com. 

I had to have one for the couch (sofa, lounge) indoors. I couldn't have sewn these myself for that price.
 I recently learned something about price: The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.   Sometimes the amount of time you spend on it makes it very costly. That is why I only sew what I want to sew, for relaxation and inspiration. If I see something like these pillows that are already made, I will get them if the price is low enough. 

This year I enjoyed those 97cent solar lights you stick in the garden. I pulled out the stick and set the lights in these lanterns on the front porch. 

You can also get these at the Dollar Tree, but if you need a huge amount of them, the 97 cent ones will be more economical if you need a lot of them in the garden area. 

I hope you will comment. I want to know what you all think about this post or anything else!

Remember to pray without ceasing, and to do all to the glory of God. Seek after truth and be always honoring.


magnoliasntea said...

Lovely post, Lydia. Love your pretty pillows; they're so bright and cheery. I have several outdoor pillows with birds and bright flowers that make me happy every time I look at them.

Your hydrangeas are just beautiful. Mine are about five years old and loaded with blooms this year. Several years ago I mulched them with coffee grounds which turned the blooms to a lovely blue color, but now, they're slowly turning to varying shades of pink.

Have a wonderful week!

Lydia said...

I will use your tips about the coffee mulch! Thank you very much.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Dear Lydia~ You are so creative. I am very much enjoying these ideas! I miss your annual "hiding spot" in the garden to read or have tea. Each year when you created a new spot, I looked forward to creating one of my own. Now I have the space, but it's very windy here in SW. Colorado.

Your ideas for gardening and cute additions are so encouraging. I recently found metal sunflowers I want to save for. I used to have little animals around a St Francis statue, but my Boxer (Max) stole them and put holes in them one by one.

A gopher hole for the flag is awesome! We have Mole holes....I wonder how to get it to stay upright, again, the wind whips everything. It has pushed our grill before. Maybe close to a post and use a Zip Tie for it.

Thank you so much for sharing. I had been looking at my porch and had no idea how to add color and keep it on my glider. My neighbor shared that she stitched elastic to the back and through her glider so it doesn't blow away. :-) Love creativity.

Hugs to you and Peace,

Lydia said...

Dee, I have forgotten the quilt and sheet tents! I'm afraid I was given a bit of a bad time about them from some terrible critics, but now I see that many people post pinterest pictures of the same thing I was doing! People get ideas at the same time because of the triggers like good weather, creative inspiration, etc.

For securing the flag pole, you have to have something that is already securely in the ground, like one of those metal markers that warn against digging up buried cable, or a metal post that has the house number on it, or maybe even a mail box. I used a silver high gloss duct tape that has a removeable piece like contact paper. It is so strong though, it is impossible to remove anything unless you find a special detergent or oil that will get it off. I dont know what this duct tape is called but its just too good. You can even attach a flag pole to the side of your house with this tape. I found a gopher hole right near the metal post I used to secure the flag pole.

a zip tie sounds good too.

Lynn said...

My favorite thing you did, Lydia, are the lanterns with the solar lights...very clever and very pretty!

Lynn said...

I want to mention I really like the way we can REALLY enlarge your pictures...they go up twice....it's a great feature that I hope you will keep for all of your pictures!

Heartshome said...

Lovely photos. The pretty vignettes you've created are so much fun.

Lydia said...

thank you. There are more to come!

Donna Johnson said...

Just Beautiful! I truly enjoyed this. Your pictures are wonderful and I got some great ideas.
Iam wondering if the reason my pink hydrangea hasn't bloomed is because, maybe I haven't given it enough water.
Truly enjoyed you and your Pretties.
Thank you and many Blessings

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures you have shared with us. I love creating a lovely place for my family too.