Saturday, February 28, 2009

Candle Card (Easy)

Here is a larger candle card that I did, on the upper left, with a hand drawn rose wreath. Use your rubber stamps or stickers to make a wreath.

Click on the picture for a closer view.

Here is a card a little different from the previous post, that you might like better. It has more curved areas, making it look more realistic, and an added candle wreath. If you have scrapbook materials such as wired garlands or various ropes and threads, you could perhaps wind your own wreath around the base of the card.

The card is made with a card stock that is like parchment. It comes in a package of pastels. Here is a sample of the kinds of glitter glues I used on it. You can add glitter to the shiny paints.

This is the pattern. Just print it straight on to your cardstock, and paint it with glitter glues, as you like. Then outline the wreath and attach it to the candle base with two-way scotch tape.

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Dawn said...

That does look easy enough :-) Now see, how come Hallmark and WalMart don't sell beautiful and simple designs like that in their greeting card section? :)

Homemade cards are the best!

May you have a safe and fun week!

March blessings from TX,