Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Historical Myths

The Reading Lesson, by Evert Peters (available at Allposters)

One of the basis for understanding how to live, is a truthful knowledge of the past. Attempts have been made to alter history and create a disdain for our founding fathers, and the values of our forbearers.  If people can be taught to hate history, they will throw off the restraints of their parents and grandparents.  If they believe that the clothing or customs of the past were ridiculous, they will embrace the styles and habits that are presented to the world as normal, without questioning them. If the past has been re-written and vilified, people in the present will have not use it for a reference for good.

One blessing of the multi-generational family, including those members who have gone on before us, is the accumulation of knowledge and experience  that will help future generations stick with the time-worn paths of righteousness.  Told that history does not matter, and that everyone before them lived in a world of ignorance,  people will be lifted up conceit, thinking that they alone have risen beyond the ignorance of the past.  There can be nothing more ignorant than abortion, euthanasia, socialism, or communism. There can be nothing more ignorant than nakedness and immodesty, or serial dating and serial divorce. There is nothing more ignorant than the disregard of the aged.  Our century embraces all this ignorance, and yet calls the past ignorant."There is a generation: O how lofty are their eyes!" says the Proverbs.

While every era has its error, the Bible is inerrant. If you are a follow of the Lord, your life is rooted in history.  Your beliefs come from the past, and are lived in the present. You learn the doctrines of the Bible so that you can teach them to your children and your children can teach them to their children. You live in such a way as to influence generations ahead of you. If you have no children, your life still salts and lights those in your sphere.    If your children learn to dispise history, they will despise you and your teachings, because you will be history to them.

To make  people scoff at the past, the modernists-progressives (a polite name for socialist-communist-marxist), need to create rumors and myths that, just by their own repetitiveness, will be believed, without the victims even knowing it.

Reading, By Jerry Barret
How many times, for example, have you heard someone say that women could not read, before feminism?  This is simply not true.  There were female authors and poets, even servants and indentured servants, who learned to read.  Mothers taught their children the word of God straight out of the Bible, long before the feminist movement. Remember the Dame Schools in colonial America?  Jane Austen, wrote her stories before anyone "liberated" her.  Female poets published their works long before feminists came on the scene.   I have published works of women in early America, here, including Lydia Sigourney, who wrote books, as well as others, here on this blog.
Art and Literature by Loren Entz
Paintings from earliest times illustrate  women reading or teaching others to read. There is good evidence that before girls and young women were forced into public education in the 20th century, they were quite knowlegeable about reading and writing, and capable of teaching their own children the same skills. John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States,

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