Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Little Leisure

painting by Vladimer Volegov

I often write about women's work in the home, but leisure is just as important because it revives the body and the soul.  Women must look after themselves with re-creation, beginning with rest.

 A few little things to look at today. Maybe you can spot some of them from where you live.

English Daisy

These would not stay in the flower beds, but traveled underground and spread all over the lawn and the roadside. The farmers are not very happy with it although it is quite a pretty scene.
 Mourning doves make their sounds each day around here.  There is also a 'laughing dove". Have you heard it?

How about taking some time for a wee spot of tea...

...and have you tried this wonderful hand therapy lotion? It is not wet or greasy. It absorbs nicely into the hands and it has a delicate scent.  It heals cuts and scrapes too. I go a long way to  find a shop to buy this lotion and I wanted you to know about it. It comes in other scents, also.
Camille Beckman is a family owned business in Idaho and the products can be ordered online. I tried a smaller, less expensive jar of this lotion just to be sure I would like the scent before buying this large one. 

On the Camille Beckman site, there is a store locater for you to find where to buy this handlotion in your town. I would recommend the vanilla scent or the Camille scent, as they are mild for those with sensitivities. 

I leave you with some leisurely, pampering things today.

All pictures except the hand lotion are from Pinterest.  If you go to the left and click on My Pinterest, you can see other picture collections. It is all aimed to lower the blood pressure and reduce stress!

Personally I think homemaking should be approached with delight and not anxiety. With a relaxing attitude, you don't have to go on furlough as often. If you raise up a family who is frightened every time the Mother gets in a house keeping mode, you may end up with grown ups who dread house keeping. In an old McGuffey reader, there is a story (possibly written by Samuel Johnson, the author of the first English dictionary ) of a housekeeper who is so frenzied that everyone in the house runs away until the dust has settled. The author suggests that a man must build himself a little cabin, shack or hut behind the house that he can escape to during the housekeeping storm. In this story he describes the feeling the family gets when no object is safe from the violent sloshing of water in a bucket.  Of course, it was written from a comedic viewpoint, but let us not make ourselves an object of comedy by the vengeful way we clean. ;-)

I may have written about this in the early days of blogging, and described the shrieking housekeeper who is angry at everyone, throwing things, terrorizing the family, in an effort to get the house in order. Such things ought not to be so, but unfortunately it happens.  Just remember these are human beings who err like we do, and who need love and compassion, which is a greater teacher than fury.

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Romans 12:18

Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14


Unknown said...

Every house/home should be blessed with a white picket fence!

Unknown said...

After reading about the hand cream, I just may order one...Gardenia.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

The frenzied housekeeper reminds me of what I used to be like on a holiday. Since I did most of the cooking once Mom got older, I had a schedule, and by golly you'd better stick to it. The kids used to joke that I should have had a wee dram or too to settle me down. I was always so worried.

That hand lotion looks nice. I've been using a Aveeno product that's scentless. It really helps with the dry skin on my arms and legs.

Here's to the advent of fall soon! Hopefully there will be a lull in the fires.

Unknown said...

Hello lady Lydia,
Leisure at home is so very important, you are very right about that because a homemaker can always find something else that needs doing. after reading many or your writings about planning leisure and it's importance, I have made a great effort to do so daily and it has helped me in so many ways.
One thing I have recently discovered is lavender tea, it is so very relaxing! It can be bought in the grocery store mixed with chamomile or lemon lavender, the lemon lavendar makes a wonderful iced tea as well. I was also able to purchase lavender as an herb and steep that also, but that I must do at bed time because it makes me want to sleep. I have tried that same hand cream and it is wonderful, enjoy it! Lady Liza