Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On the Home Front

 Morning Devotions
by Edward Prentiss

By Helen Allingham
English, 1848-1926
Read more about this artist here

Ray of Sunlight, by Thomas Faed, Scotland,  1826-1900
Read more about this fine artist here

Blue and White, by Louise Joplin
British, 1843-1933
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Descending the Slopes of Mt. Koskioskos
by Percy Spence (Australia) 1868-1933

Frozen Landscape
by Johannes Bartholemaus Duntz
Germany, 1823-1895

The Sewing Class
by Carl Frederick Aargaard, Denmark (1818-1889)

Quiet Afternoon Together

by George Goodwin Kilburne

This is a collection of paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, showing women in various forms of work and leisure, at home.

 Every era has had its  share of  " wars and rumors of wars," (Matthew 24:6) and every woman who has ever lived on the earth has lived in a time when there has been something going on that threatened her home life.  During these times, women knew it was especially important to be there for their families and to keep their home life stable.

In times such as these,  we must remember to pray for those in political office, (First Timothy 2:2) who are appointed to serve us and carry out God's will. They are not to be a terror to those who are doing what is good and Biblical, but to those who do evil. According to the Bible, the purpose of earthly government is to reward the good and punish the wicked.  (Romans 13: 3-4)  As members of congress,  judges and the executive office move further  away from the Articles of Confederation which formed the Constitution, we need to remind them of the dangers of communism and socialism. Through blogging and email, women at home can warn of the unbiblical role of government in private enterprise and in home life.

We also need to remind people within our sphere of influence that no matter how utopian something sounds, it is wrong if it allows the government to intervene where God has already jurisdicted. God has wisely created the family to serve the social, economic, educational and spiritual needs of the home.  There is a danger each time the government tries to provide services to replace the functions that belong to the home and to God. The government has no business becoming father and mother to its citizens, from birth to death.  Knowing that this had been attempted other countries in the past, (with tragic results) our forefathers wisely planned a different kind of government that would have the least interference in the personal lives of people: in their homes, their businesses, their property, their religion and the education of their children. 

There is always something the women at home can do, to alleviate sufferring under an oppressive or tyrannical government. As mentioned previously, they can always pray. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. (First Thessalonians 5:17). When a prayer seems to be unanswered, someone may get discouraged. We are not supposed to pray just one time and give up if there is no anwer.  We are to continue to pray.

Political uncertainty and terror stops you in your tracks, but the beauty of the Bible is that it provides comfort and guidance for this very thing. Much of the New Testament was written during the time of the Caesars, (many who were harsh rulers), to give Christians stability and show them how to live during uncertain times. During this time, prison guards were amazed to find the imprisoned Christians singing in their cells. (Acts 16). No matter what, Christians have a job to do, and a purpose in life.

The things that the early Christians during times of terror were told to do were things like:  The older women were to teach the younger women about marriage, motherhood and housekeeping. The younger women were to marry, bear children and keep house. Men were told to provide for their own families. Children were told to honor their parents. Mothers were to teach their daughters how to be good homemakers and prepare them to be wives and mothers.  The Bible warned about being lazy, and commanded people to work with their own hands and to mind their own business.  Knowing that most of the people in the Bible lived during some sort of political upheaval and persecution,  make a big difference in your motivation at home.

  God wanted his people to be rich in good works and to pray for the government.During those trying times when rulers were against them,  he  commanded fathers to bring their children up in the teachings of the Bible. These things do not come natural in terrible times, but like Moses, Elijah, God gives us  something  worthwhile to do when in times of uncertainty. It is in the doing of these things that life becomes worth living and even beautiful. The commands of God were written to people in trials. They were still to do their duty before God.  No matter what happens, we are to glorify God and to praise him  and to teach what is right, while we live.

The adults of the past had reassuring words for children who worried about the events of the world.  Some of you might remember them saying things like, "The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars, and that evil men will wax worse and worse, (2nd Timothy 3:13)  til the end of time.  These things will always go on, in every generation.  Meanwhile, our duty is to live right and to show a good example to others." 

 Homemakers have a big job to do, to keep the house in order and to teach good values to their children. If there are no children at home, her role is still impor
tant, for she owns the world of her home. It is her domain and she can rule it. She can clean it, decorate it, furnish it, maintain it, and share it. She can use her home as a classroom to teach other women and young girls.   She can also affect the world if she particiates in free  enterprise, by shopping or selling the products of her hands.  Blogging and email give the homemaker a window to the world and a chance to influence others for good.

If a woman will teach her own children at home, she can help change the world in just a few years, by showing them the difference between Biblical economics and Communism. She will then turn out a generation of young men and women who will not look to government to provide for them, but will creatively work with all their might in free enterprise.  She will produce a generation that will help govern a free society.

From the home front, much can be done to counteract the world's sorrows. Study the paintings above.  In the times they were painted, there were terrible things going on in world. Yet the artists were still able to portray something normal and good. I think this is what we should do, in times of crisis.

We should do something really normal: fix a meal, clean a room, have a tea party for women to brighten up their lives,  re-decorate, sort things, sew a dress, teach a young girl, write a letter, and provide some sanity to the lives of others. Protect your family from the constant stress of the government media.  It is designed to keep everyone upset all the time and to mobilize people to stand in long lines for rice, corn or so-called health treatments.  Each year they broadcast some new, future calamity which does not actually materialize. Women at home must be wise and realize it is a distraction to their real purpose in life, and cling to that which is good.  (Romans 12:9)  We are to center our thoughts on whatever is good, pure and lovely. Home is the perfect place for this.

Paintings are available at and will be made available soon at  Check that site for more lovely paintings of life in 18th and 19th centuries.


Anonymous said...

Imagine the incredible upheavals and unimaginable transformations to EVERY aspect of life the English artist you've displayed here with the surname of Joplin, who lived from 1843-1933 would have witnessed... the world she grou up in was utterly destroyed by the 1920's; How heavy her heart must have been in those last years, but, still, she spent her life painting creating beauty and encouragement for all into our own time.

Let us, with God's strength, through prayer and diligence, win back the day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post, as it has answered some questions that have been troubling me. I am thankful the Lord has allowed you the time and ability to share from your heart as you do. So much good old-fashioned common sense that is so absent in today's world. You have given me much to think about today. The idea of women exercising their God-given strengths by just doing "normal, everyday" things, reminds me of the verse, "God uses the foolish things to shame the wise." The world tries desperately to convince us that simple, home-based and family-centered things are utter foolishness and a waste of time. When the people believe this lie, and the women all flock into the workplace, then the businesses move in, and market to us the same family-centered work that we so recently gave up. And then we pay a mighty price for things that used to be provided for at home. Sometimes you hear businesses say, "We have cut out the middleman, so we can pass along the savings to you!" When we cut out the middleman, and do the work of the home with our own hands, we save our families much grief in many ways. So much is lost in the attempt to get to work to acquire money, that little is left over to pass along to the family, especially in terms of family heritage and family culture.

Lydia, you once had a post telling what women should be sure was done at home before considering a home business...could you re-post that?

Thanks again,

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Very good thoughts. We need to constantly be reminded that the 'hoopla' in the news can make us fearful and prevent us from putting our trust in God. Women need to be steadfast for their families as they trust in Him for all things. Yes, current events have their place, but we cannot allow it to rule us and how we live our lives.

Thanks for pointing out the home as a refuge from the insanity of the world.

Many blessings...

Anonymous said...

Blessings on you and your ministry to others, Lady Lydia. This practical, Biblical counsel to women is just what is needed at this time. Thank you for the all the reminders. We Christians, we wives and mothers do, indeed, have a job to do and a purpose in life.

Anonymous said...

You are right on every front. We must be optimistic and not let Satan discourage us. We can pray that our leaders be led with wisdom and open to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We can pray that the people of the world will soften their hearts to the Word of God. We can teach the joys of family and home. We can live what we teach.

Lydia said...

I will post it next . It might not be the same list as before, but it will be similar.

Lydia said...

regarding the comment about the upheavals in the lives of artists: if they did not live during a seige or a war, they lived during a "rumor of wars" which is very unsettling!! ANd look at the dates of each artist, and imagine the shock they must have felt at the changes in people:at the beginning of the 20th century there was a terrible cultural rebellion, to throw off the religion and restraints of their parents: women cut their hair very short and they wore garments to flatten their figure, and divorce was more common. The artists must have retreated into their memories of a time when women loved the home. I noticed they didnt paint any modern things of their own times. It probably didnt seem very pretty.

Lydia said...

For those who want to know a little more about why our country is going communist, you can look at my article "Intrusive Government" on the sidebar, and watch the videos I listed. One important section explains the way the bankers (calling themselves the federal reserve) created a false emergency in order to be "bailed out" and get accesss to loot the US treasury. There is one clip that shows a banker arrogantly telling a congressman, during questioning, that it was none of their business where the money went that they lent them and that the average person could not acess it. It went to foreign banks and to their interestes in other places. While I was ridiculted for my article "Dont bail out the bankers" people have to admit that not one single person they know was able to access that money or save their house. Not one person was "bailed out". The bankers just helped themselves to a heap of money because they had always wanted to loot the treasury. To this day, no one has audited the fed. reserve or the irs. They keep track of every penny an American spends, and taxes them on it, but no one has ever seen an accounting of what they do with the millions they steal from Americans. IF any American lied on their tax form or failed to divulge certain extra income, they would be prosecuted and go to jail. The IRS and the fed reserve. tell the public nothing about where the money goes that they take from the people, and never have. THey are international bankers who use the money to finance wars.

Lydia said...

In time of upheaval, I see no difference in the expectation God has of his people to do his will. WOmen are still supposed to do the work of the home and guide their children. Hard times is not an exception, in my opinion. There will be cases where it is not possible, but most women do not have to abandon their duties at home. Its all still there. It is all still necessary.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Do it yourself, and cut out the middle man. We dont need people to bake cakes for us or provide every thing we use. We can take care of our own children and do a much better job.

Anonymous said...

Notice the beautiful dresses and skirts, even in winter and sports. Indoor clothing is also long and womanly. They did everything in those clothes and yet today, many women in more "sturdy" clothes like jeans and combat boots, claim they are "just not a housekeeper" and cannot cook or clean or settle down and look at a picture book with a child. They claim they cannot "afford" to stay home, yet the wages of even 50 years ago were a fourth of what people get today, and women COULD stay home. It is because they were not so busy counting the money to realize the necessity of being home, no matter what. These clothes certainly didnt hinder them from doing whatever they wanted.

Anonymous said...

During the seige of the southern states by the federal government, when there was a lot of looting and burning and occupation of personal homes, it was the women that kept teaching their children and their households about the Lord. It was the women who insisted on manners and it was the women who kept the meals on the table and the home. Even when they were attacked, some of them were able to bring soldiers to apology for their rudeness and make them ashamed of attacking the home. If we could only know what they knew, today. There is an attack on the home and it begins with a ridicule of manners and of the nice things like care of one's posessions and cleanig, and decorating. I've heard no end of ridicule for women caring more about these things than about world affairs, and yet, during a seige, history shows that women at home do more good. One historical account reveals that women were able to prevent their homes being burnt by inviting the soldiers in for a meal and talking to them about their values. We probably have no idea of the strength we have in the home.

sarah said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You have given me much to think about with this lovely post. Thank you. The points you have made are as alwasy, very important and well thought out. I would like to print out some of your very wise essays and save them to pass along to my little girl someday. You are influencing current and future generations with your wisdom because you are teaching mothers like me to be better role models than we had growing up.

Lydia said...

Anyone may print anything here for their notebooks.

Anonymous said...

What a comforting and refreshing post, thank you. After reading it I just felt all the tension leave me.

I don't watch a lot of news but it's so hard to escape it and frankly, sometimes I get very scared.

This post reminds me of a favorite quote from you from an old post you wrote:

"The act of organizing changes things in the brain, I think. Most people say they feel better when they have organized and de-junked. The hands engage the mind in a way that settles it."

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lydia, you commented, "women cut their hair very short and they wore garments to flatten their figure"

They also dropped the waist on dresses so the natural waist would not be defined.

And you probably know the reason they did all that was because they wanted to look like a boy; that was the "in" look.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another wonderful, inspiring, uplifting article! Yes, let us keep doing the normal things.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Lydia for this encouraging and inspiring post. We housewives do have an important mission in life and you itemize this purpose very well. Thank you for always providing concrete specific ways to influence our sphere. I believe fulfilling our duty is especially helpful for our emotional health during times of crisis.

Thank you for influencing others for good through your writings. This is very much appreciated. Linda

Anonymous said...

greatly needed post.....balm to my heart, thank you.....

Many Blessings:)

Anonymous said...

Women can easily be caught up in listening for every news update, and be kept in a state of tension, never accomplishing anything worthwhile. There is always going to be a disaster: Remember Y2K? Everyone was scurrying around buying food and matches, trying to prepare for some kind of failure. THen there was the bird flu and the mad cow disease and the rice and corn shortage. Not much ever really came of these things, and yet people panicked and tried to do whatever the news suggested they do. Those people are going to end up like the boy who cried wolf.

Anonymous said...


You don't even need to confine yourself to the net for timely and sobering documentaries on money and ecconomics... the ABC (Australia) is currently airing at 8:30pm Thursday nights a three part series called 'Adicted to Money' that explains and exposes the way things work and the way the ecconomy has gotten into the mess it has, chastizing the bankers and governments for using debt to sort debt, and the 'one trick pony' approach govts all around the world have taken. and search for this show; you should be able to watch it stremed; last night they aired the second of the three episodes. It is a must-watch; some may find it depressing, I don't, because he's actually being truthful. This, paired with an excellent series called 'Decadence' produced by Marcom projects around 3 years ago now are perfect companion documentaries to one another... REturn to the old paths... because the post war ecconomy is unsustainable, and, the best place we can be is home, nurturing, encouraging, uplifting, loving, living!

Glory to God for all things!

Anonymous said...

You know, even listening too much to conservative news is probably not what we should be occupying ourselves with. I know when I do this too often, I end up very fearful and very depressed. Thank you for reminding me, because I have been doing this too much lately. There is enough going on in my family which gives me a very heavy heart, and perhaps I am just following too much news in order to distract myself. What I need to do is come to terms with things here, read the scriptures, pray, and let the fact sink in that God is in control and I am not.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the conservative news. It just keeps you on the edge, and uncertain about whether to keep going or just give up, because you do not know what is going to happen to you. That is why I put the part in about the rulers during the time that certain parts of the Bible was written. Amidst all the political turmoil of the time, the Biblical instructions were to keep doing well and to appreciate life. There is nothing we can do about it immediately so we might as well enjoy ourselves. I for one am going to do some things I have always wanted to do. THe enemy intends to shut down all motivation and create depression. The powers that be want to create panic so women will leave home and enter the workforce.

Anonymous said...

Yes, being so caught up in the news, and the viewpoint, whether liberal or conservative, of whoever is disseminating the news leads to fear and paralysis. We would be better off cleaning out the closet, weeding a bit of garden, spending time in devotions or baking something to go with tea, than to constantly immerse our minds and emotions in the latest news. I do not like what it is doing to me; I am actually feeling quite hateful and vengeful of our leaders at times, and that ought not to be! Yes, there are times to stand up and fight, but there are also times to do, as Lydia suggested, something normal and worthwhile. Lead our lives with dignity, mind our own business, pray for those in authority, and believe that our God is no dead-beat dad. He doesn't sleep or slumber, He sees, and is no respecter of persons. He will see that His will is carried out. We, meanwhile, must strive to be faithful to the work He has given us to do.

Anonymous said...

As always you know how to zero in on what we need to remember. Thankyou for the reassurances and the information. We do need to speak up and do it as many times as needed to those who may still have ears to listen. Prayers are always heard. Wars and rumors of wars are one thing but a complete change of our government is another. This is something no one would have dreampt of in the cold war years. This IS frightening that we have strayed so far from our righteous start. Where are the lessons from living through Communist times? Why did we denounce their way of life then to try to embrace it now? We felt sorry for their people then and now they want it for us? Where has even common sence gone? I will reread your articles and try to understand more. Lady Lydia thanyou again for taking the time out of your life to inform and help all of us.

Anonymous said...

The days after Nine Eleven your comments to keep at our duties and keep our homes a safe refuge were so very helpful. A real nerve saver. I have gone back to that thought when things have tried to strike down the calm in our home. We cannot be turtles in these It set priorities. Now we have the government trying to pull things over on us. They think of us as sheep. I am a child of The Shepherd but not them. We do need to speak out. They are trying to roll over on us a new very unimproved government...a type already tried and already collapsed. The unbelievable is in front of us. Are we living in the Twlight Zone? No this is our beloved America. A country worth fighting to preserve in tact for the next generations.

Lydia said...

Those who started the homeschool movement in the 80's were not trying to begin a movement. They were trying to save their children and create strong families and help their family enterprise. In those days, they did not have "group" to depend on in order to successfully buck the public school system. They started out one by one, fought their battles, and quietly went to work at home with their children. In fact, there were probably only about 3 percent of the population that led the way. The public school system is the vehicle that the government uses to turn our nation Communist. From just the few that said "no" to the brainwashing of their children, arose a big movement, and so now, homeschooling is one of the most popular ways of teaching children.

We did it because we believed in it, not because it was legal or easy. Some people would tell us they would love to homeschool but they want to wait and see how the generation of homeschoolers ended up, and if it "worked". Others wanted to wait til it was "legal." In doing so, they lost their children. Still others mocked and ridiculed the homeschool families. Many of them lost their children to unbelief in God, peer dependency, and more.

Regarding the communist policies of the government (a shadow government, always the same, consisting of elitist bankers who have always wanted to control America), it will take only 3 percent of the people to put a stop to it. All they have to do is refuse to participate in the government programs. The homeschoolers did it, and they were only a handful of women.

In my opinion change begins with homeschooling. If you leave your children in government school a minute longer, their minds will be tuned in to whatever the government wants, and get further away from what God and parents want.

Lydia said...

In view of recent terrorism at Ft. Hood, Texas, I think women would take a huge stand by just withdrawing their children from all government education and teaching them not to join the military unless it is a local militia created to protect the actual home front. Someone raised that terrorist. Women can do a lot a home just teaching their own children to live right. The man who became a killer was once someone's little boy. What he became was part of the teaching instilled in him, and part of his upbringing. If sons are not warned against being naive and being led away by unrighteous teachings, they can become terrorists. Teach your children well. The biggest battle is for the home.

Lydia said...

I meant to add, that those in the military should understand and defend the constitution, and be wary of what they are being used for that might be unscriptural and un constitutional. Letting the enemy infiltrate the army is just not right. They arent wolves in sheeps clothing. They are shepherds in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said... is a group of military, police and other first responders, active and retired, who are pledging to follow NO order which commands them to violate the Constitution (which they took an oath to defend), and especially to not take any military action against the American citizenry. I hope more and more of them join this group, and I pray they mean it.

I agree that this is the time to stand and speak up for our way of life, but I urge caution in what spirit we undertake to do this. Let us not become low and mean-spirited, which can lead to scapegoating and worse. That is why I think as women we need to keep grounded in our family and home duties and not slide into the aggressive stance of that "monstrous regiment". Speak with your vote, your keyboard perhaps, but most importantly, your life.

Anonymous said...

So true!! I spent some time at a craft store instead of watching the news program I usually do. I like to stay informed, but I think pouring through the pattern books gave my brain a much needed break.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking today how hard you must work to keep the blog troll-free and a pleasant place to discuss these matters. Thanks for the work you do of filtering out comments that do not uplift and contribute to the conversation! It is always a perfect delight to stop by your blog for a visit!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Love this ♥

Michelle Therese said...

What a lovely blog! :-)

Michelle Therese said...

Somehow my previous comment was posted too soon. I think I must have hit something! :-)

I'm a housewife too. And I love to wear "old fashioned" style clothes, big swooping skirts and blouses and such. I had fun reading through this post!

God bless :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a post to return to often, as I have done this morning. Thank you, Lydia, for your ministry here! You provide solid, courageous, Biblical encouragement for wives and mothers in these troubling, sometimes frightening, times.