Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Royal Tea

(Picture from Pinterest)

When there is a European royal wedding, it has lately been the custom for some American enthusiasts to have a fancy tea at home with friends who dress up for the occasion.  That may be the case for the inauguration. It would be nice if there were inauguration tea cups available.

One thing I enjoyed when homeschooling was creating events at home. Here you see photographs of tea cups from the Empress Hotel in British Columbia. It is really a thrill to have Tea at the Empress at home.  

Tea menus for Empress Hotel and Buchart Gardens are available online, as well as scone recipes. Teacups from the Empress hotel are found in thrift shops, ebay and etsy. 


Christine said...

Your mention of Buchart Gardens brought back a very special memory for me. When I was a child of perhaps 8, my grandparents, mother, and I vacationed in Victoria. We visited the gardens and took tea in the restaurant. The experience of such a beautiful place touched me even at such a young age, and I told my mother when I grew up, that's where I wanted to get married!
Of course I didn't, but I remember the feeling of complete awe to this day.
The china is stunning, isn't it!

Christine x

Lydia said...

A few months ago I saw several of the tea cups in Goodwill but at the time did not realize what they were and I passed them by.

Lynn Maust said...

I like the idea of having tea during a special national event....such as our inauguration....I will do that today...I have some scones on hand...they reheat fairly well....and cream for whipping...and raspberry jam...won't that be so nice with which to celebrate our grand new administration??!!!

Lydia said...

Apparently they women are att ndimg a prayer meetimg and then being serv d tra.

I do so like vice president Mike Pence. He is outstanding.


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