Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pictures at an Exhibition

Be looking for my new article in the Lady Lydia Speaks section of today.

Based on the musical composition by Russian composer, Mussorgsky, this article shows how important it is for life at home to have meaning and purpose, even if it is just a refuge away from the pressures of the world.

It takes you through a home, as through an exhibition, and shows you the scenes of life that the woman can create, with a desire to please the Lord and create beauty and peace around her.

We need to return to the real reasons for homelife.

Is it just a place where people crash and leave pop cans and chip bags all over the place; where the family members "vent" and tell each other off, or does it have a more sacred purpose? Be sure and read the inspiring article about "Honor" by Doug Philips, posted today at
Painting: Pathway, by Cao Young, from allposters


Isabella in the 21st Century said...

I read your new article on home life on the LAF site and was much impressed. A lovely rendition of what a home should be. Many thanks.

Tracy said...

Lovely article!

wendybirde said...

I loved both this post and the article it was connected to! In it you have presented such a wise challenge too:

"If someone were to walk through your house, what would he see, and what kind of conclusions would he reach about your family's life? Would there be discordant notes or a beautiful, flowing musical composition?"

I am really inspired by some of these "wise challenges" you have been offering! I was inspired by your challenge in this post ( ) as well.

These are such wonderful challenges though that they often need time and reflection to really process any answer to. At least for me they do, maybe I'm just slow here. And so as a result it's sometimes weeks later before I am able to respond to these wonderful posts, LOL.

So anyway, I thought I'd try and at least respond to this one now rather than weeks later, if only to say what a hopeful inspiration this blog has been to me. Truly, I have so much to be grateful for in what you have shared : )

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say how ingenious comparing rooms of a home to Pictures At An Exhibition was - and when you asked what kind of music would accompany the rooms of your readers homes, there was only one answer I could come up with.

The Dustball Polka.

Thank you for the inspiration for a laugh AND to get my house cleaned up! I'd been in a little slump, and your article just lifted me right up out of it and gave me the inspiration to beautify my surroundings.