Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lovely Whatevers

Road in Bloom, by Hans Ressdorf, from
I have another blog that just has pictures on it. It is my concern that one day these prints of old paintings will not be available to the public. So, if you like, you can order these posters from the site We try to put them order of cottages, gates, ladies, etc.


Anonymous said...

I like your new blog, thank you for putting it together. It is great help for those of us that are a bit challenged in the decorating department.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia!! I just went to your Lovely Whatevers site and it is wonderful! I have been looking through those "posters" sites for images to put in my home management binder. There are lots of lovely prints in there, but there is also so much rubbish to wade through! I can see that I will be able to go to your site instead for the inspiring images I seek!

Thank you for being such an inspiration to fill our homes with beauty. I am so practical, that I forget to add the lovely, even though I adore it. I check your blog nearly every day, and I learn so much.

Thank you!!

Jill J

Anonymous said...

Oh I *love* it, I linked to it in my side bar. (o:

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

How great to see those lovely paintings all in one place!

M said...

I think you have really pretty pictures. Where do you get them all?


Anonymous said...

What a pretty idea! I love old paintings too.

Kimberline said...

What a wonderful idea! I looked the site over and it is lovely.

Thanks so much for sharing.