Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Book

Click on for a closer view.

This little book is now available here There will also be a download soon.

The paper crafts book will be larger so that you can copy the patterns. Although you cannot sell my patterns, or reproduce the book or instructions, you will be able to use the patterns to make cards and crafts to sell for your own profit. That book will be coming on the scene eventually. In the meantime, I think you will enjoy this little "twinkie" or sweet, which is easy to read and will inspire a homemaker. If you ever wish you had a little book to put inside a wedding gift, to help a new homemaker understand the glory of the home, this is perfect to include with homemaking gadgets.


Gail said...

This is so awesome! Will be ordering soon. I would love to know how to market something like this. I mean, is the Lulu site your own site? There are so many gifted ladies out there who could write these little, inexpensive books and you are so right about tucking them into gifts. I think of this as doing God's holy guerrilla warfare, making inroads for Christ and right living; taking back the territory that the enemy has stolen.

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

How cool! I will be previewing the book before buying! Love it!

Sherri said...

Your book looks lovely. I tried to order a paperback copy but had problems at the lulu site. I hope they respond to my trouble ticket and I am able to get the book. Sherri

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see you put a book together about homemaking!

Your writings have literally changed my life and my family's life for the good.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

I love your blog so much. For over a year we had no internet because of a lack of funds; I would visit the library occasionally for an encouraging read of your posts.

We now have the internet again. I would like to read some of your older posts that I missed. But I cannot find the list of archives in the menu. Please don't tell me that you are about to stop blogging. One lady did this recently and all her old posts disappeared.

This is especially important for inexperienced mothers and wives like me. I recommended your site to a friend who was struggling in her role as a homemaker. I would love for her to be able to use your old posts for a basic education in godly homemaking. Your writing style is so elegant, too.

Can you help me? Am I making some technical error?


Anthea in the UK

Lydia said...

Thank you all for your gracious comments. To the one in the U.K.: If you can remember which articles you cannot find, I will try to republish them . I have been putting some of my articles into little books. In answer about publishing: Just go to the page where you order my book, and it will probably have a tab on it showing how to publish your own.

About future books: They will be in sectins of pastel colors of pink, white, aqua, mint, and yellow, with a different rose on the front, and each color will deal with a subject about the home.

I am NOT QUITTING blogging! I am just going to add new articles and take off some old ones for publication. I think you will find the new ones just as good, if not, better, to motivate women to take care of the business of the home.

If there is an article you want to read that is no longer there, please notify me and I will try to find it for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you so much for this pleasant
book!I have appreciated it particularly.
With my kindest regards.


Mary said...

Have you written a book about your ministry or personal testimony or anything? That would be interesting...

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Yippy-skippy! I'm so glad that you're publishing your writings! The cover looks so pretty! Unlike many other homemaking books, I know that yours will incorporate the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the home.

Agape always,

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia

"I think you will find the new ones just as good, if not, better, to motivate women to take care of the business of the home."

I think that you are too humble about the unique nature of your posts. Some of them cover topics that I have never seen elsewhere, or in a way that expands our understanding of the ministry of homemaking. For example, many blogs, books and speakers state that cleaning and cooking are "mundane" or "frustrating" tasks,but that we can find other things in the home that are meaningful ministries - and that these years will soon be over. Only in your blog do I see a careful exposition of the meaning that our homes convey to others, and of the nurture we receive in creating a calm, homely environment.

Here are some of my favourite posts:

1.Taking the Time to Reflect [unique]
2.Free to be Home
4.Young Wives
5.First Year at Home
6. I Elect [awe-inspiring assertion of the biblical view of the presidential election - also unique]
7.You have also posted on the creation of an orderly home and how this ministers to our husbands and children - but I cannot find most of these, so do not have the titles to hand.
8.How tiring it is to be running around - linked to depression of modern 'have it all' women. Again, I do not have the titles.
9.A recent post on young ladies using their time well - I think it was March of this year.

As you can see, I have found many gems which should be available to as many wives as possible. One of my friends is always struggling with housework. I thought she wanted help with doing it, but realised that she was letting housework get her down, and felt defeated by having to do it. "Isn't it hard? Doesn't it get you down?" Of course it tried cheering her up, but your TItus 2 explanations of the hows and whys of homemaking help to make an attitudinal change. It's only as we renew our minds [Romans 12:1-2] that we can attack the dusting cheerfully.

Please consider this aspect of your ministry. I think that the new little books are an excellent idea. However, a defeated homemaker, battling with voices (from without and within) which tell her that she is wasting her time and talents -- well, she might need help *today* and might not get around to buying the booklets.

Please don't misunderstand me - it's your blog and your ministry. But I know how you have gently and biblically turned my heart towards home; I stumbled across your blog, and I would love other first-time visitors to receive the same opportunities that I have had.

Oops! A rather long post. I have meant for some time to thank you for the selfless work you do through this blog, so please take my suggestions and entreaties in that spirit.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful book. I tried to order the paperback copy but my request was declined. Not sure why...Is there a problem with the Lulu site?

I can't wait to read it!


Lydia said...

Anthea, As I locate these articles I will put them in a list where they can be more easily accessed. There is one called "Women At Home Save Men's Lives" that you might like. Also there is one about how she guards the things that belong to her, and how these belongings are not part of the public domain. It is difficult I think, to those who do not understand the concept of private property and ownership. I heard many years ago that if you do not guard personal property, it can be taken from you. It may be that it will deteriorate through neglect. That is another great reason to set the mind to really looking after the house. Unfortunately, many young women have grown up in institutions where the work was done by a staff, and where the chairs and tables and dishes belonged to the institution. When you have something of your own, your desires change. I have seen people who go their own house after many years of renting, and the pride they took in it was just amazing. Because it belonged to them, they had a different kind of motivation in homemaking.

Lydia said...

Karla I do not know what happened to the download you tried to get. The only thing I can suggest is to try again. It takes the publisher a few minutes to adjust to the order.

Lydia said...

In view of the lengthy post on the various subjects this lady was interested in, it would be very nice if some of the other homemaker bloggers would post their views on the same subjects! If you do, please let me know and I will provide links to the posts.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where the categories went, and I am so happy to hear that you are not quitting blogging and writing.

I really admire you for your writing, especially in this culture that is so very hostile to homemakers. You are a very brave woman.

~ Ann

Lydia said...

Ann, the categories and articles are still there. Just use the google search area on this blog and type in a category to find what you need. Only a few articles have been taken away!

Mrs. Webfoot said...

You have a beautiful blog. I had lost track of it. Today I found it again. I love to look at the pictures, just like a little child!

I will be in prayer for you.

God bless you,
Mrs. Webfoot

Anonymous said...

I bought this book about a year ago and really enjoyed it 3/31/2011. Yesterday, had a 20% off sale and I was able to get your other book, Just Breathing the Air! Can't wait ti read it!