Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mantel of Mementos

Please click on the picture for enlargement.
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By clicking on the photograph here, you can see a closer view of some family mementos in one of the rooms of our home. This is a special corner that is just for me, and I enjoy bringing out pieces left to me by my husband's mother, handmade items from friends, and gifts from others. I just happened to find this collection of pink things and enjoyed setting them up in an arrangement. To figure out how to best display them, I looked for articles in books, and on the web. Each item has a history or a story. The plate of round things is a collection of sea shells called "sand dollars." The rose on the left is a craft item made by a friend, from colored nylon and wire. The candle stands atop a stack of old books, to give it height. The decorative cake is made of silk petals from fake flowers, and has a wonderful scent called "birthday cake." The runner is an old piece that has been dyed in a tint called "rose." I have seen on the web several places where you can look at "mantel of the month" arrangements. While I try to keep most of the house the same, this is one shelf that I enjoy changing more often, in my own personal style. It is the one section of the home that no one else will occupy or use, which can be arranged for nothing more than pleasure and beauty.

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