Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cheerful Greeting Cards or Shapes

Click this picture for a more detailed view.

Two shaped cards that you might enjoy making for someone. They do require a little more work, but I have included a simple shape for coloring, in the printable template pattern, below.
This candle looks bright when outlined with various colors of glitter glue or Scribbles paints. I added extra glitter before it dried. Glitter glue makes it look like a real drippy candle.

This is a painter's palette shape, with paint brushes, topped with snipped pieces of yarn for the brushes. Glitter glue looks realistic when it is applied as little dobs of paint. I have used glitter paper here and have included a pattern for making these paint pieces out of construction paper or any kind of art paper.

Both cards stand up really nicely when they are made of heavy card stock, an made into a folded card. Don't forget to place them on the fold if you want to make cards. You can also use the convenient little stands I have drawn, to just make a stand up card. You can still print a greeting on the inside, and your recipient will love setting it up to look at.
You can make the flame on the candle, or the paint spots, from metallic papers, or textured papers, or just anything you have--even fabric, for variety. We used to have a lot of fun with our children when we made these painter's palettes into frames, by cutting the hole much larger and attaching a photograph. Then, we made paint brushes from drinking straws and pushed yarn through the ends for the brushes.

Paste the entire pages on cardstock or cereal box cardboard, and cut out the pieces you want. Then trace those pieces on to your fancier card stock for the main piece. After that, trace around the small pieces on to colored papers and glue on to your main piece. Or, if you like, just use the main piece and crayons.


momstheword said...

These are so cute! What a lovely idea! People really do appreciate the work that goes into a homemade card, don't you think?

Lydia said...

I am going to add a wreath for the candle, and a pattern, when I get the time.

Mrs. Jane Doe said...

I agree - a lovely idea! There is something about a handmade card and I think to, the time and effort one has put into it means so much more to me.

I look forward to your other patterns and ideas...


Mrs. Jane Doe said...

Goodness! I just read back my comment and realized my typo! It should read:

...and I think too..

My apologies. I hit the Publish Your Comment button a little too quickly!