Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Apartment..

Our daughter and her husband and family have been settling in to their apartment. Here are some pictures!

Fresh flowers from the garden, in a decorated glass jar--a piece of wallpaper with glitter, glued onto an old vase.

The entrance: just a coat rack in a corner.

The library and sitting room.
The book cases are fold-away kinds that you can just open up when you take them out of the box they come in. Also, because of the way they are built, with slats rather than whole boards, there is air circulating around the books. We really like these book shelves!

The dressing room.

Baby room

The closet. We still have some work to do on this piece of furniture. We plan to make it look like an armoir, with a mirror on it.

The three boys' room.

Boys closet.

Wall sconce. The scent of the candle is called "Petal"

Master Suite, her side.

View from their window.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is still ok for me to comment. I just wanted to say that the apartment is so sweet and homey. I see many cottage touches that make it so pretty and comfortable. The main thing it has I already knew from reading your daughter's own blog. It is Full of love, hope, faith and in every sense of the word...a real family. It does my heart good just knowing there are still loving couples who raise their children in today's world yet they know preserve and teach,the best ways of the past.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home and view from their window. May the Lord shine His face upon them...


Lydia said...

I forgot to mention this is the bare bones of our decorating. We'll be painting and stenciling and making it more interesting and colorful later on, with new curtains and accessories. That family is so busy with life there is hardly time to do things like rennovations. The mountain of laundry for a family of 6 and the dishes and meals seem to take up all their time.

Mrs. Anna T said...

It already looks very nice and cozy, and I'm sure that with your talent for resourceful decoration, it will look even better later on!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that she has already put so much TLC into her apt. We live in an apartment, also, and so many people seem to have the idea that because it is an apt. (ie, you don't own the place) it doesn't matter and why bother? Because it is our home, while we live here and I want to make it as homey as possible!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia, for sharing the lovely photos. I always enjoy and appreciate your posts.
Sharon in Phoenix, Arizona

candy said...

Its very lovely! Feminine, Shabby/Romantic most favorite decor. I love it!


Alexandra said...

Very nice! And I see the signature mosquito netting over the bed. I have loved that look ever since I was a teenager. The library and sitting room is wonderful. Nice bookcases...very homey.

Anonymous said...

Oh I Love It! You all are so inspirational. It looks so lovely and fresh and with that touch of love that makes any house a home.

Kimberline said...

It looks comfortable to live in and the sweet touches show it is loved. What better decorating can there be?