Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Learning from History

It is sometimes helpful to look to the past where people where successful in marriage, home, and family, in order to see the pattern that people followed. In cases where the Bible was used as a guide for the establishment of the family, there was stability in the marriage, happy children, and prosperity. Any nation can achieve this if families follow the time worn formula found in the scriptures.

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Lydia said...

Don't let commone phrases make you a believer of their slogans. A bumper sticker declared "Good women don't make history; wild women do." There are several errors in that statement, if you'll examine it carefully.

It is only "true" if you believe in the revisionist history (history that has been altered or revised by modernists)that is being taught in the public schools or broadcast by the liberal media. In one textbook, a female actress is given 10 pages, while a President of the 1800's is given one paragraph. What this tells you is that aspiring to be an actress is more desireable than aspiring to lead your country in the path of goodness.

The statement mentioned above assumes that it is important to "make history" or be popular enough to have been noted in a newspaper. I look at the picture of my great grandmother, a "good" woman, whose lived by the Proverbs 31 woman model, and I know that she made history for her children, grandchildren, and for me and my children. That is enough for me.

I'm glad to look at her picture and not feel ashamed of my history; the history she created by being "good."

We are living in an era where being a "good woman" is viewed as boring and lacking in creativity. Not so. This woman did many interesting things, and what's more, she wasn't forced to do them. She didn't have to get a job, even though she was considered poor, and she didn't have to fight her way in the corporate world, so she did as she was free to do: raise a happy family and help her husband succeed on the farm. By success, I don't mean that they became rich and bought up all the surrounding land, but that they were able to support the family and keep them safe. THey didn't send their children to college, but all of them became good workers and succeeded in having happy families themselves.

There's a popular notion that in order to be the ideal nuclear family (father, mother and children in a house together) you must be rich. This is not so, and can be borne out by looking into the families of the past who, although facing extreme hardships, knew that the most important thing they could do would be to raise a godly family who respected our nation and wanted to examples of goodness themselves. This does not cost money but it takes much time and determination. It was a shame, in those days, to fail in the home. One famous minister has said, "No success in life can compensate for failure in the home."

This might not seem remarkable to today's young women, but just look around you. How many successful marriages and families are there about your to admire and emulate? You might find NONE. There are so many broken homes and troubled children and estranged relatives, one is hard pressed to find the Biblical example anywhere. That is why so many of us go into the past, to our great grandmothers, who lived in the 1800's, when to have a happy, stable family was considered the highest accomplishment.

If you think you have been cheated of this example in your own parents or grandparents, try searching back a little further to your relatives of the 19th century, and you might find someone you can admire and be proud of, whose life will inspire you to be the godly woman you so desperately wanted in your life as a role model when you were young. Get a copy of her picture and put it where you can look at it often. Each time you look into the face of the woman who put her family and home first, you can be reminded of the value of virtue. Yes, good women do make history, even if it is just the history she created by her life, for her own descendents.