Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Good Morning

Is there anyone among us that has not dreamt of having a perfect day? It would be a day filled with beauty and order, and a day without pressures and worries.

The routine of the day can be pleasant or it can feel like you are running a race against time. Having a good day depends a great deal on what you did the day before! If you practice going from room to room before you retire, putting them all in order, you will not awaken to the nightmare of chaos. You might also put out projects to complete. Laying across my sewing basket a shirt that needs to be repaired and n the desk, a book with a broken binding. Next to it are a few letters to be answered. In the kitchen there will be a bowl and the cooking utinsels and ingredients to make breakfast.

Lay out your clothes for the next day and all the grooming articles you need, so that you don't have to rifle through closets and drawers in the morning. Good days start out slowly, not with a bang. Just listen to the birds in the morning. At the first sign of light, they send out a little warble, and as the day progresses, they chime in a beautiful chorus. Each one is a different sound, yet together there is not one discordant sounding note. The same is with us. We were not made to jump out of bed and mindlessly atttempt our work. We wake up and think a little bit about what day it is, and what we have to do. Then pray. Then sit up and look around at what we have set before us to do.

Victorian Garden, by Rowena

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