Sunday, June 16, 2024

Art of Dress; Man the Provider

Thank you for your visit today. I appreciate it more than you know.

After years of flimsy garden flags being worn and torn so quickly, I found an easy to make, no-sew,  perfect material from a plastic shopping/gift bag. I cut off the handles and cut holes to slip on to the garden flag holder.  Some of these bags have a casing at the top that could be used to attach. A casing could be made using the right kind of glue to hold it on to the flag stand. 

One of my favorite pictures to take is the reflection of the scene in the window of The Manse:

There have been some changes in the guest room, as I am expecting a lady to stay for awhile:

Links I mentioned in this broadcast:

Whatever Happened to Women’s Fashion 
Note: if you have any objection to the way this girl is dressed, please, at least listen to her message encouraging young women to dress respectably. 

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Miss Humphrey said...

The Pink Room is so very magazine-worthy! Perhaps I will get to stay in it after the Lady does :)

Lydia said...

Miss Lillian you can spend one night in the pink room, one night in the white room, and one night in the ocean room. ☺️

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, I love your videos and your blog. I even read your granddaughter’s sewing blog. You both inspired me to sew clothing even though I always wanted to, seeing you both do it made me want to learn even more. I love everything about how you sharpen my ideas on things even though I still look to scripture ultimately I appreciate the perspective of wise Christians and their unique walk with the Lord. You are such a blessing in my life and I love to play your videos while I sew. Thank you for still showing up and giving us your time.

Lydia said...

Thank you Marie. Blessings!

Simply Home said...

As a Christian, Latin American woman born in the Bronx, I have fond memories of my mom taking me to the salon for hair washes and twisting my hair in rollers. I recall spending entire days at the salon, sitting under the dryer alongside my mom. Very fond memories for me.

Living in the countryside now, I've observed that not all women prioritize self-care. Therefore, I make an effort to always present myself well, even in casual settings. Your channel is a favorite of mine. Despite our different backgrounds, your videos offer great applications for all women. Have a wonderful day filled with blessings!

Lydia said...

“ …even in casual settings.” Great comment. That’s the key. No need to change clothes if we are appropriately dressed in the first place at home. Ladies at home need to lead the way in example. Your memory of your mother is where it began, so you know the influence you can have.

Christine said...

Whenever I get stagnant, I know I can get rejuvenated reading your Blog and watching your Videos. You are such a blessing to me and many others.
Peace, Christine

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hi Lydia, it's been a while, but I'm always checking to see what you are sharing on the broadcast each week.

I started wearing dresses out of necessity. Years ago, I was having some health challenges and found out I was intolerant to gluten, dairy and sugar. I lost a lot of weight and couldn't afford to shop for jeans all the time, so I started wearing skirts. I quickly noticed I was treated differently, even by my husband. So the skirts stayed.

Here I am, much more later in life and I still were skirts (not so much dresses, I like to mix and match). What tickles me is most folks when I go to town know, I am always in a skirt. There is a young man at our mailbox store that is gay, and HE even treats me like a lady and loves to make a point to say hello every time I walk in.

I don't wear one gardening anymore. I was out one day in my little raised bed and had a tussle with a bee that went up my skirt. Nothing happened, except embarrassed at dancing around waving my skirt! (I bet that brought a giggle!)

I had a question about wearing hats. I still wear my hear up, in some sort of clip usually, and find I can't wear hats with my hair up. Even in the winter, I just put my hood on from my coat. Do you have suggestions for how to do my hair AND be able to wear a hat?

I'd love a bit of a demonstration of clipping your hair under to save it from damage, and that you noticed it's not falling out so much. I'm at that stage where I have to be careful about a lot of tugging at my hair.

Lastly, boy I'm just chatty today...Catalogs. I remember getting the Sears catalog or the JCPenny's catalog and would go through and make a LONG list of wants for Christmas. Of course, I never got all of them, but it was so much fun to dream. The Christmas toy catalog as fun too!