Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ideal Toy Chest

Here's a great idea for children's toy storage at Grandma's house. I noticed when Little Miss Pooh comes to visit she is fascinated with drawers in the kitchen, drawers in the bedroom, drawers in the bathroom, and is always being told to get away. Papa gave her a set of plastic drawers that he used for files. What is so clever about this is that this particular brand has a little gap at the top , leaving quite a bit of space. so that no baby can ever get their fingers hurt when closing the drawer.
Miss Pooh loves pulling the drawers out and checking out her things!


candy said...

That is so sweet that her Papa gave her that to use for her toys :)
I just have to tell you that your grandbaby is the cutest little girl I ever seen. I love when she does fashion reports on your daughters site :) Im sure your and your husbands heart must just melt everytime you see her. She is cute as a button!

:) candy

Anonymous said...

I should do this too! My children love dragging the drawers out and we even use drawers for toys - but I should really have just a set for the smaller ones to "play" with. Thanks for the idea. It will prove helpful to pull into the kitchen so they can visit while the older children and I are making meals!

Have a blessed day.

Mrs. Damian Garcia

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,
Thank you for sharing so many photographs of your home and family. Your blog is a joy to visit on so many levels, and every one of your essays is helpful to me. I'm sorry you receive negative comments sometimes, yet I know it won't stop you from being yourself and from sharing your wisdom.
Kathleen Bond
Irving, Texas

Anonymous said...

Little Miss Pooh is quite the lady. We visited your daughter's blog recently and love the new fashion show. She is so photogenic.
What a great idea to give Miss Pooh her own place to have toys. I'm sure she will learn how to put them away too since it has been made into a fun endeavor.
Have a blessed day.
Lynne in NC

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thank you! I have been looking for some wicker storage cubes to store our baby grand's toys in, but haven't had any luck in finding them.


Sue said...

What a sweet little grand daughter you have. That is a good idea for a handy toy box for all the little things we keep on hand.

Lydia said...

Paula, you can actually buy these sets with a wicker look.They cost a bit more but are quite charming and look much nicer in the house.

Elizabeth said...

oh, I will certainly have to look for one of these storage units for my 14 month old. She is always rummaging through my kitchen cabinets and drawers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lady Lydia. I will look for them the next time I go to town.


Stacy said...

What a great ideao =)