Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Easy Paper Book

Love and Happiness to Everyone
on this Special Day

This is an easier book, made with various card and paper products. Punch two holes, from the lower edge of the pages and cover. Cut the pages slightly smaller all around than the piece you are using for the cover. Thread the wired ribbon on the inside and tie on the outside of the book.

These smaller books give you a chance to experiment with cover designs, and decide what works or does not work, enabling the next one to be more to your liking. Children love the little books and care not if there is a mistake in them, so they will not go to waste.

I called this one the "Gift Book" because I put all the stickers I had saved, of wrapped gifts. The next ones will be using stickers like tea cups and tea themes, or cakes, and roses. I used paper that was already glittered for the pages of this book.

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