Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home Sewing, Home Decorating

Simplicity Pattern Co. has some colorful ideas for sewing to lighten up kitchens, living rooms, windows, and bedrooms, here:
On this site, you can click on the list on the left to see the front and back views of patterns.

These are appliance covers and tea cozies, with placemats and napkins. You can make round place mats for round tables, which take up less space. Just trace around a large round platter or pizza pan or the cardboard piece that comes with a take-out or frozen pizza.

This site has patterns for table cloths, also, but you don't really need a pattern for squares and rectangles. Just make a hem on any length of fabric you choose, and add interesting trim.

The concept of table cloths is a very ancient one, and in a way, is quite like having fresh sheets on the bed. It covers the bare table and makes the use of utinsels much quieter. Some people have whole wardrobes of table cloths and accessories, to suit different occasions such as spring and autumn, or celebrations of various types. You can click on the picture for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this link to Simplicity patterns. I really like the kitchen accessories! As for clothing patterns, I browsed through Evening and Bridal and was amazed to see how revealing the styles are...guess I've been out of the fashion loop for quite some time. By the way, I'll be dating myself but I can remember when most patterns sold for 75 cents. Thank you again for all your hard work to maintain this site. It is a great help to me! May God Bless You and Yours, Mrs. T.

DaisyChain said...

I really like the idea of the appliance covers. Those are really darling!

Sue said...

Entire cupboards of table linens? Sounds great! I guess I should get started. All I have at the moment is an old lace table cloth my mother gave me when I moved in. It was her's when she moved into her first home. I suppose this shows my ignorance to all of the homemaking things.

Amy said...

Thanks very much for this link!

wendybirde said...

Learning to sew has been one of my goals and this helps encourage me to start things soon! For a complete and utter beginner, do you have any recommendations for making some nice shawls (both summer and winter types)? I am drawn to more historial patterns most, but neeed to say that simple simple (did I mention simple?) stuff is needed : )

I also really LOVE this idea of making table cloths and placemats...