Thursday, September 21, 2006

Peace in the Home

We will always be threatened with turmoil, but the homemaker can shield the home from unrest and worry, simply by putting into place a few beautiful rituals. One is the arranging of flowers, and another is the setting of the table. Still another can be the placement of a decorative pillow on a just-made bed, and the unwrapping of a new bar of soap in the bathroom. Reading a good book at night, and eating wholesome food, surrounding yourself in soothing music, or having productive conversation with family and friends, seem to keep a relaxed and safe feeling in the home. Some people have found that a media "fast" for a number of days has helped them tremendously in getting mental balance in their lives. Getting out of debt, and learning to be resourceful to have what we need, can reduce the pressure on the mind. These days, there is enough to be worried about, without adding pressure by bringing problems on ourselves, so the house is a perfect place to escape. The woman at home is a tremendous influence on the mood and destiny of the family. It would take volumes to explain why this is so. If she only knew the power that she has to influence the family and the nation, more women would be putting their energy into making the house a home.

Sunday Tea Time by Stephen Darbyshire

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