Monday, January 23, 2006

Keeping the Home

There are many people checking daily for a new article, and I always feel sorry when I don't have the time to post something to lift everyone up. I am trying to keep up with my home home and the extra things that need to be done.

Presently I am getting things ready to give to my grown children, for their homes and to pass on to future generations: scrapbooks, photographs, household items from their grandmother's estate, and childhood mementos. I hope to add things to three trunks or wood boxes, until everything is accounted for. It has been quite a job, since for years, I was so busy with the children and the house, that I shoved things away without sorting them.

Here might be a warning to some of the younger women, not to let it mount up into such a problem that it bogs you down later on in life when you might not have the mental or physical stamina to do it--to keep things sorted into items you want to keep, and separate from current projects you are working on. These things will truly catch up to you one of these days, if you don't.

Attic Memories by Susan Rios from


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
Yes, you are right. I check daily for a new article. But, please find comfort in knowing that it is because some of us that check your blog so often, enjoy your blogging very much. From my particular place in this life, there are so very few blogs that give me the inspiration and encouragement that I find here. Sadly, this encouragement is not easy to find in church.
But, it is alright with me, if I have to wait. You do have a life!
I am thankful for this blog.
Sincerely, Denise

Anonymous said...

I too stop by often to check to see if there are any new articles. I'm a young wife and mother and your blog is the only one I know of that encourages women in keeping house and home. Most women, it seems, think that in order to minister to other women, they need to discuss theological matters. This isn't wrong, but I find that there is a fine line between discussing and preaching and often this line is crossed. (If I want to know something about a theological topic, then I go to my husband, as I believe I should.)
I was really pleased when I found a link to your blog and found that you had the kind of articles that aim to build women up and encourage us, as older women - teaching the younger women. So yes, I do wish that you could add many more articles each day, but I also understand that as a wife and mother yourself, there are other more important things for you to be focusing your time on! Thanks for all that you do write though, and please know that we really enjoy and appreciate what you are doing! And we look forward reading more, as you have time.

Anonymous said...

I too am enjoying your blog -- I just found it this evening. There is plenty to read here - plenty of encouragement and inspiration, much to think on, and additional perspectives to consider. Thank you for your time, and for your devotion to your home and your family - and for sharing your devotion and your knowledge with us. I very much enjoy the LAF site also, I check it from time to time to read (and save) new articles. It is refreshing and comforting to see that the "old ways" still exist in some women, even if not in my community.