Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Flowers and Tea But Dress Not Finished

Hello Ladies,

Today I am busy finishing up sewing a dress. As the day progresses, I see I may not get a photo of it taken until quite late. I did so want to pop in here and leave a post anyway, and share a delightful bouquet that one of my grandchildren gave me for my birthday in May. It a couple of stems of pink flowers from the Dollar Tree.  They look so nice in my home and I'm enjoying seeing them every time I walk into the room. I also want to share this delightful real flowers she picked.

I like the way they are laid straight in the flower basket. Like me, she longs to knock on someone's door with a presentation like this, so we just do it for each other.
I had tea waiting for the children.
I have occasionally bought a new cup and saucer from Home Goods, and I am retiring some of the antique ones. They have had a good run, and I am ready for new ones, fresh off the press.
These are Grace's teaware, Gracie Teaware, (two different names) and Stechcol brands. They are usually under $7.00 and I look for one every time I'm in Home Goods (TJ Maxx).

I do wish I had the dress finished but I allowed myself to get low on a certain color of thread for the buttonholes which compliment the buttons, and now I have to go out and get some, which is time-consuming. However I still have a goal of getting it finished  today. I had hoped to continue my thoughts about end-of-the-month frugality, in a video, as I've had lots of ideas. 
Hobby Lobby had a 99 cent pattern sale and I got this one. I was interested in the table runner for a special event in my home. It is all made of cut felt and it can be glued.

There is a skill to knowing when HL has their 99c pattern sales but I haven't figured out the schedule yet.

I do appreciate your comments very much!

I have an opportunity to host a special wedding tea in my home and of course I will share that here.

This is what I do on my tea break!


laura said...

Surprised you didn't post on the latest royal wedding.

Lydia said...


One of the reasons I am not able to participate in any blog hops for special celebrations and events on a certain day, is that I can never seem to make it there on time. The royal wedding past me by before I could get anything prepared to present on the blog. I probably think too big and it never materializes ;-) I would have loved to have a tea like so many of the other bloggers. They all did a wonderful job of reviewing the wedding, so I didn't feel I needed to do so. I am planning a wedding event in my own home and of course I will post about it. No one here has commented on the royal wedding so I didn't think there was much interest in me writing anything about it. I do with they had shown the reception and any teas that went on prior to the wedding. The other European royals film those events and allow them on youtube but the British do not.

laura said...

Congratulations! I know you are enjoying planning a wedding.

Unknown said...

Isn't it frustrating when one little thing holds you up from finishing a project? Looking forward to seeing the completed dress! Maybe a special tea with grandchildren to highlight the dress?

Lynn said...

Lydia, I do love your new heading painting, but I can barely read the red copy on it....can you maybe redo it is some lighter or much darker color?