Friday, April 02, 2010

Re-Opening of Site

Undisturbed Love

The new face of the site LAF, promoting beautiful womanhood, has been opened today. The older one is still there, in the archives.  Our purpose in the original LAF was to show the harm that feminism had done to true womanhood. In general, it has robbed women of the privilege of staying home and looking after their own babies and robbed men of the opportunity to be real men by becoming providers and protectors of their families. It has caused runaway divorce and troubled children. It promotes careers for young ladies rather than families, using up their youthful years.

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It has not helped young women aim to become wives, mothers and homemakers. It has not offered aid in preventing divorce or keeping children loyal to their parents values. Feminist philosophy and practice has made everyone a loser, from the young men who have to compete with women for jobs, the children who have no mothers at home, to the women, who are uncared for, confused with their own identity, and who are work-slaves to the corporate world.

For the past five years we have provided ample evidence against feminism, through our articles. Now, this new side of LAF will provide a huge amount of Biblical and experienced information to help women build their lives, centered on the home.

Some people think that the size of our army will "save" our nation, but it is the strength of the marriages and the children's obedience that will make our homes, our churches and our nation stable.  The new articles on LAF will provide some facts for keeping family whole, as it should be. We have become a terribly fragmented society. No amount of prosperity, freedom, or national defense could ever make up for the families sent asunder through divorce, rebellion or government interference.  We have many people ready to provide articles to show future generations ways  to have happy, contented and stable families.

I was not able to post an article yet, on the Lady Lydia Speaks section because I am still learning to work with the  new posting facilities.

If anyone really desperately wants a Homemakers Reward Basket, and is willing to pay for it, I might be able to work something out with you, if you would email me.  For others, I am planning in a future post, Lord willing, to show how to make one with less expense.  If anyone has made one recently, please send me a photograph.


Unknown said...

I am so excited that LAF is opening again! So wonderful!!

Hope you have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see LAF re-opening. You are right in all you sayin your post. Keep up the good work.

Gae said...

I have always loved reading all the old posts over time.
I missed not being albe to read new ones. I am pleased you have reopened
Blessings for this Easter

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled with the re-opening of LAF! I visited, very briefly, yesterday, just to see the new layout....I can see I have so much wonderful, informative reading waiting for me!

One problem: the format for comments at LAF is that you have to log in. I tried to do this, but my information was rejected. Can you offer any help, Mrs, Sherman?

many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm glad that LAF is relaunching with a new mission. I had been praying for the site for awhile and am pleased with the new format. When I first started reading LAF it was a breathe of fresh air about biblical living vs. modern/feminist living. I think the old LAF was necessary to educate people on the dangers of the modern/feminist way of life but after a two year period of that I kept thinking to myself-okay I know it's seductive, dangerous, and wrong to live that way and our whole culture has been infected by it but I want to know what we as women are going to do about it. The problem was I, myself, as have other women, have been part of that lifestyle even when I was trying to live a Christian life. I, personally, wanted to hear less of the examples and evils of the culture and more about building up a Godly home-it started to bother me so much that I stopped reading the site at all. The part of the site that opened up my eyes to having been hoodwinked even as I had tried not to be was the Lady Lydia speaks section. I started to follow your blog once I found out you had one and stopped reading LAF altogether. You're gentle, wise, and biblical approach helped me to see that I had basically been "trying to serve two masters" even when I really, honestly intended to be following God's way-I was still following to a certain degree the modern, feminist lifestyle and/or "my own willful way". I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your mission and the impact it's had on my life. I also felt guilty that I could dislike the rest of LAF so deeply. Then I realized that it was because as much as I agreed with the mission of educating women of their error-I wanted more of what you offer-a different option of what life was like. So I am really happy LAF is continuing its mission but growing in a new direction as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've tried to log in, too, and can't.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note....I figured out the process for logging in to LAF, & have successfully left one comment. Sorry to be a bother, Mrs. Sherman. :o)


Anonymous said...

I am very glad LAF has reopened anew!! I go there like I do here, for inspiration and instruction. I know I will be lead in the right path. Where else can you go nowadays to share like minded thoughts and ideas? I may be getting older but no women outgrows instruction. I cannot tell you enough how much these teachings and gentle proddings have helped me and helped me help me teach others what I have learned. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I believe someone mentioned the older LAF articles were in an archive to be viewed. I cannot find a place on LAF to search for older posts. When you type in anything or use the srop down feature it only shows the newer articles. Can anyone help me? Sarah

Lydia said...

Access to the old LAF is now at the top of the site.

I still havent figured out what I need to click in the dashboard area to enable right clicking on this site. I will keep trying.

Unknown said...

I am so curious to know more about the basket, when you are able.