Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Improving the Manse

 Hello Dear Ones,

While this is not of interest to everyone, I'm posting it for my own record. That is what a "log" is all about. A blog is a "web-log" or a log on the web. The original "log" was a ship's log, where the captain kept account of the hour by hour and day by day weather and ship happenings. So, this is a log of my observations.

I am sharing today a picture of some of the improvements around here. Last week I spray painted this wrought iron scroll  a color called "Modern Mint" from Krylon and finally placed it on the outside wall of the house.  The nails cannot be removed or lowered because they were inserted into the plaster and the concrete when the house was built in 1960. I will have to have some special nails, a drill and some safety glasses before I put any more nails in. (Unless I'm "not allowed" due to danger).

As you know, the house is not my own, but I like to quote Kate in "The Quiet Man": "The house may belong to m'brother, but what's in it belongs to me."  Remove all these embellishments and it would be a bleak house.

These metal scrolls will also be suitable as shutters,(one of my readers commented that shutters would look good on this place) should I happen to locate another one like this.

After seeing this picture I am considering a much larger one. It hardly shows up from the road. But would not it be nice to have them around each window!

I also painted this metal lantern post with the Modern Mint. I keep a solar light in it.

At 5 a.m. the daylight is just emerging and it is misty.

This old wall candelabra got a coat of Modern Mint, too, and I painted that old nail (that won't come out, because it is inserted in a concrete wall) white:

It makes for a much more refined look.

 I asked Mr. S. to fix the screen door because the latch stopped working, due to the fact that the house is made of concrete, which wears out the latches.  Mr. S. found the only thing that worked:

When not in use, it hangs decorously on the coat rack. On a positive note, at least it is a color that goes with.

While I would like it all to be Pinterest-perfect, you'll just have to understand when you come to visit me that it will be a mix of duct-tape (in white, of course), bricks to hold the floor down in the corners,bungee chords (do they come in pastels?) and tea cups.  I think the tea set takes the edge off the roughness:
You never know when HL will re-create this sort of thing and make a status symbol of all those tweaky things we do in an old house! When I go there I say, "Look, Pa, we used to have one of those back on the homestead, and we DIDN'T WANT IT!"  Now it is all sentimental and very attractive, especially if its at Hobb Lobb!
 Mr. S. has an absorbing hobby: yard work.  On his day off, or in the evening and early mornings, he does not want to go anywhere. He wants to clean up something instead. He is always cutting and trimming, digging, pulling grass and weeds, tying up vines to the trellis, mowing, and moving the sprinkler.  

A few years ago a wedding coordinator left a metal arbor with us, as she didn't want it anymore. I used it for various things and decided it no longer suited, so I put it on the side of the road. Over the years many people have taken my old things and come to the door to thank me, but with this thing, there were no takers. Mr. S. used it for the grapevines and what a nice idea it was. The grapes took to it like they had found their home. The arbor is so flimsy, it is the grape vines that are holding it up, not vice-versa.

We were visiting on Sunday with his brother and wife, and talking about how fast the time of life seems to have gone. How did that happen?  One thing for sure, is, it is not our fault! Let's just be really NICE old people and not the difficult ones!  I'm sure that habit begins at a young age, and then multiplies as we get older. I alluded to that in a post I have somewhere around here, addressed to the young.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I do wish the grapes that are thriving from benign neglect along the front house and garage had an arbor. When we trimmed the rogue bougainvillea along the garage my husband left most of the grapes hanging. They've wound their way around a tree of unknown origin that has flowers that come out of the top branches. Every time I walk to the mail box or to the driveway I have to duck my head because I hit the grapes. They are slowly turning red so I hope they are tasty.

I'm not much a fan of green but I love that mint green color. It's so peaceful.
We have had doors that used bungee cords, when the heat was so bad, our security screen door was held open with a metal hanger (he thinks you get more air in the house with the door open.....)

Lynn said...

Your little front porch with table and sitting reminds me of a sidewalk cafe....

vintage ellen said...

Your front porch looks so pretty and the mint green color is perfect. very calming but refreshing too! Have you ever tried Command Hooks? They have them for indoor and outdoor use, come off easily when you want to move them and don't make a hole. Not sure if they would work on cement but it might be worth a try if you want to adjust your lovely scroll. We live in an apartment and I have used them all over, including the vinyl siding. You have a way of making your home look warm and welcoming. I get lots of great ideas from your posts. Thanks!

Homemaker's Heart said...

Good Morning Lydia~ I just love how creative you are. Your gifts make your house a lovely home. It inspires me to look "inside" me to create.

My favorite creations were your summer "hide-a-way"spot you would create to go have tea and read in the afternoons. I still long to create that each summer, but where I live...mosquitos, and bugs are not welcome in my quiet tea time.

Your touches of "softness" to the porch are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Peace be with you,

Lydia said...

I have not heard of command hooks. I will look that up today and get some. Do they leave a sticky residue? I was going out to get some concrete nails today. Maybe the command hooks would be better.

Regarding mozzies and bugs, well, we made a concoction in a spray bottle, of various essential oils, coconut oil and hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and sprayed it right on the outside of the house. There are a few recipes online for this. They don't come back unless it rains and washes it all off. It can be sprayed in any outdoor area you want to use. Every time someone tells me something will work, it does not work in my case, so this may not work for everyone, but it is worth looking up.

Feminine Belle said...

Morning Mrs. S!

Delighed with the new color as it makes for a pleasant change.You almost seem smiling as you posted today.😄

For the iron rods, perhaps keep them black as it would stand out from the home to see from the road. Bigger iron rods are a great idea! This day and age you can mix and match. If I know you, that is a wonderful challege in which you will have fun in look'n. Let friends, family and others know you are looking. My neighbor asked for ours and he went to work on it and now it is stationed outside his front door.(it was reeeealy rusted) Looks good now!

Speaking of yard art. I had purchased these rather huge pinwheels from HobbyLobby and decorated my flower beds. (Of couse on clearce for 66% off) It might be another way in which you decorate. 😁 They are fun to look at and stand out from the green grass!!

Have you thought of keepin a notebook on outside decorations? I have been gettn some Fall magazines in as of late. Looks like pastels will be all the rage this year! So see, you are right in line with the trends!! ;-)

Ps. Please tell pet hello for me as I see it made it back into photos once more. 😉

Unknown said...

Lydia, your home is your heart and you have created a lovely place.