Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Place to Relax

Before I get started here I'd like to thank everyone for posting links to their blogs. While women today may not have the benefit of mothers and grandmothers who were dedicated homemakers, they now can glean from other women through these blogs. These are very helpful when you feel like "talking over the fence" with someone.

I can remember women visiting throughout the week and talking about child-care, cooking problems, or sewing. In the 60's I first heard the most disparaging remarks about such conversations. Women who had been to college returned home saying things like, "After all the education I have received, I'm not going to spend my life in conversations about baking cookies."

Isn't it interesting that even the educated women at work really want to talk about babies, recipes and home decorating., or finding a husband and settling down to matters at home. They didn't end up, after all, spending their lives talking about all the things they learned in their education.

When you need a place to relax, consider something just outside your front door: a porch area or a little place along the side of your dwelling, where you can have some pots of fragrant flowers, and a place to sit and let your mind rest. I was recently given a plant called Daphne. It is the most fragrant bush. Planted near the entrance of your house, it will give you a whiff of the most elegant perfume as you walk in.

I see (LAF) is updated today. Lots of good articles there and if you click on "more headlines" at the end of the front page, there is a cute video you can watch online, from one of the articles.


Anonymous said...

Even after women get married, their husbands and they spend a great deal of time talking about the house and the yard and the children, making decisions for the family, or what is best for the marriage and the family. Education does not prepare you for that.

Country Victorian said...


Speaking of talking over the fence~I wanted to thank you for taking such good of Seanna as she went to Oregon to minister to her Grandparents who are contending with Cancer. You and your husband were so kind to pick her up and take her to Florence. she told me about the lovely breakfast you made. I am glad she was a
ble to meet Lillibeth's friend and then to see her dear sister Lillibeth on the same day! I know it was blessed time. Seanna was a bit anxious to see how her Grandmother was doing but I know she would love to accept your invitation at another time for a meal together.

Here is a big thank you hug!!


Lydia said...

We'll get together another time and go to Amelia's Garden tea room in Eugene. I know she would like it. It is an old house, with every room stocked in antiques and new giftware. Each section is a different color, and a delight to see. You can go from a blue room to a green room to a red room, and all the merchandise matches.

Country Victorian said...

Ohhh... it all sounds so wonderful! I hope Seanna has her digital-I want to post pictures on my blog. We have got to figure a way to record our "Tea Talks" as I call them- for everyone to hear in future.

Just think how many mothers and daughters would be edifyied by them!

Speaking of edification-I will be posting just a bit more on my blog and then using time to work on our video. I need to finish it up hopefully before the summer. Please be in prayer for me as I complete it.

By the way-your link on Seanna's blog
and the link to mine
takes the reader to your profile.
If you ask Seanna she will tell how to link it to the front page of your blog (if you can't figure it out). She set mine up for me.
I am thankful that our sons/daughters can quickly learn these things. It saves a lot of time and headaches:>)

Lydia said...

You know what they say: if you are having technical problems with anything, just find the youngest person in the room and they'll fix it.

Joyce Livingston--a true romantic at heart! said...

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