Sunday, June 02, 2024

The Duty and Delight of Dressing for Home

Dear Ladies,

Thank you for being a good friend to me. It means more than I can express. 

Reading from the book, Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, can be heard (free) on Librivox

The reading by Elizabeth Klett is very skilled and understandable and this is great for listening at home. 

Check out Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, which have interesting creative kitchen and cooking hints on each page, with delightful art.  My favorite is:

 In this video I read some more from this fascinating history of ladies clothing. The subject today was a chapter on home dress. Included in the author's narrative are reasons and attitudes connected to wearing nice, pretty clothes at home. She was quite scathingly critical of the things western women wear in public today. The chapter encourages home makers to dress for cheerfulness.

If you were my girls coming to my School at Ashcomb, I would suggest you create a workbook for this chapter with the following: 

In a notebook, sketch or paste pictures of 7 dresses to buy or sew for the home, including a formal dress for church, as well as matching aprons.

How will you dress for cheerfulness and dress yourself as well as you dress your home.

How will you make your home serve your needs for happiness, comfort and creativity.

Above is the piece of fabric I showed you, to illustrate what the bias of a fabric is.

What I wore at home with apron,
with  cardigan for going out, 

The removable collar is also made from cotton.

Fabric: cotton daisy print, pattern: vintage Laura Ashley or 
I may have used this pattern:

I have walked outside with Lucy. You can choose an exercise session  here on her channel and use it as a sitting exercise or walk around a room. At first it seems rather bothersome but after one of her 3 minute stretch, an uplifted feeling comes over and chases away the "I-don't-want-to's".

Please let me know what you are doing (if you may say so) while you listen today



Lydia said...

Wives and Daughters is something Christians can watch without feeling conflicted or compromised. It’s a very good story and since it was apparently unfinished, anyone can continue the story of Molly and Roger and the others.

lesley bambridge said...

I really enjoyed this video, Lydia. I found the ideas within so thought provoking that I have been back to YouTube in order to write some of them down from the transcript
Thank you very much

Karen S. said...

Miss Lydia,

I listen to several of your broadcasts a day, so sometimes I might mix up where you said a certain thing. I think in this one you talked about how people used to get dressed up to travel. My grandmother and grandfather traveled quite a bit after they retired. They always dressed up. More than once they got bumped into first class seating because of it. If the plane is overbooked, but there is room in first class, they will take a few people from coach or economy, etc., and put them there - they always seem to gravitate toward the very nicely dressed.

Also, I know people who have relatives who work for the airlines and, as such, are allowed to fly for free (except the taxes, and only if there is open space on the plane). They airline requires everyone flying in this status to be dressed UP, as they are representing the airline.

Admittedly, I have not given as much care to this area of my life as it seems I should have been. I'm grateful for your 'lessons' and encouragements. I am working on upgrading my wardrobe! :-)


Linda said...

Thank you. I especially enjoy when you have a video post on Sunday. In actuality the content isn't particularly different than any other day, but because I personally don't believe in doing work on Sunday other than what is necessary for basic living for the day, I like to have something uplifting to watch, listen to, or read to fill in the extra time during the day while relaxing. I know your videos are intended for listening while working at home, but I always get more out of them when I can sit and give it my full attention. When I'm working, I have to keep back tracking to catch parts that I've missed while moving around. Thank you and God Bless. ~ ~ Linda

Missuz C said...

I enjoy listening to your broadcast while I am washing dishes & doing kitchen chores. Although I don't post a message often, I appreciate you work far more than you can ever know. It is so edifying to have positive things to listen to. I remember many lessons I have learned from your blog posts & broadcasts over the years, and I thank you. ❤️

One series of blog posts you did years ago is still a favorite of mine...I believe you incorporated Wives & Daughters made a beautiful hand drawn & colored sheet of paper on which you drew the seasonal wardrobe of dresses, aprons and town jackets/shawls & other accessories you had in your sewing que for the season. I believe you also attached fabric swatches you intended for each piece.

Also I want to thank you for the link to Wives & Daughters on Librivox. I am enjoying listening to the book as I work. I have never taken time to read the book--which is rare--as I believe the books are always richer than the movies. My daughter thanks you as well--she loves listening to Jane Austen & Elizabeth Gaskell stories on audio.

Many Blessings!

RV Girl said...

I was so happy to see so many new posts from you! I have been so busy I hadn't checked back in awhile. I am taking a few days rest. I worked myself too hard trying to prepare my house to go on the market. You have kept me company while I rested and tried to resist the urge to work when I am not fully recovered. Old habits die hard.
Well, wouldn't you know, a man came by today and offered to buy my house and said not to bother with any more work on it, he'll take it as is! God really does provide when we are faithful to obey His will.
God bless you for sharing these encouraging words with us, Lydia Ruth.

Lucinalva said...

Bom dia, Lydia
Passando por aqui para conhecer o seu blog, gostei muito, infelizmente o vídeo não tem tradução, sou do Brasil. É muito importante se vestir bem em casa, um forte abraço.

Lydia said...

Lucy I will try to get the translation tab to work.

Marianne said...

i LOVED AND ENJOYED SO MUCH IN THIS VIDEO ; SO MUCH SO THAT I HAVE LISTENED TO IT TWICE ALREADY AND WILL LISTEN AGAIN. i WENT TO THE LIBRARY AND CHECKED OUT THE LOST aRT oF dRESS AND AM finding it very informative and so insightful about the ways fashion changes and the control of the fashion industry over women . I am also taking notes on the parts about mature women and their clothing , color choices, the dignity of being a mature woman. After all, I am 75 and quite vital!
You brought back many memories for me of my grandmothers who were both born in Victorian times and were so ladylike , refined and dignified. They both dressed beautifully yet simply every day of their lives. Dresses , suits, hosiery, low heeled pumps and simple pearls(not real). Neither one ever owned a pair of slacks and didnt try to "look young ".