Tuesday, March 19, 2024

More Than Keeping House

Greetings Dear Ladies,

We are having very nice weather. 

Today I talked about the book of Ruth, which you might want to go and read through yourself.

I showed you these Sunrise Patterns from the 1970's.

Today's message is only fit for the mature, balanced,
understanding and knowledgeable minds.

Dear Ladies, 
Please enjoy the broadcast while you get a few things done at home.
All examples and quotes are purely fictional or historical; in fact, many of the derogatory quotes about women at home are identical to some of the teachings of Karl Marx  ;-)  Any resemblance to your own or others' situations are  solely because the subject and quotes are common worldwide and have been common objections to women at home throughout the ages. 

I was wearing this cotton dress I made from a 1980’s Laura Ashley pattern.  The fabric as from a cloth store that no longer exists but may be available on the web. It has gold colored  metallic thread outlining the print. 

With apron: 


Lydia said...

From a reader:

Also Ruth was NOT working (employed) by -for another person. She was "self employed" serving her mother in law (her household) by gleaning. She wasn't under a manager or boss. She wasn't even working to cut the grain. She was just picking up the food. Sort of like picking up food at a food bank. The hard work was already done and she was just picking up her daily supplies. The food was provided by her mother in laws relative so this was provision by a male family member.

Again, it's the biblical principle of providing for your family. Since Naomi's husband died, it was up to her nearest relative to provide for her. This also follows the provision for the poor to leave extra grains. Naomi was the relative and Ruth was a poor widow. Boaz was a righteous man providing for both.

This is NOT a job where Ruth was hired and given daily wages. You cannot count this as a job. Anyone who thinks that, doesn't understand the spiritual teaching of the Bible regarding widows, providing for one's family and the spiritual laws in making a dignified way for the poor.

I also believe a deep dive into what a Titus 2 woman, a "keeper at home" from a spiritual perspective is needed. The natural application only is the tip of the iceberg. The multifaceted layers of a Titus 2 woman has a prism effect. Those with limited teaching and understanding can't see beyond one or two aspects when there is a wide spectrum hidden

I should clarify as not to create confusion. Ruth was NOT self employed in the traditional way we view it whereas a income is produced for food or spending money. She actually "voluntered" to go pick up food already laid out for her. There is such a difference that is being twisted into a job she never held.

Flossy said...

Hi Lydia Ruth - I really enjoyed your vlog today... as always... you looked so pretty in those colours!! cheers from still steamy Brisbane!!! Flossy xx

Jasmine Rose said...

Hi Lydia!

This may be a different comment from what you usually receive, but I hope that it is alright!

I am actually wondering if you could do a talk on young, unmarried women? (That is what I am!) In terms of being a keeper at home, what do you believe this implies for us? In all honesty, I have been back and forth on the topic of "keepers at home" and what that really means. I don't fully understand what this means for me in this season of my life - currently I have no husband or children! If you have the time and if you think it would do some good, could you please refer me to any biblical material for this or even do a little sit down talk on your website just explaining your ideas and advice on this?

God bless you & have a lovely day!


Lydia said...

I will be happy to use that as subject matter soon, Jasmine.

Lydia said...

Thank you, Lydia, for unashamedly sharing your biblically sound convictions with us.


Jasmine Rose said...

Thank you, Lydia!
I appreciate that!


Lydia said...

Wow! That was amazing! You were really full of conviction. I’m having my daughters listen. Wonderful message… Thank you!

Janine said...

Wonderful topic, Lydia! The Ruth synopsis was excellent. I like these comments, too. And I LOVED your book! I read a little before bed each night so I'd go to sleep with a smile. And those illustrations from Sun Rise of the rooms were beautiful! I also love how you call us "kids." Makes me laugh.

I have a friend who lived at home until she was married around age 35. She worked and amassed $200,000 in her 17 years of working! She wanted to own her own home and so when she married, she put that as a down payment on a $400,000 home and he paid off the rest over the next 20 years while she was home raising their children. It made their mortgage much more affordable, and they also got to live in a larger home than if they had saved nothing. That home is now worth $1.2 million! All because she lived at home and saved most of her income.

I read along with you from the Taylor Caldwell article. That is also in her book "On Growing Up Tough" and the chapter is called Women's Lib. I HIGHLY recommend this book! I found it very interesting.


Mrs. Michele Ann said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
You look so glowing and vibrant in the beautiful colors that you are wearing in this video! Thank you for all of the time that you put into making videos for us! I look forward to them and love to listen while I make the bed, do the dishes and fold laundry. I pray the Lords richest blessing to you and your family.

Christal said...

I really enjoyed your video today as always. You looked so lovely. The book of Ruth is one of my favorites. I managed to get quite a lot accomplished. Thank you for making these videos.

Lynnette said...

Your book looks wonderful! If it is still possible to get a copy, what would I have to do to order one?

Thank you!

Lydia said...

Listened with great interest to your last episode, Lady Lydia! Thank
you! Happy Easter!

Love you too!


Lydia said...

Hi Lydia- I really enjoyed your latest video post. Hope all is well. DahliaEmoji

Dianne said...

Your fervency and conviction is so strengthening to me, Lydia. I loved, loved, loved all you said and shared in this talk! 💙 from PA

Dianne said...

P.S. Your husband's words to you were truly precious.

Dianne said...

Meant also to say that I appreciate how you don't like to take advantage of your own children or grandchildren and always try to pay them for things they do for you. I am the same way and never want them to feel that I just assume they should do repairs for me, etc. It is sweet that you did this even when your children were young. I love your ways with raising a family, Lydia, in so many things that you share, tidbits like this, that are actually so important.

Esther said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
You are very right for standing for “Keepers at home” it is a lifestyle. To live the scriptures. I have been appalled through the years the way the church has abandoned this most important aspect of womanhood. The pain and suffering children have had to endure at daycare and public school is tragic. Which today is downright dangerous. And the bottom line being away from momma, and the comfort of home. Women are unhappy today, Men are unhappy today. It is basically destruction of the basis of society: The Home.
Thank you for standing on the truth. Many younger women are thankful and are listening.

Lydia said...

Thanks Tiffany, I tried to email you but it refused to send. I will try to write snail mail .

RV Girl said...

Thank you for this video Lydia. I am a single mother, I had my son in sin before my conversion, and I am currently living on social assistance to stay home with my son. I feel God is calling me to be home with my son and to educate him at home, but I also feel like I should make my own living. I am applying to take a bookkeeping course online so that I can work from home and get off of social assistance.
In your opinion, is this the Biblical thing to do? I would appreciate any advice you could give for a single mother keeping a home as this is something I haven't been able to find in scripture.
Thank you.